velvet mace
Important Tips for Writing Fanfiction

A long time ago a followed a person on Livejournal called Velvet Mace. She wrote and still writes beautiful (and powerfully erotic) fanfiction. My mind was young and naive then, so it really opened my eyes.

I implore all writing noobs to take a look at this essay she wrote because it has some incredibly valuable tips in it. It covers basic things like formatting, but also less obvious writing pitfalls such as pacing and balance. Please do it for the sake of your audience.

Do it!

The worst thing about fanfic

is when your favorite author disappears into a black hole halfway through your favorite story. I swore, after Home, never again. It’s just too frustrating. But I found Chameleon on a rec list and read it without realizing it was a WIP. It hasn’t updated in a year??? It’s amazing and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who reads Sherlock fics…but prepare to have your heart broken.