Benjie Flipperboi is accustomed to getting his hands dirty on early 70s Japanese iron. But he’s decided to branch out on his latest build—an amazing Ducati cafe racer called ‘Velocita D’Epoca.’ Working with a tired and neglected Ducati 900 SS/SP found for a bargain price, the @benjiescaferacer crew stripped the Ducati completely before starting with a new, aggressively angled rear subframe. The Norton-inspired tank was next on their list, mounted low in the front to partly cover the trellis frame.
The seat and tail are a one-off carbon fiber unit, and the headlight was hand-hammered. The clip-ons are unique and you’ll find no linkages for the foot controls. It’s old school engineering at its finest and that makes it one of our latest Bikes Of The Week.
Hit the link in our bio to see more, plus the other four killer builds that made the cut.
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Photography: @blacksheepmanila and @13luckymonkey