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joanna’s top 5 films 4/5 ✰ velvet goldmine (1998) 

Everyone’s into this scene because it’s supposedly the thing to do right now. But you just can’t fake being gay. You know, if you’re gonna claim that you’re gay you’re gonna have to make love in gay style, and most of these kids just aren’t going to make it. That line, ‘Everybody’s bisexual’, that’s a very popular thing to say right now. Personally, I think it’s meaningless.


Curt Wild, founder of the influential garage band The Rats, came from the aluminium trailer parks of Michigan—where rock folklore claims far more primitive origins. According to legend, when Curt was 13, he was discovered by his mother in the family loo at the “service” of his older brother, and promptly shipped off for 18 months of electric shock treatment. The doctors guaranteed the treatment would fry the fairy clean out of him… but all it did was make him bonkers every time he heard electric guitar.

Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine (1998)


For once, there was an unknown land, full of strange flowers and subtle perfumes; a land of which it is joy of all joys to dream; a land where all things are perfect and poisonous.