The next day all the guardians had got up, but guy slept in. Suddenly his bed caught on fire but it wasn’t hazardous, guy was surprised to find the twins fenna and genna under his bed. “What are you guys doing?” He asked. “Playing!” They cheered. It caused guy to smile softly as he thought back. “Now lets get breakfast” genna said. All 3 of them walked down the stairs. Everyone was eating french toast. During training tyra was able to defeat velvel. She walked over to guy as she was covered in dirt. Guy giggled which captured her attention, “whats so funny?” She smirked. “How did u get covered in dirt during the fight?” He responded. “Rooms change theme my dear guy” she smiled. “Now…its you and me.” At these words guy nodded and readied himself. “Mawmaw tis your time to shine” she sent out mawmaw. Guy sent out sally. Sally used x-scizor. Mawmaw dodged. “Ugh …ty ty…you’re so mean for making me fight against this amateur.” She grunted. Sally used bullet punch. “Mawmaw would you fight!?” Tyra got peeved. “Fine…but im going to enjoy it~” mawmaw used hyper cut. Sally was knocked back a bit. Mawmaws hair growled but she growled at it to stop. Sally used brick break. Mawmaw dodged sitting in a tree. Sally jumped into the tree after her. She used intimidate and sally backed away. Mawmaw then started walking towards the exit causing tyra to get mad. “What was that?” Guy asked. Mawmaw turned around walking back. “Just didn’t want to fight in a tree” Sally got out the tree as well and began charging an attack but guy told her to stop so she used x-scissor instead. Mawmaws hair unravelled trying to grab her but sally dodged and blocked. “…grr…maybe ill eat you!” Mawmaw laughed though serious. Sally attacked with mach punch. Mawmaw tackled her to the ground. Mawmaw let her hair eat her though without swallowing or biting she sat in it. “ENOUGH!” guy sounded angry. Mawmaw sighed her hair spitting her out. Sally was shivering in fear. Tyra grasped her head as a pink whip was handed to her. She then used it on mawmaw snapping her hair out of a ponytail causing it to fall over her shoulders. Mawmaw looked at herself and panicked, “wheres my food?! I can’t eat before a battle!? Wheres my 3000lbs!?” Guy looked surprised, “3000lbs!? Of food?!” Mawmaw ran towards the exist but her hand was harshly yanked back and she was slid back into the arena, “t…tyra…what did…i ….do…?” Mawmaw asked terrified looking at tyra. Tyra have a twisted sadastic angry look on her face. “You terrified sally is what you did” guy said. “…i dont remember that” mawmaw shrugged. “You put her in your fangs!! Now..would you just go over and apologize to her ok?” He sighed. “yeah…but who’s that?” Mawmaw shrugged. Guy gestured the terrified scizors. Mawmaw walked over, “im sorry guardians have different personalities” mawmaw and Sally were returned to their balls. Tyra carried out her baby sister, a young diancie named our adorable diane. Diane shivered, “big sis…i don….wan…to fight….my dwess will get dirty…” She sniffled about to cry. Tyra kneeled down placing her head on Diane’s, “shh….c-calm down diane…it’ll be ok…” Guy walked over to her as well. “dont worry your dress wipl be fine.” Guy was holding a lot back in order to not baby her. “Ok im weady!” DiNe clenched her fist. Guy sent out his ninetail, Kyle. Diane ran up to him nuzzling his tails. “Soft..” She Nuzzled, it reminded her of some one she loved but they were away for a bit. “Awww” kyle cooed. “Diane…” Tyra face palmed. “But shes so cute” kyle smiled. “Im no child and im not cute!” Diane pouted ruffling his fur. She then threw a diamond at him but Kyle dodged. One diamond hit him on the head and he used a weak flame thrower. the child quickly put up a barrier. Kyle ran at her but she floated up. He then launched another weak flamethrower. She dodged shooting more diamonds, one hit Kyle causing him to stumble a bit. Diane didn’t know she took damage because she didn’t get hit on skin. But her wardrobe was noticeable. Her eyes watered with tears. “You burned…my…dwess!” Guy walked over and picked her up. “No no don’t cry ill buy you a new dress” he said.

“okway” she sniffled wiping her face. Guy nodded smiling. He put her down and she went back to her place. She made a cannon from a diamond. Kyle readied himself for what was coming. Diane then shot gold and pink sticky glitter dust. “Wh…what is this stuff..?’ Kyle struggled. Diane chuckled, "do you like it? Its sleeping dust!” Kyle slowly fell asleep. “Yay!” Diane cheered. Guy giggled , “guess you win” he then sent Micheal a terrakion. Diane suddenly panicked. “Woah its ok kiddo.” He said. “I-im no kid!! ” she threw a diamond at him weakly but he kicked it into the air. In shock she made it rain diamonds which micheal took damage from. He then used focus blast. This almost took out diane out but she stood. “You ok?” Her opponent asked. “Y..yea…” She replied weakly. She got up her dress tore and she started to cry. “Dont cry.” Guy said again, “like i said ill buy you a new dress” diane sniffled nodding. “Tyra you mind if I take her to get a new dress?” He asked. Tyra shrugged,“sure” guy took Diane to a dress shop. “Pick whichever dress you want.” He said. Diane looked in and immediately pointed at the dress she wanted. “This pink white glittery one!” Guy then bought it for her. Diane exclaimed in happiness. Guy directed her to a changing room. She put on the dress and came out. Guy smiled, “it looks nice and makes you look even cuter.’ Diane puffed up her cheeks but then thanked him for the compliment. The 2 walked back to the house. Soon micheal and snene fought. Soon micheal one. Tyra made sure her siblings rested as she walked away and guy followed.

As she walked a dark light hit her. There was a large pop as she fell. Guy quickly caught her. Her eyes were dark. Guy got worried, "whats wrong tyra?” Tyra glared at him,such anger was filling her soul. “Nothing put me down” she ordered. He gently put her down, “a-are you sure?” Tyra scoffed, “yes lets just go home” when they got home tyra smashed through her front door. “Woah, whats wrong?’ Guy asked again. "Like i said. Nothing” she persisted. “You just smashed through the house door…ellie what did that blast do to tyra?” He asked. “It causing her to go into a state of darkness.” Ellie answered. “Tyra go get some rest ok?’ Tyra laughed, "dont wanna ” she told him. Guys eyes squinted as ge smirked. ,“if you do, ill buy you some ice cream later” tyra grunted, “fine” with this she stomped up stairs. Suddenly there were harsh rumblings upstairs. Guy quickly went to go check on tyra. Her eyes were completely black but her pupils red and blood gushed from her lids as her room was demolished. “What are you looking for so badly that you trashed your room for?” Guy asked. Tyra huffed a bit, “my locket.” Guy was a bit confused, “i didn’t see you with one on.” Tyra then shook her head, “thats because they’re hidden within our bodies. They’re our hearts,but that force knocked min out. If I dont find it ill die!” She explained. “Ill check outside where you got blasted. ” with this info guy searched outside. A demon had the locket clenched within his fingers. Guy soon attacked it. It then puffed into smoke. Guy picked up the locket heading back to tyras room. He then gave her back the locket. Tyra put it around her neck and it vanished into her. Gu smiled. Tyra grasped her head, “i need rest. ” guy patted her back, “you can use my bed ill fix up your room” he offered. Tyra nodded going into his room and sleeping. Soon guy fixed the room. Guy went to check up on tyra. She was wrapped up in his blankets and it caused him to smile. “So cute..’ He said before going downstairs.

Down stairs each sibling was playing a different game and wearing different pajamas. Guy sat on the couch after a while he fell asleep. Suddenly an explosion went off in the kitchen. Guy shot awake. Blossom and lily accidentally made a huge cake filling the room. "So this is what Tyra meant…” He grumbled. Guy quickly went over trying to help. The 2 were stuck in this middle but guy pulled them out. As the others started eating their way through guy walked into the kitchen. Tyra walked in awakening from the noise and catching the scent. “What on earth…” She nearly got her foot stuck. “They tried to bake a cake” guy explained. “My pokeballs are on the couch open the third one from the left. Tyra went to the couch and did so. Suddenly a frosslass came out. "Plan?” Tyra asked. “To freeze whats left of the batter” guy replied trying to free a few more of her siblings. “Sharol ice beam!” Guy ordered. Tyra observed as his orders to his companions were gentle and never harsh. Sharol soon froze what was left of the batter. “Now?” Tyra asked focusing again. “Now Sally she’s 2nd from the right.” Tyra freed sally again who then used bullet punch. “Aww there’s ice chunks” tyra sighed. “Now we could have a fire type melt it” guy said. “Thats sounds dangerous…” Tyra said pausing as a faint memory of a poochyena came to her mind. “I love it!” She finished. “Now…do any of your sisters or brothers know ember.” Guy asked. “That depends if you want smart ones or reckless ones” tyra smirked. “I want precision ” guy replied. Tyra yelled for bananas and he walked over. “Bananas please use ember. ” guy said. Bananas nodding doing so until it melted, guy gave him the ok to stop. Tyra slowly lied on the floor falling asleep. Smiling guy took her to her room. He put her in her bed once more. As she curled up guy put A blanket on her, “sweet dreams” he cooed. She snuggled tight. A crash came from down stairs, x had broke the couch. Guy face palmed, “how do you even!?” X felt guilty, ‘im a big Pokemon.“ Guy sighed, "how bad is the damage?” He asked. “Im just a bit stuck.” X explained. Guy then tried to get him unstuck. Once unstuck x stretched. Guy x and soon velvel moved the couch outside. “I can take this to the dump and then i may call for one of you to help get the new couch” guy suggested. The 2 pokehumans head spun for a bit, “we can just open portals.” Velvel said. Guy nervously smiled and nodded. Velvel opened 2 portals. Guy pushed the couch into the recycling dump. He then walked through the other and bought a couch. Velvel closed one portal and pulled it threw. “This is a good couch guarantee to hold 5-6 snorlaxs” guy smiled. Once the 3 pushed the couch in, the other siblings jumped on it for a while causing guy to worry. They then fell asleep and guy placed blankets on them. Guy slowly went to his room. Ke ke who was gone for weeks came back and saw everyone, “uh…did i miss something?” Guy slept softly not knowing anyone had come into the house. She stepped over her siblings going into the kitchen accidentally making a teapot crash reaching for a cookie. Guy shot awake at the crash and headed downstairs. She picked up the pieces, “oh man they’re gonna kill me” she panicked. “Who are you?” Guy looked at her. “Im keke…and you?” She introduced. “Im you know tyra” guy asked. Kekes bodys tensed up and jolted as she heard the utter of her name and nodded. Guy calmed down. “So…are you…the maid?” Keke asked. Guy blushed, “im not a maid… Im a mark bearer.” He explained. “Woah really?! Who’s!?” Keke wanted to know. “Im tyras” he said softly. Keke was a bit shocked, “you aren’t joking?” She asked, “nope im serious.” He smiled. She smiled back though she looked like a human. “So what kind of pokemon are you?” He asked. “Oh…uh im not a pokehuman… I can change my body shape and gain abilities from types like grass and fairy.” She explained. Guy smiled softly. Early that morning while guy made breakfast he broke up a brawl between froyo and chestnut. Soon after as the siblings ate, tyra went to meditate. Guy headed outside looking for portals on his own. Suddenly demon chains grabbed him. Guy tried to break free. It pulled him down. “Ellie anything you can do?”

“Afraid not…the only reasonable way out of this is to summon your guardian!”

“Do…it quickly please..”

“I cannot, you must”

“How do i do that?”

“Shout out your guardians name to protect you!”

“My guardians name….”

“Hurry! We’re getting pulled halfway through!”

“Nnngh….i still dont know..”

“Just say 'guardian tyra i need!”

Guy suddenly blushed heavily, “you ….could have said that first. Guardian tyra i need you!” Guy was suddenly ripped away from the chains and thrown over the shoulders of tyra. Seeing the chains fade tyra brought guys face to her cleavage kissing his head. “Are you OK?” She asked worried. Guy snuggled a bit, “now i am. Thanks tyra” he replied. “Good..” She let him go. “Now…” Her smile darkened into a glare, “what were you doing?” Guy felt nervous, “t-trying to close portals on my own.” He admitted. Tyra sat on his lap, “oh guy…” She face palmed. “You wouldn’t have enough power. Besides your life is too short im not ready for you to die.” She explained. Guy nodded. She hugged him, “you’re starting to scare me but you can finish own your own if want i trust you.” She said. Guy patted her back but shook his head, “no let’s do this together.” Tyra smiled grasping his hand, “like a family.” They git up and looked around. Together they found a few a sealed them. “so what now ?” Guy asked. “Feel like taking me somewhere?” She asked. “Sure” he smiled. He then took her to an amusement park. Tyra looked around she had never been to such a place. “This should be really fun” guy chuckled. “You choose the first game or ride ok?” Guy suggested. “Ive uh never been here before but a bottle ring toss i hear is easy” she said. Guy took her over to the booth. Tyra stared in amazement . “yup even if it is said to be easy it’s also tricky” he explained. Tyra hardly listened she grasped 3 rings and tossed them they spread out catching onto a bottle. “That wa amazing!” Guy exclaimed. “Thanks..” She giggled. The booth owner gave her a dongo plushie. “Whats next?” She asked snuggling the plush. “Test your strength” guy answered pulling her gently over. “Mind if i go first?” Guy asked. “Go ahead” guy took the hammer and slammed it down but metal only went halfway. Tyra giggled a bit. When it was tyras turn she took the hammer and slammed the ground causing it to rise and shoot off the bell into the sky and then it fell into her hands. “Woah…” Guy fell silent in astonishment. “H-how..?” The worker asked. “Heh sorry but im really strong.” Tyra admitted. The worker slowly gave her a doll. Guy then took tyra duck shooting. Tyra suggested guy go first just in case. After it was guys turn her won an r/c car. Tyra took a gun and shot 54 ducks. She was rewarded $500 gift card. Tyra opened a portal and they put thier prizes through it, it lead to their home.

The 2 went on the ferris wheel. Tyra looked up though she wasnt strapped in. They were a little high up. She suddenly felt nervous , “itll be ok tyra” guy smiled. Soon they were at the highest point. Tyra backed away squeaking. Guy gently hugged her. Tyra squeezed back. “Itll be ok” guy whispered.


constellation complication

tyra had her hand in her face giving the biggest sigh her lungs could exhale. ‘’so he fell in this portal all by himself?’’ she asked velvel and mawmaw who had pushed guy in the demon portal on both accident and purpose. 

velvel giggled nervous. ‘’y-yeah…he was probably drunk or high or didnt see it…’’ 

tyra wanted to punish her siblings when harmony appeared behind and before them. the sisters bowed before their mother. harmony smiled. ‘’go dears i shall help this one free also…i have a mission for him.’’ they nodded going to the house. harmony extended her warm divine large hand downward towards guy.


Japonya’da Doğu Türkistan için yürüyüş yapılırken sizin Onur Yürüyüşü’nüz yerin dibine batsın! Kim Müslüman?! Kim inanan?! Kim mazlumun yanında olan?! Siz düşünün… Ne diyor Ahmet Şafak?: “Sinemde yanar dağlar; bahçeler, bağlar yetim. Sensizken canım ağlar, bensizken memleketim. Özüme bir kez dokun, gör nasıl birisiyim. Aşka aşıkken bile memleket delisiyim! Göğsümde bir velvele, tufan benim, volkan ben. Kim tutar artık beni düşen benim, kalkan ben. Bir türkü yarım kalır, bölünür nefesimiz. Dağlar dağları bulur, gür çıkar sesimiz!” • Selam olsun benim Gök sevdama, Gök bayrağıma!