velociraptor hands

Are we gonna f**kn hold hands tonight or what b***h


so i started doing jurassic world / animal crossing crossover doodles over on twitter and now im buried in dino villager hell aaAA o)-<

OWEN WOuld be mayor of his town & blue is his assistant and okay okay okay i just want to draw more jurassic crossing now bye. BYEEE

also timelapse vid here aaayyyy


Check out my super rad new designs which are now available on my Etsy store Storm You Can Weather.

These hoops were designed by the talented Sophie (@tophatmonster94) and were hand stitched by myself onto black cotton using white embroidery thread. Find more of her designs at her Red Bubble shop here


How many Velociraptors?

… This many Velociraptors.

Finished all the hand-made Kickstarter incentive Velociraptors! I’ve done a Kickstarter update, just getting folks to confirm their addresses and then they’ll be winging their way out to backers!

I’m still waiting on the manufactured ones- apparently they should be with me this week- there was some issue with customs causing a few delays! They’ll be here Friday 6th… So excited!

A little gift for @cheetahtrout!

AAAHHH ;A; I love seeing the adventures of Squeaks, Squawks, and Muldoon unfold whenever they pop up on my dash :3 I love it when these two sit on everything and become loaves, so here they are sitting on a…toaster? Pretty sure Muldoon won’t be too happy when he finds unwanted feathers with his morning coffee ;)

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I volunteer!

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I’ll send replies to everyone who writes to me I promise. Also I won’t actually be at this location for the first two weeks because I’ll be at the other camp for staff training. So like… put it on your calendar for June 16th or something to write sam a letter!

Sam Camilli
Camp Hiawatha
36944 Camp Hiawatha Rd.
Deer River, MN 56636

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Perfect? Hahaha. Haha. Ha. *cries*

No. You’re not ever allowed to talk to me like this okay. I have honestly loved everything I’ve read of your writing. I don’t always share the kink or the pairing but you always write in a way that gets me caught up in the world and setting. Your characterization is always very believable and you spend enough time on details that things don’t feel rushed but at the same time you don’t dwell on little things so much that the reader get’s bored. Not to mention build up to the intimate scenes! So many times I’ll be reading a fic and it rushes straight into the sex with minimal build and it just completely throws the reader out of the story. Your writing is fabulous, I will hear none of this self-doubt.

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i ship you with vel because hiddlesworth porn yes~ make her finish her fics already i'm frustrated :<


i secretly ship myself with vel too bc can she dominate me yes pls

i’m trying to get her to finish something!!! we have a deal where if she’s writes a thing i’ll draw a thing but so far no luck :c