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Why Sanji Hasn’t Given Up

So I was a heavy believer that my man Sanji had a plan but noticed that fans here and everywhere else were doubters of that. Many people said he gave up on both himself and Luffy and frankly, this chapter isn’t helping with the counter argument. So how can I believe that Sanji still has a plan/hasn’t given up? Well, what do you noticed from this page? Let’s look into it a little deeper.. 

Notice something here? THAT’S SANJI! The real, complex, lovable, self-sacrificial, idiotic Sanji. In comparison to the Sanji that was talking with Pudding and making deals with Big Mom, this Sanji is the only one reminiscent of the pirate chef, Blackleg Sanji. Notice how he’s listing everyone he loves, making sure all bases are covered before going through with the marriage–as long as no one dies. And because everyone is deemed safe (for the time being), he’s prepping himself up to go through with it. But if he’s going through with the marriage, doesn’t that means he’s given up? 

Well, partly. See, Sanji still has a major problem (several in actuality); in previous arcs, Sanji was able to get away with working behind the scenes, plotting away some inventive and effective schemes due to 2 things: how unnoticeable he is against the main enemy and how much information he collects along the way. Prime example of this instance is when he tricked Crocodile with the whole ‘Mr. Prince’ persona; he not only saved Luffy, ViVi and the rest of the gang but he managed this by collecting info through the denden mushi and talking with Crocodile.

So as anyone can imagine, Sanji has just always been able to get away with being the sneaky tactician except for now since this whole arc is all about him. The spotlight is constantly on him, he’s in unfamiliar territory with his asshole of a family, and he’s by himself. The odds are not in his favor. Based on everything you’ve just said, sounds like Sanji should have given up 3 months ago!

Remember, Sanji is an effective tactician because he’s unnoticeable and observant. So sure, he’s super noticeable right now, but there’s nothing wrong with his observational skills–he’s just not capable of working to his full potential right now. See, he’s “given-up” and going through with the wedding because there is no other option; BM has the keys for the cuffs while also maintaining surveillance all over the damn place with her soldiers and homies, Luffy is all fucked up and Nami’s mad, and Zeff is being severally threatened by BOTH Big Mom and Judge. Again, odd not in his favor, but we the readers need to keep in mind that this is not the climax of the story–the wedding is. 

All hell will break loose at this wedding and many things could go wrong; the Vinsmokes can cast the first stone and betray BM, Pudding ditching the wedding which pisses BM and the Vinsmokes off, BM opens the treasure box and blows up, Pudding pulls some drastic self-sacrificial move that devastates the alliance, Capone double-crosses BM, etc, etc, etc. There’s also the possibility of BM going back on her word (esp. once the bomb goes off) and orders for Luffy to be killed which Sanji will not tolerate. Essentially, the future is too unpredictable for Sanji to come up with a plan and it’s not fair of him to rely on Luffy; that’s why I don’t think Sanji ever gave up on Luffy, it’s just that Sanji hasn’t figured out a plan that could guarantee a safe escape…at least not until the wedding.

I’m just saying, once Sanji figures out what he’s working with, this facade he’s putting on will disappear because he will see an opportunity, no matter how slim it is, to get free of his cuffs and save his friends (esp. Nami). Noticeable or not, Sanji is gonna kick ass by utilizing his brain to its fullest. Agree or disagree? What do you guys think?


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