velociraptor hands

Are we gonna f**kn hold hands tonight or what b***h

I can never look cute with my hand in the photo because I got BIG VELOCIRAPTOR CLAW HANDS dammit. I always think my hands look so giant even with my fingers folded 😑 but anyways no makeup on and the lighting was nice in my living room earlier today 👌🏻


so i started doing jurassic world / animal crossing crossover doodles over on twitter and now im buried in dino villager hell aaAA o)-<

OWEN WOuld be mayor of his town & blue is his assistant and okay okay okay i just want to draw more jurassic crossing now bye. BYEEE

also timelapse vid here aaayyyy


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Could you imagine having a velociraptor as a pet?  Just imagine it… it would be like having a turkey-sized cat.  It would knock shit off of counters (on purpose) and climb the curtains (while tearing them to shreds).  It would also be able to jump quite easily onto tables and cabinets and get into all sorts of mischief.  It would probably take meticulous care of its proto-feathers (especially on its arms and tail) and would enjoy sunning itself on cold days.  It would also vocalize quite often, ranging between soft chirrs and loud chirps.

Then again, Jurassic Park made it clear why this probably isn’t a good idea.

Occasional Stalker (2)

> Jeon Jungkook

Summary: “I’m asking you not to follow me all the way to my house for whatever reason you stalk me.”

                  “I live next to you.

Genre: fluff, hurt/comfort, humor, romance, a little of drama, school!au, neighbour!au

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: None

Word count: ~1600

Part: previous|two|next| masterlist

A/N: My real life drama is a bit too much I decided to create something light & fluffy, enjoy~ this story is written with the help of my own story ideas list, go check it out, you might get inspired;)

The One With The Tennis pt.2

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite quirks from the uswnt players? (Eg Tobin always wearing her socks so damn low)

Omfg ok wait I love this I’m gonna try to do my top 10 because there’s a lot that I love. In no particular order:

1. Obvs Tobin wearing low socks
2. Kelley doing that ball spin before a throw in
3. Ali scrunching up her nose in a game or in general
4. HAO’s scissor runs and game faces
5. Sleeveless Becky
6. When Alex runs really fast and she gets that adorbs double chin
7. Press licking her lips during a game
8. JJ’s velociraptor hand placement when she’s running
9. Cheney catching teammates after a goal
10. Pinoe going wild with the goal celebrations
11. ARod wearing her signature braid and bun
12. Hope leaning on one hip when she stands
13. When Carli fights with the ref that’s always fun
14. When moe laughs in the middle of a play
15. How Syd stands up when she’s taken down and how she just looks down while walking it off
16. JJ wearing shirts three sizes bigger and low shorts
17. Hope’s jaw clench
18. HAO’s game face
19. Abby yelling intensely after a play
20. Tobin’s subconscious finger pointing when she’s kicking

Whoops I said I was gonna do top 10…. But there’s too many and that’s not even everything