velveeta mac n cheese


New moms these days kind of make me not want to make mommy friends when I decide to start a family. Everyone is so judgemental these days! And apparently it’s a competition on who is the “best mommy”!
I just listened to a woman brag about how she only feeds her kids organic food, only uses organic products, and blah blah blah. Which is great, dont get me wrong!
But dont shame mothers who dont do what you do. She shamed my friend for giving her kid (who is 5 years old) velveeta mac n cheese.

The Abstract Asks Pt. 1

1. Blue or red?
2. Sleepy town, busy city, growing suburbs?
3. What pizza toppings to they like?
4. What ancient civilisation would they live in?
5. When is their bedtime?
6. Earbuds or headphones?
7. Mesa or prairie?
8. Beach or pool?
9. Biggest social fear?
10. Biggest physical fear?
11. Biggest irrational fear?
12. Drugs, alcohol or money?
13. Would they run for prime minister?
14. Blinds or drapes?
15. Vanilla or kinky?
16. What country are they most like?
17. Thought on time
18. Samsung, Apple, etc.?
19. Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, or Georgia?
20. Kraft Mac n cheese or Velveeta?