velox dubhuir

Velox & Cato 5 years later! – Cato making Ve a new suit for his court studies. I think Ve is just a little antsy because last time Cato made him a suit he kind of got reprimanded at how it was too bright. LOL JOKES MELLY IM JUST MAKING STUFF UP HAHA. Ve can’t really refuse Cato’s request.

I think Ve dresses in very drab clothes, mostly cuz of his studies at Cambridge. I think he’d wear hand-me-downs from Pandeon or Scout will do proper shopping for him. Cato should study at St. Martin’s and Drix can move in with Ve and be his roomate —

Ah and reason why Velox always wears a choker – he has scars under.

Five years later, where would you be? — Velox would be 22 and studying with full scholarship at the University of Cambridge, UK, in Law. Would have lost his vision completely by then, cataract full opacity. His cowlick remains untamed. LOL