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Monster Falls??

- The only person that knows this is Mabel, but Dipper has a nest of blankets that he’s made over the years to make up for no longer being able to use a bed. He’s collected several blankets and pillows, as well as other fluffy (super soft) things that he mushed together in a corner. 

- Stanford and Dipper made Mabel’s tank more portable and mobile because they couldn’t stand seeing Mabel so distraught over being in the lake and not joining them on missions. She still goes to the lake to visit Mermando sometimes, but for the most part she likes staying on land (and working at the Mystery Shack).

- When Dipper has to shed the velvet of his antlers, he absolutely hates it. He will ram his antlers into trees and often finds himself stuck in the branches, waiting for Stanley or even Mabel to find him and help him get dislodged. It gets better the older he gets, but they never let him live down the time he waited three hours before they found him.

- Bill loves appearing and harassing the Pines family at the worst times. Hence, whenever Dipper is shedding his velvet, he will appear and tease him endlessly until the poor cervitaur is found. Though, sometimes, Bill will snap his fingers and the branches might move by themselves to help Dipper wriggle himself free. He never admits it but his favorite moments with Dipper are when they’re sitting for hours talking, waiting for someone to find the boy. 

- Stanley never sleeps, so he uses this valuable time to continue his pug smuggling and other illegal acts (it’s not like anyone will catch him anyway, his wings are extremely powerful and he can easily just turn into an inconspicuous statue). The only one that ever actually scolds him is Stanford, who also tends to need less sleep than mortal creatures, and will often be the one who catches Stanley in the act. 


- Bill takes on the form of a human hunter often whenever he wants to spend time with Dipper and will often pretend to aim a (nerf) gun at the cervitaur in the woods. 

“Bill! A nerf bullet still hurts even if it’s not a real one!”

“Aw, come on, Pine Tree! It’s hilarious! And the suction cups actually stick to your fur!”

Herbs ( Sorry it's so long)

Acorn: Used for good luck, protection, wisdom, and personal power

African Mojo Beans: carried in a pocket, purse, or mojo for good luck

Agrimony: Overcoming fear & inner blockages and dispelling negative emotions. Reversing spells. Use as a wash or oil for healing rituals. Ward off evil entities and poisons

Alfalfa Leaves: Used in money, prosperity, and anti-hungry spells

Allspice: Money, luck, healing, and obtaining treasure. Added determination and energy to any spell

Angelica Root: Very powerful. Protects against negative energy and attracts positive energy. Used in healing and exorcisms. Protects against curses.

Anise Seeds: Used to help ward off the Evil Eye, find happiness, and stimulate psychic ability. Used in sleep pillows to prevent nightmares

Anise Star: Burned to increase psychic awareness & abilities.  Placed on altar to increase power generated or carried to bring good luck

Arabic Gum Powder: Purification and increased spirituality. Burned to reach meditative state

Arbica Flowers: Psychic powers and protection from spirits

Astragalus Root: Used for protection and energy

Balm of Gilead Tear: Used for love, manifestation, protection, healing, assisting in healing from loss of a loved one.

Barberry Root Bark: Cleansing, sorcery, atonement, freeing oneself from the power or control of another

Basil: Love, exorcism, wealth, and protection. Dispels confusion, fears, and weakness. Drives off hostile spirits

Bat Head Root: Used in spell work, rituals, to obtain wishes

Bay leaves: Used for protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and psychic powers. Write wishes on the leaves and burn them to make the wish come true. Put in dream pillows for prophetic dreams.

Bayberry Root Bark: Good fortune, luck, healing, and stress relief

Bee Pollen: Friendship, attraction, love, strength, happiness, and overcoming depression

Birch Bark: Powerful aid divination magic and finding the heart of truth. Other uses protection, exorcism, and purification.

Black Cohosh Root: Love, protection, courage, protection, potency

Black Walnut Bark: Wish magic, access to divine energy, and bringing the blessing of the Gods

Bladderwrack Cut: Protection, sea spells, wind spell, money, and psychic powers

Blessed Thistle Cut: Purification, protection against negativity, evil and hex breaking

Bloodroot Cut: Love, protection, and purification. Hex breaking

Blue Cohosh Cut: Use empowerment, purification, money, drawing, love breaking, and driving away evil

Blue Violet Leaf: Love, inspiration, good fortune, and protection for all evil. Wore to calm tempers and bring sleep

Boneset Leaf: Protection, exorcism and evil spirits. To curse an enemy burn as incense with a black candle inscribed with the name of the enemy

Borage Leaf: Courage and psychic powers. Burn as an incense to increase courage and strength of character.

Buckthorn Bark: Elf magic, driving away enchantments, luck, wishes

Burdock Root: Used in cleansing magic. Protection incense and spells

Calamus Root: Luck, Healing, money, protection, prevention of hunger & poverty and strengthening/binding spells (Poisonous)

Calendula Flower Petals: Protection, legal matters, and psychic/spiritual powers. Put in dream pillows for protection and to make dreams come true

Caraway Seed: Health, love, protection, mental powers, memory, passion, and anti- theft. Improve memory when used in dream spell, remember dreams

Cascara Sagrada Bark: Legal matters, money spells and protection against hexes.

Cat’s Claw Cut: Vision quests, shamanic journeys, money drawings

Catnip Cut: Sacred to Bast. Used in ritual having to do with cats or cat deities. Love, enhance beauty or happiness, protection, bad habits

Cedar: Confidence, strength, power, money, protection, healing and purification. Use in sachets to promote calmness

Celery Seed: Used for mental and psychic powers and concentration. Use in dream pillows for to help with sleep

Chamomile Flowers: Used for love, healing, production marriage proposals, gambling luck, prosperity, good fortune, reducing stress, removing hexes, curses, and spells

Chaste Tree Berries: Used in rituals to draw down the moon, chastity, and protection of the home.

Cherry Bark: Lust, direction, frugality, invisibility, magical potency. Burn as an increase while performing divination, or to during love spells

Chickweed: Fertility and love, lunar magic, animal, magic, healing with birds, carry to attract love.

Chicory Root Granules: favors, removing obstacles, and invisibility, positive outlook, sense of humor. Use a black candle and burn as an incense to hex someone.

Chive: Protection and weight loss

Chrysanthemum Flowers: Love, joy, humor, and protection

Cilantro: Protection of gardeners, bring peace to the home, and help attune one with their soul

Cinnamon: Spirituality, success, healing, personal protection, love, luck, strength, passion, and prosperity, associated with fire and the sun

Cinquefoil: An all-purpose magical herb. Love, money, health, power, and wisdom, stimulates memory, eloquence, and self-confidence, financial gain, or by those who are otherwise seeking good fortune and self-improvement, bring love, money, health, power, and wisdom into their live,  business & house blessing

Clover: Ritual baths to aid in financial estrangement. It is also used for lust, money, love, success, luck, blessing and protection of animals.

Cloves: Protection, friendship, banishing hostel or negative forces, mental clarity, money, purify, cleanses the aura.

Coltsfoot Leaves: Wealth, prosperity, love, peace, and tranquility

Comfrey Leaves: Money, safety during travel, stability, anti-theft

Coriander Seed: Love, health, protection, ease pain of broken heart, peace, ward off disease and migraines

Corn Silk: Protection, divination, good luck

Cubeb Berries: Love, lust, adding fire to spells

Cumin Seed: Fidelity, protection, exorcism, anti- theft

Damiana Leaf: Lust, sex magic, attracting love, open chakras and increase psychic abilities (Toxic to the liver)

Dandelion Leaf: Summoning spirits, healing, purification and defeating negativity, wish

Deer Antler Velvet Powder: Health, stamina, vigor, mental clarity, fertility and longevity (For external use only)

Devil’s Claw : Protection, dispelling unwanted company, and confusing enemies

Dill Seed: Money, protection, luck, lust, keeping away dark forces, house blessings, Lust

Dragon’s Blood: Protection, energy, lush, banishing, purification, and ending bad habits, increase potency of a spell, luck

Dulse: Use for lust, harmony in the home, sea rituals, and pacifying sea winds, peace

Echinacea Augustifolia/ Purpurea: Adding strength to spells, money, altar offerings

Elder Berries: Releasing enchantments, protection against negativity, wisdom, houses blessings, used in rites of death to protect the loved ones on the way to the Otherworld (May be Poisonous)

Elder Flower: Sleep, releasing enchantments, protection against negativity, wisdom, house blessings

Elecampane Root: Banishing and dispel angry or violent vibration, associated with elves, attract love, purify

Eucalyptus: Protection and attracting healing vibration

Eyebright: Psychic ability, improves memory, encourages rationality, brings light into dark and negative situations

Fennel Seed: Strength, vitality and sexual virility, prevents curse, hexes, possession and negative problems

Fenugreek Seed: Money drawing, and fertility magic

Feverfew: Protection while traveling, protection against accidents, cold/flu, love magic, spiritual healing

Flax Seeds: Money spells, healing spells, protection spells

Frankincense: Protection, consecration, meditation, cleansing, purification, offerings at Beltane, Lammas, and Yule, self-will, self-control, the ego, success

Fumitory Herb:  Associated with the Underworld, offering during Samhain, communicating with sports, attracted money, purification

Galangal Root: Winning in court, doubling money, hex breaking; remove evil spells, protection, improving psychic abilities, good health, sex magic

Garlic Powder: Healing, protection, exorcism, purification, guards against negative magic and spirts, invoking Hecate

Ginger Root: Adventure, new experiences, sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence, prosperity, success, adds strength and speed to anything it’s added to, good health, protection

Gingko Leaf: Fertility, grace, love, beauty, healing, creativity

Ginseng Powder: Love, health, beauty, protection, rejuvenation, longevity, sexual potency

Goldenrod: Money and divination

Grains of Paradise: Luck, love prosperity, protection, getting a job, divination, spells to determine guilt or innocence

Gravel Root: job security, gaining employment, success, and career

Green Tea: Courage or strength, future riches

Gum Arabic: Purification, increase spirituality, good vibration or meditative

Hawthorn Berry: Chasity, fertility, fairy magic, and rebirth

Heather Flowers: Protection, luck, bring rain, protection against violent, peace

Hibiscus Flowers: Love, lust, divination, dreams

High John the Conqueror Root: Strength, confidence, conquering any situation, success, gambling luck, luck, money, love, health, and protection

Honeysuckle Flowers: Money, success, abundance, confidence, intuition, increase psychic powers

Hops: Restfulness, sleep, healing

Horehound: Sacred to Horus, protection, clarity during rituals, creativity, inspiration, balances energy

Horsehoe Chestnut: Money and healing

Hyssop: Purification, lightens vibrations, spiritual opening, cleansing, anti-theft, ritual baths

Irish Moss: luck, money, protection

Jasmine Flowers: Divination, charging, new ideas, wealth, sleep, prophetic dreams

Jezebel Root: Money, achievement, curses and hexes

Juniper Berries: Banish, good health, attract good, healthy energies and love, anti- theft

Kava Kava Root: astral work, travel protection, sex

Kelp: healing, protection, travel protection, psychic powers, business success, attracting customers, any water/ sea/ wind magic

Lavender: Love, protection, healing, sleep, purification, peace, depression, peace

Lemon Balm: Love, success, healing, psychic, spiritual

Lemon Peel: Cleansing, spiritual opening, purification, removal of blockages, unwanted negative

Lemon Verbena: Purification, attractiveness, prevent dreams

Lemongrass: psychic cleansing/opening and lust

Licorice Root: Love, lust, fidelity

Lily of the Valley: Soothing, calming, peace, tranquility, repelling negativity, harassment, empowering, happiness, mental power, marital longevity

Linden Flower: Love and sleep

Lobelia: Love and preventing storms (Poisonous)

Lucky Hand: Protection and good luck

Lungwort: Air magic, deities of air, protection while travel by air, healing to lungs

Mandrake: Protection, prosperity, fertility, exercising evil, enhancing creativity, increasing potency of spells, attract love, health

Maple Wood: Love, money, wealth, longevity, good luck

Marjoram: Cleansing, purification, dispelling negativity, revealing dreams, protection, love, money, resolving sadness and grief

Marshmallow Root: Protection, psychic power

Mesquite Chips: Healing, cleansing, purification

Milk Thistle Seed: Strength, perseverance, wisdom, aid in decision making

Mistletoe: Fertility, creativity, prevention of illness and misfortune, protection from negative spells, Carry for luck when hunting, associated with Yule, Jupiter, and the sun, fertility, love, protection, prophetic visions

Motherwort: Confidence, success and counter magic

Mugwort: Lust, fertility, prevent backache, cure disease and madness, astral travel, prophetic dreams, clean crystal balls and scrying mirrors

Mullein Leaf: Protection from nightmares & sorcery, courage, cursing and invoking spirits

Mustard Seed: Courage, faith, endurance, luck

Myrrh: Spiritual opening, meditation, healing, high psychic vibrations, peace, blessing of talismans, charms, and magical tools

Nettles Leaf: Dispelling darkness & fear, strengthening will aiding in the ability to handle emergencies, drive off evil & negativity

Nutmeg: Money, prosperity, luck, protection, breaking hexes

Oak Moss: Luck, money, protection, strength

Oat Straw: Money and prosperity

Olive Leaf: Peace, potency, fertility, healing, protection, and lust

Onion Flakes: Prosperity, stability, endurance, protection, negative influences, ending bad habits, and removing illness, sacred to the moon

Orange Peel: Love, divination, luck, money, house blessing

Oregano: Joy, strength, vitality, and added energy

Orris Root: Popularity, persuasiveness and personal success, communication, draw love, protection

Palo Santo: Purification, increase energy flow to the body, meditation, wards off negativity

Papaya Leaf: Banishing evil and intensifying existing love relationships

Paprika: Add energy to any spell

Parsley: Calm, protects the home, money, luck, restores sense of well-being, strength and vitality after surgery or illness

Passion Flower: Attract friendship, prosperity, emotional balance, sex, stress, diminish disagreements

Patchouli: Element of earth, prosperity, fertility, personal growth, money

Patchouly: Money, love, grounding, fertility

Pau d’Arco: Healing of severe diseases

Peach Leaf: Fertility, love, and wisdom

Pennyroyal Leaf: Peace, tranquility, consecration rituals, repelling insects, seasickness, physical strength, endurance, success, good health

Peony Root: Protection from hexes and jinxes, good luck, good fortune, prosperity, success, attract fairies

Peppercorns: Courage, banishing negative vibrations, ward off jealousy against you

Peppermint Leaf:  Increase vibrations, healing purification, peaceful sleep, prophetic dream

Periwinkle: Marriage, mental power, money, grace, protection against snakes and poison, lost memory (May be poisonous)

Pine Cones: Clean breaks, new beginnings, prosperity, success, strength, grounding and growth, cleansing, purification, repelling negativity

Poppy Seed: Pleasure, heightened awareness, love, luck, and invisibility, insomnia

Quassia: Love magic

Raspberry Leaf: healing, protection, love. Carried ( NOT EATEN) by pregnant women to reduce the pain involved in pregnancy & childbirth

Rhubarb Root: Fidelity and protection

Rose Buds & Petals: Attracting love, beauty, clairvoyance, domestic peace, happiness, joy of giving

Rose Hips: Healing spells, good luck, calling in good spirits

Rosemary: Healing, good health, love, lust, prevent nightmares, purification and removing negativity

Sage: Self-purification, grief, loss, mental ablilty, wisdom, negative energy, spiritual, emotional, and physical health, well- being

Sandalwood: Removing negativity, increasing opportunities and bringing success, protection, healing, exorcism, purification

Sarsaparilla Root: Sexual vitality, health, love, money

Sassafras: Health, money, and overcoming addictions

Saw Palmetto Berries: Healing, protection, exorcism, passion, spiritual openings

Skullcap: Fidelity, commitment, relaxation, binding oaths, consecrate vows

Sea Salt: Cleansing crystals, purification, consecration, grounding, protection magic and rituals

Senna Leaf: Lust and love, enhance tact and diplomacy

Spanish Moss: Protection, opening blockages, and dispelling negativity

Spearmint Leaves: Protection while sleeping, healing, love

Spikenard Root: Bring luck, ward off illness

Squaw Vine: All matters of fertility and childbirth

St. John’s Wort: Protection, banishing, protection, blessing, depression, sorrow, prevent colds, protection from evil spirits, divination

Strawberry Leaf: Attract success; good fortune, and favorable circumstances, luck, pregnant women carry to ease pain for pregnancy and childbirth

Sulfur Powder: Used to dispel or prevent a hex on you

Sunflower Petals: Energy, protection, power, wisdom, wishes

Tansy: Health, invisibility, immortality, longevity, keeping evil out of the house

Tarragon: Healing in abusive situation and compassion magic

Thyme: Loyalty, affection, and good opinion of others, grief, strength, courage, banishing, purification, luck, health, warding off nightmares

Tonka: Love, wishes, courage, gain prosperity, courage, luck, protection

Vervain: Protection, purification, money, youth, peace, healing, sleep, wealth, depression, creativity

White Oak Bark: Wisdom, strength, youthfulness, attractiveness, fertility, negativity

White Pine Bark: Clean breaks, new beginnings, prosperity, success, strength, grounding, growth, also used cleansing, purification, repelling negativity

White Sage: Purification, evil spirits, negative energies, prosperity, fertility and longevity, money

White Willow: Blessing of the moon, healing, binding, wishes, divination

Wintergreen: Good fortune, luck, purification

Witch Hazel: Chastity, protection, grief, broken heart, love spells, ward off evil

Witches Grass: Happiness, lust, love, exorcism, overcoming obstacle, reversing hexes, depression

Wood Betony: Purification, protection, nightmares, despair

Wormwood: removing anger, stopping wars, protection from the Evil Eye, accidents, clairvoyance, to summon spirts, divination, bring enemies misfortune

Yarrow Flowers: Healing, hand fasting, weddings, divination, love, negativity, ward off fears, courage, confidence, psychic opening

Yellow Dock: Fertility, healing, money, attract customers

Yerba Santa: Beauty, healing, psychic powers, protection, ward off illness, use in bath if you think you are hexed

Yohimbe Bark: Love, lust, virility, fertility, cursing

Yucca Root: Protection, purification, cleanse and purify the body before magic, remove curse


The Big Guy, Denali by David & Shiela Glatz
Via Flickr:
Huge bull Moose (Alces alces) with antlers in velvet, Denali National Park, Alaska.

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I’ve no interest in starting the troll bone/horn discourse but I’m always game to dispense science/biology/zoology knowledge! 

This also brings up the difference between horns, antlers and ossicones too when we talk about troll horns.

Horns: bone with keratin coated over the top. These have a capacity to heal and grow

Antlers: not bone, similar stuff but less tough and also dead. Often these are temporary/seasonal because they cannot heal from damage

Ossicones: entirely made of bone and straight up just chunks of angry sharp skull. Usually have fur or tough skin on top.

Since Alternian horns are always referred to as horns and grow larger as they age, they are most likely living horn. Y’all don’t have to head canon this but since there’s no current lore going around of trolls having their horns suddenly drop off or horrifying insect antler velvet that comes off in bleeding strips. I’m gonna say horns. Although if we wanted to get inventive we could go for ossicones with some crazy skin growing over. Or even some kind of extrapolation based on bug antenna/integument. Because why not.

Ashes on the Tongue

By Roshani Chokshi

Winter doesn’t know the taste of a lot of things. But there is one thing she has memorized, one flavor that never escapes her no matter how hard she tries. It is ash. Even when she sleeps, that charred ghost flavor slinks around her mouth, sticking at the back of her throat. When she sleeps, she can feel the velvet of fine-milled ash pressing into her cheeks. And when she wakes, the first smell on the wind is always wood smoke.

She supposes that this is because it is the taste of warmth. It is the taste of things fighting back against the might of her, but that doesn’t make it any better.

There are only so many things a season may taste.

Winter knows the delicate sweetness of ice riming a windowpane. There is no kinder cold than the sleeve of frost adorning a bare tree limb. Winter knows the taste of fire. Cold coaxes out the sugar, for when death is close, life turns to its sweetest. It does it like an animal cornered, a survival mechanism, and Winter can always taste the bittersweet taste of panic. There are other flavors, things that other seasons would long for—the tangy glitter-crackle of ornaments spinning behind a window, sticky sweet candy-coated apples that are a shade so viciously red they ward away demons. And that was nothing to say of the emotions that perfumed the air: waiting and wonder, snow in the eyes and snow on the tongue, winter prayers rising into the sky and tangling in the not-fallen snow.

But the ash…

The ash always remained.

It was always the taste that lingered, for it was the taste of death. The taste of things burned and turned into something else. That was what everyone thought of Winter. She was the season of sleep and frost, of death made beautiful when draped in white.

She was those things. She walked in a silver dress, wore a crown of velvet-nap antlers and around her throat was a collar of ice so bright that diamonds wept. When she walked, she showed you her bones. Like you were the only one who got to see her this way: the shadowy twigs of her limbs, the frail stone heart fluttering beneath a ribcage of dried moss. Even her blood, just sheaves of parchment-thin ice growing across a river.

But people always seemed to forget that she could grow things too. A new year, when no one was looking. A spindle that groaned fat on dreams that she draped through the slumber of so many children. Despair, when the mood struck, for she could yank Night into the sky and even Day would cower. For this was the time of her reign.  

And yet there were things she longed for too. Sometimes her reign was long and sometimes her reign was short. But always it was lonely.

There was no one else to sit at her table of snow. No one else with whom she might wax thoughtfully about the ever-present taste of ash.

When she reigned, everything else was asleep. Everyone else was already sharing their shadow.

She had taken mortal lovers, yes. Too many boys who she had loved for the way the snow clung to their lashes. Too many girls who she had worshipped for the way the ice laced through their hair. But there had been too many times when she kissed them too hard and they turned to ice beneath her. There had been too many times when she had lain her cheek against their shoulder in the night and woke to find them frozen.

It was a day that should have been mundane.

She should have known, then, how monumental it would be.

Things of great change like to wear the face of normalcy, as if they might stalk and sneak upon you better. Things of great change are rather childish, in that way.

Winter was wearing her finest furs of ruffled snow and ermine. She was walking in her thinnest slip, a gauzy thing that left her shoulders bare. She radiated cold, and the world warped around her the way a saint always bends his neck beneath the weight of a heavenly corona.

She saw her through a parting of trees. The branches were white, and through it, the girl looked like a fractal of a girl. Something already broken.

Winter loves instantly.

She could take the time to fall, of course, but winter is a gust of ice against an unprotected neck, and a noose of cold around the throat. Though the world yearns to be rid of her, she is usually gone quite fast.

Which is all to say: there was no time to be gentle.

For nothing about her was ever gentle.

The girl behind the branches stood out like a poppy in the snow. Like a flame poised to devour.

Winter could only watch as the girl picked her way through the fallen branches and icy ground to stand before her. This close, the girl burned. Her hair was smoke and embers, blue as the heart of a flame. And yet her lips were a candy-lush red, bright as a Christmas apple.

“I hear you don’t like what fruit I grow,” said the girl.

And Winter knew, suddenly, who she was. Fire.

Winter found her voice.

“The taste of ash is everywhere,” she said imperiously. “It gets everywhere. It’s the cursed taste at the end of every meal. It hides in my hair. Coats my tongue. So yes, one could say that I’m not particularly fond of your fruit.”

For she was nothing if not imperious.

Fire tilted her head. A ribbon of flame coiled around her neck. Winter wanted to press her lips to it. Then she wanted to remove it with her teeth.

“It was supposed to make you curious. Not furious.”

“Curious to do what?” asked Winter.

Fire stretched out her hand. A charred pomegranate sat in her palm. When Winter touched it, it seamed down the middle. A puff of smoke stamped the air. Seven charred seeds glistened like wet garnets.

“To know me. To let me stay by your side. Perhaps not all things that are bitter and lingering are things to be rejected. Perhaps you just have not explored them enough.”

Winter reached out, sucking the marrow from a single jewel seed. This was not a taste of ash that she knew. This was something lustrous. Something that tasted like a wildfire swallowing a forest. It stung the back of her throat. Made her eyes water.

Fire smiled. “Well?”

Winter poured the jewel-seeds into her mouth.

gurguliare replied to your photoeveryone’s favorite royal family! MY favorite…


i’m realizing i have no idea how antler growth cycles work. oh well

does she actually have a springtime thing? nightingales and mountain fresh detergent follow her around but I kinda dig the fact that she made herself into the goddess of twilight and sleep, for the sake of convenience

Hannibal Re-Catch: Aperitif

This is the first installment of my Hannibal Season 1 re-watch recap (re-catch) project. This week I watched Aperitif, and let me tell ya, this one was a PIVOTAL episode.

Will Graham had a nightmare, sweated, and GOT TOO CLOSE. It was HEAVILY IMPLIED that Hannibal is indeed a CANNIBAL. Jack made promises that HE COULDN’T KEEP. SYMBOLISM abounded. BLOOD was everywhere.

Major characters were introduced and put into IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS.


(Will x Aspirin OTP 5EVA)

I’ll re-visit the very first episode of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire series so far. So that means spoilers, a lot of them. Okay, here goes.

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The Kirin and the Dragon

She is golden and regal as she enters, chin held just so and her velvet antlers adorned with jewels like dew drops and pale flowers. Yards of fabric trail after her in an elegant procession, a gold so pale it looks as though the seamstresses have woven sunlight into the silk itself. His own formal attire is darker, shades of silver and blacks framing him, and intricate embroidery detailing the lines of his coat.  

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For the third time that day, Hidan slithered down onto the cold tiles of the disgusting bathroom floor, groaning in misery as he clung to the toilet like his life depended on it.

He was never, ever following Kakuzu on his bounty hunts again.

Oh yes, the whole thing had started when his shit-for-brains partner decided it was a good idea to just waltz into a small hospital to pluck one of its patients straightout of their deathbed and drop them off to the station.

Now this would’ve been all fine and fuckin’ dandy had it not been for the fact that when they arrived, the place was swarming with people coughing and sneezing in each others’ faces, sharing germs and illnesses as the winter season fast approached. Hidan had done his best to avoid touching anything, but naturally, luck had chosen to send all his efforts down the drain once again.

“What are you doing?” The sound of Kakuzu’s voice was too loud in the Jashinist’s ears, and he turned around to see the older man blocking the entrance to the shitty bathroom of their motel room.

“Kak’zu, help me,” Hidan gurgled out. “I think I’m dyin’.”

“Rubbish. Why are you on the floor like that?”

“You f-fuckin’ kidding!? D'you not see how I’m–” He couldn’t finish that sentence because his belly lurched once more, and Hidan clawed his way back up and thrust his head back into the toilet, just in time before retching violently.

“Unbelievable,” came the blunt retort from above as Hidan collapsed back onto the tiles, limbs trembling. He caught a blurry glimpse of Kakuzu’s unamused stare, his nose creased slightly more with disgust. “Who would’ve thought you capable of such human weakness.” There was definite sarcasm now, but as of the current moment the Jashinist couldn’t even bring himself to be angered, despite everything being this man’s fault.

“F-fuck, everything h-h-hurts.” Clenching his jaw did nothing to stop his teeth from chattering. Hidan could barely form coherent words with the way he constantly felt hot and cold at the same time, perspiration beading on his already clammy forehead, and how even the slightest brush of any object against his skin would basically set his nerves ablaze. It wasn’t even the good kind of pain, either. He was suffering in his own little world, all by himself. “K-Kakuzu, do something!”

“It’s not my fault you were careless,” Kakuzu replied. “It’s just a flu. Don’t be a child about it.”

J-Just a–!? You s-shithead, you d-don’t know w-w-what it f-feels like!” Oh Jashin, he was speaking too loudly, now he needed to puke again. Even though he was fairly certain he’d already hurled out a good portion of his intestines by now. Emitting a weird, strangled noise from the back of his throat, Hidan wrestled his way up towards the toilet seat again like a zombie climbing out of its grave. His stomach convulsed so harshly–holy fuck, this was what Hell was like–that Hidan felt tears welling in the corners of his eyes.

“It serves you right,” his partner was saying. “You need to learn how to stop taking things for granted and be grateful for the things you have.”

Fucking, Jashin-damned Kakuzu. Despite the onslaught of mind-numbing nausea, the burn of bile in his throat, and churning stomach cramps, Hidan felt his drenched face flush even hotter with fury. If it wasn’t for the fact that opening his quivering mouth would most likely result in the expulsion of his entrails, he would definitely give a good spiel of his own. How dare the bastard have the audacity to lecture him, now of all times? Here he was, vomiting out his organs and despite having five hearts the man just couldn’t spare a single one for this moment. It was really getting hard to resist the temptation of just slaughtering the motherfucker for Jash–

Before he could fully complete that thought, he felt the pull of gravity suddenly becoming too much to withstand, and he was out before his head hit the floor.


Hidan jerked awake when the sensation of something extremely cold slid across his face. For a few seconds he spluttered blindly, eyelids too swollen to open properly. He tried to take a deep breath, but he was interrupted when suddenly it felt like his airway was filled with water instead of oxygen. The Jashinist began coughing up a huge storm, each hack sending sharp stabbing pains that vibrated in his skull.

“Stop it.” Kakuzu’s voice abruptly sounded out of nowhere, and much too close for Hidan’s personal comfort; he jumped, prying open his bleary eyes to find his partner scowling irritably down at him.

He finally realized that he was in his own futon, pillow stuffed with a cloak so that his head was raised higher.  He could feel hot bottles of water placed in random places under the sheets, and every inch of his limbs ached.

And so naturally, everything about this set-up was unfamiliar and frightening. “Wh’ th'fuck–!?” he slurred loudly, pausing to cough some more. “Wh'rr’m I!?”

“Back at the base,” Kakuzu replied. “Calm your ass down. You’re making it worse.”

Hidan moaned with despair and, sapped of all energy, slumped back into his pillow. “Wh’ ‘appned?”

“You passed out,” Kakuzu said flatly, although there was thunder in his eyes, “in a puddle of your own sick. I thought you were putting up a show, but evidently I was wrong. Lying on a cold bathroom floor didn’t help your cause, it seems. On top of the stomach flu, you now have bronchitis.”

“Wh’t the–!? Y-you–how long did y'fuckin’ leave m'there!?”

“I hope you realize how far behind this sets us back,” snarled Kakuzu, ignoring the Jashinist completely. “Leader is revoking our chance to accept that infiltration mission, and is flat out refusing to offer any other tasks until you fully recover. Which also happens to be my responsibility, as no one else in the organization likes wasting their time babying a goddamn immortal out of a stupid cold!”

Stop yellin’ in m'face!” Hidan screamed, and immediately regretted it, because his vocal cords felt like they were being shredded. He twisted and dry-heaved for a bit, panting heavily in exhaustion. “Jus’ stop… ohhh… Jashin…”

The older man pinched the bridge of his nose, visibly struggling to gather his composure while emitting a huge sigh. “Do us all a favor and shut up for now.” For once, the Jashinist did as told. He lay back and watched out of the corner of his vision as Kakuzu soaked a fresh towel with water from the basin he set next to him, and mopped up the sweat from Hidan’s brow, neck, and arms. Each wipe was painful as hell–like rubbing sandpaper over his skin–but he grit his teeth through it all. He tried not to look at the dark expression on his partner’s face as he leaned over Hidan to reach something on the other side.

“Open up.” The older man was hovering something long and thin over his nose. “A bit more. For fuck’s sake, Hidan, not enough to break your jaw. Now I’m–no, don’t bite it! Keep it under your tongue–press down–yes, like that.”

Hidan glared feebly at Kakuzu, who was dully watching the red marker rise on the thermometer sticking out of the Jashinist’s mouth. It had finally occured to him how humiliating this entire set-up was, and just the thought of it definitely would have contributed an extra degree or two to his body temperature. But for some strange reason, Kakuzu had yet to make fun of him, or mention anything derogatory about the situation. And damn it, he hoped it would stay that way.

With the thermometer removed, Kakuzu placed the wet towel over his forehead and stood up. Hidan saw him walk out of his peripheral vision, and five minutes later returned with a small tray. On it was placed something that smelled absolutely putrid and foul, so much that he felt like puking again. “Th’ hell is tha’!?”

“It’s your medicine, you twit.” Having returned to his original position by Hidan’s side, the reek was even stronger than ever. He caught a glimpse of the horrifically black fluid sloshing around in the too-large bowl. “Brewed with velvet antler. Do you have any clue how rare and expensive this is?” Without warning, Kakuzu reached out and tilted Hidan’s head upright and all but shoved the rim of the bowl against his lips. “Now drink.”

“W-wait! Kak–” The Jashinist choked as his mouth and nose was flooded with the repulsive substance, and while he swallowed most of it out of reflex, the taste was utterly revolting. He couldn’t help it; he spluttered, coughed, and retched, some of it flying across the room while the rest dribbled down his chin and onto Kakuzu’s hand.

Hidan closed his eyes, waiting for the beating that was sure to come any second now. But seconds passed by with nothing, and to his shock, it never arrived. When he opened his eyes again, he saw the older man wordlessly wiping himself with the towel, mouth pressed into a thin line.

“I-I can’t–” Hidan spluttered shakily, suddenly feeling weirdly guilty in his feverish, delusional state. “S'really hard, Kak'zu–”

One look from his partner shut him up. “You just wasted about three pinches of that antler powder, which costs two hundred per pinch. Let’s try again, and you will,” Hidan felt his blood run cold at the ominous murder that gleamed in Kakuzu’s eyes, “finish every last drop.”

In the end, he really did end up finishing every last drop of it. After that the older man seemed less willing to slaughter the next breathing thing that dared to move out of its place, which was nice. He’d exited from the room to let the Jashinist find some much needed sleep, only to return five hours later with more of the disgusting concoction in his hand.

Hidan had quietly wondered if Kakuzu was deriving much enjoyment out of watching him suffer like this. But it was hard to tell, because he would sometimes notice the dark bags under his partner’s eyes and wrinkled clothes as he bustled in and out of the Jashinist’s room. The general way he carried himself didn’t speak much about him, except that he was tired.

Well, Hidan was too busy with trying to keep his porridge down, and not vomit all over Kakuzu’s chest every time he was jostled to have his sweat-soaked sheets changed for fresh ones, thank you very much. He didn’t have much room to be concentrating on any other thought but that.

Ah well, this wasn’t so bad; considering all the different ways he could have lost his dignity forever, it could have gone worse.