velvet bras


Little black dress and boots by Julia Panther
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Gothic diva look. Reblog if you like the look

Imagine Taehyungs reaction when he “accidentally “ see’s you naked ;)))

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you were getting ready to take a shower before he came home so u left the bathroom door open a little . v came home earlier then u expected , he opened the front door “babe I’m home” ,he got no response and he heard the shower so he figured u were in their .

He walked past the bathroom and saw it all , he stopped to think about what he saw he took a few steps backwards and looked at the mirrors reflection in the bathroom revieling everything . His heart started pumping as he looked up and down inspecting every little thing . You washed your hair sensually not knowing of his presence and started humming , he was spaced out at the veiw . You turned off the shower and stepped out drying yourself wit the towel hanging by the bath ; when he heard the shower turn off he realized how long he was gazing and quickly but quietly walked back to the kitchen .

U wrapped your hair with the towel and put on langerie a cute yet sexy velvet bra and matching panties . You walked to the kitchen to grab a cup of water not knowing he was there

Tae! 😂 you were suppose to be home later “ you grabbed the robe hanging by the door and put it on , he smirked leaning back on the sofa looking away .

Oh… yeah i Came home early because I missed you baby and because we finished rehearsal early“ he said awkwardly licking his lips

Of course u did lol”

Wym! I missed u so much I took the whole … the whole week off”


Honestly so bored need request ~~~