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Building a wheel from scratch. Clever editing.


So - Lets talk about Velocity rims for a moment. First off, they’re some of the nicest guys that we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with in the bike industry. That’s always a plus, but what’s more important is that they make a stellar bunch of products. Recently released was their A23 O/C rim. The A23 has been a favorite of ours for a while, but this new version is awesome. It allows us to build a rear wheel (or a disc wheel, for those that may want a killer set of CX clinchers…) with much more even tension on the non-drive side of the wheel. What this means to you is a much stiffer, much stronger wheel. We just built up our first set for a client and they were awesome. Light, smooth, strong, and really reasonably priced. Let us know if you’re looking for a killer training or racing wheelset, these might just make the perfect rims!

-Dan and Greg

à bloc wheelworks
As hard as you can.

ok i post a lot of photos of my bike, it’s only because i love it dearly.


  • category: track
  • frame: all-city big block (52 cm)
  • drivetrain: SRAM gxp cranks and bottom bracket, shimano 105 hubs
  • wheels: velocity deep v road wheels 
  • petals: fyxation gates/straps
  • seat post: bontrager carbon post
  • front brake: shimano