My first open mic in almost two years after a year of going every week and I definitely feel rusty. But I’m hoping this will be a renewal of my former conviction.
I forgot how many great people were brought into my life because of it, and I’m excited to meet more rad people. Thank you to those of you who support me, you’re radder than you know ❤️
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We are approaching a new month and if you are looking for local Utah shows (or even a dance party) to attend- there are some great events happening at Velour in Provo (135 North University Ave.) and The Stereo Room in Orem. (521 North 1200 West) Local shows are a great thing to go to with a group of friends, a date, or even by yourself! Do not just sit at home- hit up some of these shows… fun guaranteed! :)

Recommended shows:


* 3rd-4th






Venue websites: &


OCEANEAR, at Cowboys & Indians 8 (Velour Live Music Gallery) “Taxonomy”


Mideast @ Open mic! Catch them on aug 2nd at the rooftop! 7:30p, free. Across Sammy’s in Provo. AMAZING band. #velourlive

Last night was a show full of all the loveliest things. I finally met @carlifries84 in person and proved just how awkward I am in real life. (I probably love you). I caught up with @gavinhurlburtmusic and I’m excited to say we’ll be seeing some great stuff from him and @wasatchband this summer!
The show itself was just superb and I’m obsessed with this record. Good thing it came with a digital download though because now all I need is a record player… #velourlive #batmanors #postsonthereal


So worth it. @thenatlparks #velourlive