Velour Lashes is misleading their customers

Velour claims on their website that their 100% REAL mink false eyelashes are harvested from live mink, who are not harmed. HUGE EDIT: Thank you to the user who pointed out something I missed on their website. I sincerely appreciate it and hate that I gave false information previously!! Biggest apologies to all. My bad, 100%. Velour states that they harvest fur from mink at zoos. While this is obviously not even close to the cruelty mink on fur farms see, it is still exploitative and not cruelty free. Please ask them to list what facilities the hair comes from for full transparency. Are these facilities safe? What are their welfare regulations? How many mink are there? These are things Velour needs to tell customers. Velour is supporting the zoo industry. Zoos are exploitative, and therefore not cruelty free.

Please reach out to them. Email them at and leave a complaint on their Facebook Page.

These lashes are NOT cruelty free. Please buy synthetic, cruelty free lashes for your beauty needs.