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Barry saving Iris from her death is similar to the Terminal Velocity storyline. If the writers follow the exact order in the finale, then the Speedforce will eventually let Barry go and run home to Iris. In the comics, it was Wally saving Linda from her potential demise. When he did, he sacrificed himself. He said that while the Speedforce felt like heaven, he couldn't imagine living without Linda. So they reunited.

I have heard this. Hopefully Barry will come back to his Linda BEFORE the end of the finale though, not after!!

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Okay I've got one ship mary jane/peter parker and one friendship Velma Dinkley/Fred Jones(I was listening to the Zombie Island soundtrack... again). You can do both or just one

Mary Jane/Peter Parker

Literally the only version of Peter I love (or find tolerable) is any one where he is with Mary Jane Watson. They were my OTP before I understood what that meant, and their marriage was something I literally grew up with. Seriously, they were married before I was born, the first storyline I remember buying off Velocity Market’s comic rack every month and reading for myself as-it-was-published was the Hunt for Mary Jane where Peter was following clues around the world trying to find her. I vividly remember laying on the floor weeping when their baby died/disappeared/kidnapped/whatever. And I can genuinely say that seeing them raise Mayday Parker and being a family in the pages of Spider-Girl while I was at a very vulnerable age of six. 

Like. I legitimately quit Marvel for years after One More Day because of the piss poor treatment that MJ received and the just outright dismissal of the idea that their relationship and growth together meant something to a lot of fans. 

This relationship ruined me, as in literally caused me to become a Marvel fan and then not a Marvel fan and recently kinda holding hope for Marvel before losing all hope once again bc Marvel. It all lines up with this relationship’s treatment, I shit you not.

Velma Dinkley/Fred Jones

Honestly I think this relationship – if you’re not going for the poly everyone-in-the-mystery-machine-is-dating I usually default to – kinda way, is one of the most underrated of the relationship possibilities. I don’t know if it’s really that lasting, but Velma and Fred both have the most level minded and dedicated approaches to hoaxes and mysteries, and really the two of them kind of act like glue in their own way. With either of them missing there’s just something not right.

I’d also like to point out for canonicity them being off solving mysteries together would explain why they weren’t involved with Thirteen Ghosts. They’re both too Scully for that.


Fandom: The Flash x MCU
Characters: Reader, Barry Allen/The Flash, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Harrison Wells, Jesse Quick, Iris West, Joe West
Request: sort of
Warning: None
Word Count: 446

A/N: (this is part 2 of my second one shot)


“So you’re a Speedster” the guy with the long brown hair, Cisco said

“That’s right” you said tying the laces of the shoes they gave you.

“We’ve searched up the names you gave us but nothing came up” Caitlin said looking up from her computer

“But how is it possible? Just a few hours I was home training and suddenly I end up in what seemed like a warm hole and boom! it’s like I’m in a whole different planet! Everyone I know has literally been erased from existence” you said as you sat down on one of the steps that led to a lab. You looked up and saw everyone looking at each other, like they were planning something “what?”

“What if you actually are in a different planet?” Barry said and you frowned

“I don’t understand” you looked at them

“Okay… Harry and Jesse, here, are from a different Earth. We call it Earth-2” Barry explained and you placed your elbow on your knee and rested your chin on your fist

“Earth-2?” you asked and Barry nodded

“Try Proffesor Stein’s method” Cisco said and Barry walked to a glass window with a marker. He drew one circle

“This is my Earth, where I am The Flash and Joe is a cop” he explained and you nodded, he then proceeded to draw another circle “This is their (Harry and Jesse’s) Earth, where I’m not The Flash and Joe’s a singer”

“So you’re saying that there could be a million other Earths with alternate realities?”

“Exactly” he said “ And each of them vibrate at a different frequency so they can’t see one another"

“Wait, but if you said that there’s different versions of you on each Earth, why is it like I don’t even exist on this Earth?” you asked, you knew some things about science, but you weren’t an expert like Bruce or Tony.

“Think of this as a different universe. You said that on your Earth you don’t have Central City or a Flash or any of us” Harry said and you nodded

“Has this ever happened to you? Go to another universe?” you asked Barry and he shrugged his shoulders while making a funny face

“Maaaaybeee” he said and everyone looked at him surprised

“WHAT?! WHEN?! HOW?!” suddenly everyone started shouting at Barry and he looked at them

“I’ll explain later,” he told them before walking towards me “you and I will go visit a friend of mine”

“Who?” you asked standing up and used your speed to put on your suit

“They call her Supergirl”