velvet jumper

Here Part 4

Part four is here at last. Sorry it’s taken so long but I’m finally happy with it. It’s a little longer than normal but stick with it cause it’s a goodnen

Y/N and Harry’s first date doesn’t go exactly as planned. 

Enjoy, I x

Y/N placed Alfie on the soft woollen blanket her grandmother had knitted for him when he was born when the sound of the doorbell echoed around the house, mixing with Alfie’s pained screams. She wanted to continue to hold him close, hush him and rock him but it made no difference. The closer she held him the more he seemed to resist, his cries had only got louder and he kicked and pushed away from her body. The harsh screaming sound he was letting out subsided and changed to dull, monotonous crying as she left him in the living room and  made her way to the door.

Louis greeted her and she stepped in out of the cold quickly which she was grateful for. The house was well heated and Y/N was dressed in yoga pants and a sports bra as she had been running through some choreography whilst Alfie napped, but the sudden change in temperature made goose bumps quickly appear on her skin.

‘Hey, what’s going on?’ Louis asked as Y/N closed the door behind him and turned back to Louis. He was dressed in black joggers, a velvet maroon Adidas jumper and a white t-shirt, he looked warm and gentle. ‘What’s up?’ Louis asked as Y/N looked up at the ceiling chewing on her bottom lip. Him being there made her feel it was ok to finally let her own emotions out. The longer she’d tried unsuccessfully to calm Alfie down the more she’d wanted to burst into tears and now Louis was there she allowed them to fall. A sob racked her body and Louis stepped forward pulling her close and resting his head on top of hers, his slightly taller frame enveloping hers. ‘You gonna tell me?’

‘He just won’t stop crying and I don’t know why’ Y/N said pulling back from Louis. Her speech was muffled from crying but she felt better for getting it out though she was still more than concerned. ‘I dunno what to do Lou.’ She told him wiping her face with the back of her hands. Louis simply nodded taking her by the hand through to the living room. Alfie didn’t look to the doorway when they entered though he’d sat himself up and was pulling roughly at the blanket.

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