velvet black dress

Come Again-

Jared Leto/Joker

Jared and I decided to go out tonight after a day of doing absolutely nothing together.
He sat in the middle of the couch in his slim black jeans and a button down shirt that he left unbuttoned a little past his chest. His long hair falling behind the couch as he rested his head back waiting for me.
The sound of my heels wake him up, he scans me from bottom to top and then back down again.
I had slipped into a velvet black dress, the v cut on the front of my dress matched the amount of skin Jared was showing. It formed with my curves and it hugged against the middle of my thighs.

“I wouldn’t mind doing more nothing with you.“ He sits up in the couch and rests his elbows on his knees, a sly smirk flinches on his lips.

I walk over to him and his hands hold my waist as he sits up and looks up at me, “Baby, this does not happen so we can sit at home and do nothing.” I laugh and my hands point at my hair and makeup that I have slaved over to get as perfect as possible.

He stands up with a sigh and grabs onto my hand as he leads me to the front door. I squeeze his hand as a thank you and he rolls his eyes at me with a smile on his face.

We pull up to the newest club in town, it was its opening night so the line curved around the corner. Thankfully we were on the guest list, Jared came around and opened the car door for me and extended his hand for me to grab onto. I place my hand in his and we take our first steps towards the gaudy doors of the club.
The inside looked like a high class place, its vaulted ceilings and chandeliers, the glass cages for dancers, the golden hued floors and the warm lights that made me feel comfortable almost instantly.

“Wait here, I’ll get us a table.” Jared leaves my side and my eyes are scoping the place out.

There is an open upstairs, I can only see a few chairs as there is a crowd of women up there surrounding someone. I glance around trying to find Jared, I start walking into the crowds of people thinking he might be already sitting down. My eyes are searching for the long hair or the open shirt, I can’t find him. I small fear creeps in, I know he isn’t lost but I am. 
The fear becomes full fledged as a strong grip is around my arm, I go to let out a scream and another hand is over my mouth. 

“The boss wants to see you. You scream, you die.” I rough voice whispers in my ear.

I nod holding back tears, his hand releases my mouth and he pushes me forward before I can turn around. I start walking in the direction he pushes me in.

“Zoey!” I hear Jared’s voice. 

I quickly look in his direction, once he sees my face he makes a run towards me. He stops in front of me and his glare meets the man behind me. 

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” Jared’s voice is loud as he grabs onto my hand. 

“Don’t do this. The boss wants to meet your lady.” The rough voice comes back and everything in me is screaming to run.

“Fuck that. We are leaving. Tell your boss to go fuck himself.” Jared pulls on my hand.

I feel the cool tip of a gun placed on my temple, it’s as if no one else sees what is going on. Everyone around is dancing, laughing and having a good time. Jared grips my hand and his face drops.

“Alright, but I’m coming to.” I can hear Jared’s voice tremble.

The man continues to push me forward and Jared follows along side me holding onto my hand. We walk behind a curtain and an elevator is held open for us. We take a step inside and the man steps in behind us. I can see his reflection in the elevator walls. He is larger than i imagined, his face seemed to be twisted into a frown and his eyes seemed dark from the reflection. The elevator comes to a stop and the back side of the elevator opens and we take our first steps out into new territory. The man keeps a firm grip on my arm as he continues to walk us towards the crowd of women I spotted from below.

“Boss.” His voice from behind us causes me to jump.

I squeeze onto Jared’s hand and his thumb rubs against my skin. We both keep our eyes ahead unsure of who this ‘boss’ is. The man that brought us here walks away and stands in a nearby corner.
The crowd of girls leave, and left sitting on one of the couches is someone we have heard of but never thought we would ever come in contact with. The pale man stands from his seat and walks over to us, his hair bright green and slicked back, his shirt unbuttoned the same as Jared’s, his eyes are piercing blue even from the distance. 

“I am pretty sure I only asked for one toy tonight.” His voice is low and rigid, “Who is this?” He walks towards Jared and runs the back of his hand down his face. 

“Her boyfriend. Can we help you?” Jared pulls his face away from his touch.

“Her boyfriend.” He mocks and lets out a laugh, “You don’t mind sharing tonight, do you?” He makes his way behind me and his hand trails down my arm. 

“Wh-what do you mean?” I stutter out with fear.

He comes and meets me face to face, the scars more visible, his eyes clear as ocean waves and he smells like power. 

“I saw you standing alone, in this.” He trails his finger down the V of my dress, “I would hate to leave something so, so perfect alone and untouched.” His hand softly comes back up the V and over my shoulder.

“You are not fucking my girl.” Jared pushes him back and stands in between us.

With no hesitation the Joker pulls his pistol and places it against Jared’s forehead. I let out a scream that is led to tears. I plead, I cry but I don’t know what words to make it better.

“I’ll make an agreement with you because she is so pretty.” He puts his pistol away and I can see Jared’s shoulders fall, “I’ll let you join in on the fun, if she’s ok with that.” The Joker lets out another laugh.

I turn to Jared and he wants to shake his head no, “There is no other way out of this. He will kill us.” I whisper to Jared, “It might be fun?” I try to smile at him.

“Follow me.” The Joker heads to the end of the upstairs where a large door was propped open. 

“Ok, when I said I wanted a threesome I did not want it to go like this.” Jared whispers back to me as we both slow our steps to talk.

“Jared! I didn’t even know you wanted a threesome. You are semi ok with this then?” I laugh for a second but the fear is sill over powering. 

“Well yeah, but he isn’t allowed to actually fuck you. I don’t know if I will get a say here. I’m not ok with The Joker doing this, but I don’t know. Just, I love you no matter what. Ok?”

I grab onto his hand as we enter the door that The Joker holds open for us, he closes it and locks it behind us.

“Go ahead, start the engine.” He looks to Jared.

Jared’s hands cup my face, his bright eyes meet mine. I place my hands on his waist and give him a squeeze letting his know its ok and I am ok. His lips press against mine and the warm waves run through me. He deepens the kiss, his tongue doesn’t have to ask for entrance as my mouth opens wanting it. Our tongues roll over each others, my body feels on fire. His hands running up and down my sides, I can feel his breathing get heavy and my hands reach for the waist of his pants. He lets out a sigh in my mouth and i bite his bottom lip with a smile as I unbutton his pants.

“Ok doll, my turn.” A growl comes from The Joker leaning against the wall, his bulge very noticeable.

Jared takes a step back and runs his hand over his member a few times, I bite my lip as he walks away and he gives me a nod. The Jokers hands are a lot more rough as he brings me tight against his body, I can feel him against me. His head tilts as his lips crash against mine, his hand runs up my thigh and grabs onto my ass. I moan into his mouth and I can feel his smile against my lips. He pulls me into him with his hand still squeezing me. I feel my hair get pulled back and open my eyes to Jared at the side of us. My neck falls back and his gentle bite lands on neck near my ear. The Joker watches Jared’s mouth work and he lets his fingers brush against my slit.

“No underwear, huh. Were you expecting me?” The Joker purrs into my ear and I let out a soft moan.

The Joker starts to push me and Jared steps back, he pushes me back onto a bed and stands above me. Jared on one side and The Joker on the other. Jared pulls his shirt off and strips out of his pants leaving on his briefs. He comes over me and glides the straps of my dress off my shoulders, he slides it off me and kisses down the center of my body, I look at The Joker who is palming himself over his pants, his red lips hang open with his deep breaths. Jared’s mouth moves lower, i let our a moan as his tongue slightly traces my slit, he repeats the movement and my body is squirming. He places one hand on my hip holding me still as hi finally digs his tongue in me, his warm mouth has my back arching and my hands holding in him in place. His tongue rolls on my clit over and over, my moans get louder, my hands are gripping onto the sheets above my head. His hand leaves my hip and he slides a finger in me slowly, he pulls it out and adds another finger, again he slides both fingers in slowly. 

“Jared!” I moan out and i can feel him laugh as his tongue works overtime and his fingers pump in and out of me faster.

The Joker can’t take it anymore, we had forgot he was even there for the moments. He had stripped down and he stood over the side of the bed, his hand reached down and his fingers played circles on my nipples. My hand reaches over to his member and I start to stroke him, his hands fall to his side as he lets out a low groan. The Joker places a pillow under my head and neck and he straddles my chest, he strokes himself in front of my mouth before thrusting his hips into my face. I gag at first getting used to his length. My tongue starts to twirl around his shaft as he keeps a steady pace. 
Jared sucks at my clit and I moan around The Jokers cock, he holds himself in my mouth until my moan ends and lets out his own. I feel Jared bend my legs up and another sensation is sent through my body as he rubs his tip against me. I moan again and The Joker slides himself deeper in my throat, he has his hands holding my head still and my arms are pinned at my side from his legs around me. Jared gives no warning as he slams himself in me, I arch what I can of my back and The Joker lets me scream out my moan as he strokes himself again. 

“You are so fucking good.” The Joker growls as he shoves his cock back in my throat.

Jared’s pace is teasing and he knows from my hips trying to reach him, he lifts my legs on his shoulders and i shudder as his sides himself all the way in me as he reaches new depths. Jared’s moans make me drip down him, his hands running up and down my legs sending chills up my back. The Jokers thrusts in my mouth are getting more rapid, his hand reaches around my throat and i moan again. He holds himself in my the back of my throat as I gag, my eyes water and I try to move. He doesn’t let me, he finally pulls out of my mouth and its a mix of gasps for air and moans as Jared has started to thrust into me harder and his thumb has made its way to my clit. 

“Fuck! Fuck!” Is all I can scream out. 

The Joker shoves himself right back in my mouth, he pumps himself in and out again, this time he isn’t stopping. His growls are louder and his rhythm is off. a mix of spit and pre-cum drips down my chin from the sloppy job, he looks down at me and I can see his jaw clench. I hollow my cheeks around him as he pulls out again, only to slam himself to the back of my throat one last time. His head falls back and he groans with his hand still around my neck, he finally applies pressure. His cock twitches in the back of my throat and I swallow, his hand moves with the motion of my throat. He slides out of my mouth and runs his thumb down my bottom lip that drips him. He purrs as he gets off me.
Jared looks up at me and moans as he bites his lip. He leans over me and his thrust become harder and faster, I moan his name over and over. My nails dig into his back and he moans back. 

“Cum for me baby, I know you’re ready.” he leans down and bites on my collar bone.

I scream out as I tighten around him, he keeps his pace and reaches his thumb to my clit again. My back arches and my nails rake down his skin. He releases himself and his eyes close tight riding out his high. He kisses his bite mark and pulls out of me. 
The Joker was dressed again and Jared pulled his briefs back on, they both stood back looking at the soaked sheets and the mess on my face. The Joker lets out a purr before leaving the room.
Jared helps me up and wipes my mouth with a clean part of the sheets. He helps me get dressed and we slowly walk out of the door. Jared holding me up by my waist.
The man that brought us here is standing in the corner still and he points to the elevator for us to leave.

“Come again.” The Joker lets out a laugh from one of the couches he was sitting on.

Im sorry this isn’t as good as I wanted but i hope you enjoy it.