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Chapters: 1/1 (4.8k)
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Keith/Lance (Voltron)
Series: Part 1 of Red Velvet Latte

: Most regulars stick to their name sake and get nearly the same thing each time, ie their “regular.” But no, Lance was a regular in the sense that he just regularly came in. His coffee choices changed each day, though stayed consistent in Keith’s horror of them. Whether it be four ounces of coffee to four ounces of straight espresso, with a dollop of almond milk (yes, he did say “dollop” and made very clear that it better not be a “splash”), to an ice coffee in a hot coffee cup with two creams, thirty sugars, shaken not stirred, Lance made sure Keith knew of his existence very well and also made sure to take a deep gulp of whatever concoction he had come up with that morning right in front of the barista.

Needless to say, Keith was intrigued.

Notes: I have to say, this way way cute. I adored the way pining Keith was written, and even though the story was relatively short, it still managed to paint the greatest picture of Keith and Lance’s characters and the way they interact. I really loved the writing style, and the ending made me smile super super big!!!!!


Ballet/Rockstar AU: Hermann is a danseur in the New York Ballet Company run by Stacker Pentecost, as their most versatile, perfectionist male dancer. Newt is a rockstar on the rise who also writes comics about giant robots fighting giant monsters. Thanks to his editor, Herc Hansen, he happens to meet Hermann at a fundraiser for the ballet and falls instantly head-over-heels.

Doesn’t every ship have a ballet au? They should, because it’s always super cute. Newt in the top four panels, Hermann in the bottom four, and the two meet in the middle. BVR is still pretty prominent in this AU, but Newt is secretive enough about his onstage persona that he can still do his own thing when he isn’t performing ;) Again, Jude ( @guiltyphandiot ) and I share this AU!

Bun of the day: Yang.

Yang: Hey Velvet, shouldn’t you be in class right now?

Velvet: Oh I’m just waiting for Coco.

Yang: You’re going to be late! You better BOUNCE to it!

Velvet: …

Yang: I mean, do you not.. Carrot all about your education?

Velvet: *sighs* I have plenty of time Yang.

Yang: Fine fine, but you’ll be pulling your HARE out when Oobleck is HOPPING mad!

Velvet: *spots Coco in the distance* *sighs* Goodbye Yang.

*Velvet leaves, as Yang imitates a jumping bunny on caffeine behind her*

A cool, collected, and laid back K-Indie playlist to listen when you have nothing to do– it’s summer after all– pick up a book and listen.

I’m In Love - // Hello - Kara // It’s Okay, that’s Love - Davichi // See You In My Dream - Linus’ Blanket // Sagging into Sleep - J Rabbit // Hello - Yoo Seung Woo // I’m Okay - Crucial Star // Late Love - Linus’ Blanket // Barama - Lim Kim // Uneasy - Olltii // Owl - Crucial Star // Go Baek - Linus’ Blanket // A - Got7 // Hug Me - Crush // Paris - Crucial Star // What My Heart Wants to Say - Linzy


Cats vs Rabbits (RWBY Snippet)

This snippet was inspired by the following prompt: Promptish thing: I just want adorable Bumbleby and Chocolate Bunny where Yang and Coco fight over who has the most adorable Faunus girlfriend. Blake and Velvet watch.

X     X     X

In theory, Blake and Velvet were supposed to be working on a paper about the history of Faunus rights in Vale society. However, they’d stopped doing that about five minutes ago in favour of using their exceptionally keen Faunus hearing to listen in on the conversation occurring on the other side of the library.

“Cat ears are much cuter than rabbit ears.” Yang’s voice was filled with complete and utter conviction.

“Oh, please. Cat ears aren’t bad, but they have nowhere near the stylistic impact of rabbit ears.” Coco managed to somehow drip both honey and venom from every word. “Rabbit ears are long, slender, and wonderfully expressive.”

“And cat ears are about a billion times cuter.” Yang, of course, had opted to double down. If there was one thing the blonde did better than impersonating an unstoppable force, it was impersonating an immovable object.

“In what way are they cuter?” Coco replied. “Have you seen Velvet’s ears?” Blake bit back a snicker as Coco made a squealing noise that she had never heard from the normally composed huntress-in-traing. “They are the cutest.”

“Well, have you seen Blake’s?” Velvet giggled as Yang pounded on the table with one fist. “They’re like… like… I don’t know… but… they’re like the cutest things ever.”

“Right.” Coco gave a short bark of mocking laughter. “I can see that there’s no changing your mind. Unfortunately, not everyone has my good taste.”

“Is that so?” Yang’s chair scraped across the carpet as she shot to her feet. “You have a problem with my taste in women, huh? Well, I’d be happy to settle things the old-fashioned way.”

“It’s funny you should mention old-fashioned,” Coco said. “Because that’s how you dress too.”

“Oh crap.” Blake’s eyes widened. “Did she just…?”

Velvet cringed. “Uh oh.”

X     X     X

Weiss tilted her head to one side. Blake was dragging a battered Yang along while Velvet was dragging along a similarly disheveled Coco. Behind them, the library had half a dozen new holes in the wall.

“Do I even want to know?” Weiss asked. 

Velvet and Blake shared a look. 

“No.” Blake paused. “But Yang and Coco are banned from the library for the next month.”

“Seriously?” Weiss sighed. “Honestly, this is why I always go to the library with you. Someone has to keep you out of trouble.”

“Really?” Yang smirked. “I thought it was so you could make out with Ruby behind all the shelves -”


Weiss brandished her textbook. “Keep talking, Yang. I dare you.”