velociraptor hands

Are we gonna f**kn hold hands tonight or what b***h


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so i started doing jurassic world / animal crossing crossover doodles over on twitter and now im buried in dino villager hell aaAA o)-<

OWEN WOuld be mayor of his town & blue is his assistant and okay okay okay i just want to draw more jurassic crossing now bye. BYEEE

also timelapse vid here aaayyyy

tailkinker-to-ennien said: No. Two rec-posts in a day would not be too much. Definitely not.
monstrousreg said: let me speak completely out of selfish self interest and ask you to pOST THE HIDDLESWORTH ONE NOW

You’re both terrible. I couldn’t reasonably put all the HIDDLESWORTH RECS into this post, because I’ve done enough that breaking it up into two or three parts is far more advisable, but I definitely chose ones that I think are some of my favorites or else really good introductions to the pairing. Basically, though, if you want to get into Hiddlesworth and you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like it, just try the top ones by rangerdanger because they’re what finally made me cave when velociraptor-hands said HERE READ THESE and it’s just pretty much snowballed onwards from there for me. (And I’m not complaining at all.)

I know some of them might seem like odd choices (there are a lot of AUs or things like catboys), but I swear this is a really good list of ones that I think just work as fic and are tailored to luring you in/serving as good introduction pieces! :D (But seriously. Read everything of rangerdanger’s. She’ll hook you like that.)

sugar blue by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 25k

tom flees west. or goes on another weird vacation. ranch au.

again and again by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 18k

au fics written for and prompted by various people across tumblr.

ergonomics by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, office au, 22k

office au. work is hell but chris tries to cope.

drop it doe eyes by rangerdanger, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 8.8k

tom, who is nineteen, spends an interesting summer at his host family’s farm in australia.

The End is the Crown by Velociraptor_Hands, chris/tom, NSFW eventually, mafia au, dub con, 6.9k

Tomorrow night he had a date with a sociopath; a criminal, Russian sociopath who was known for clawing out the eyes of his enemies. It was easy to dismiss those reports as rubbish when sat in front of the man in question. Chris didn’t seem unbalanced, just arrogant and too handsome for his own good. Back on familiar territory with Ben, the harsh light of reality told Tom otherwise. He needed all his wits about him if he was to come out of this unscathed and still employed.

hiddlesworth office au by thisdorkyblogthing [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, 4k

Chris started looking into getting a personal assistant upon his dad’s urging. He’d just gotten the promotion of a lifetime after years of hard work, slowly making his way up the corporate ladder, from lowly intern working absurd hours and making copies to having his own office with view that made him get why some of these guys got on weird power trips.

Otp challenge - 24. Roleplaying by takemetothedungeons [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, role playing, references to thor/loki, 3.2k

Chris was giddy, there was no other way to put it. No amount of pinching costume, caked make-up and itchy hair extensions could put his good mood out. There were good parts of playing Thor, there were bad parts of playing Thor and then there was Tom. We are back.

30 Day OTP Porn Challenge! - Oral by amberfox17 [ mobile ver. ], chris/tom, NSFW, catboy!tom, 2.9k

Chris has almost, almost finished job three of the sixteen on his to-do list when he hears a dull thud from the living room and a distinctive, displeased yowl. This is swiftly followed by another thud. And another yowl. And again: thud and now a louder yowl. Thud. Longer, louder, the-world-will-end-if-no-one-pays-attention-to-me-yowl and ok, Chris has had enough.

One very special cat by amberfox17, chris/tom, nsfw, catboy!chris, 17.3k

Catboy Chris AU: Tom wasn’t even sure he wanted a Hybrid, yet somehow he’s ended up taking home a six-foot Feline/Human cross named Chris who likes bacon, ear scratches and sleeping naked. This is going to be a problem.

All At Sea by curds_and_wheyface, chris/tom, NSFW, au, 9.2k

Tom spends a month after University graduation in Cambodia. There he finds a lot of rain, a dubious-looking tourist boat and a man named Chris.

Company Policy by homesweethomicide13, chris/tom, NSFW, office au, fluff, 60k

Tom’s just a temp PA working in a single department for one of the biggest companies in the city. He doesn’t expect much to come from it - just a bit of money and some experience to help him along the way whilst he writes his novel. When he finds himself rather unexpectedly trapped in an elevator with the head of the company - Chris - his life unknowingly takes a rather bizarre turn. Chris is a billionaire, a man with the world at his fingertips and anything he could ever want is probably already his - so what does he want with an ordinary temp whose only claim to riches was a savings account left by his grandparents five years ago?

full details + recs inside!

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Au where everything is the same except Timcanpy is a velociraptor.



The order must have a huuuugeee wad of bills to pay because of velociraptor Tim lmaooooo 


How many Velociraptors?

… This many Velociraptors.

Finished all the hand-made Kickstarter incentive Velociraptors! I’ve done a Kickstarter update, just getting folks to confirm their addresses and then they’ll be winging their way out to backers!

I’m still waiting on the manufactured ones- apparently they should be with me this week- there was some issue with customs causing a few delays! They’ll be here Friday 6th… So excited!

A little gift for @cheetahtrout!

AAAHHH ;A; I love seeing the adventures of Squeaks, Squawks, and Muldoon unfold whenever they pop up on my dash :3 I love it when these two sit on everything and become loaves, so here they are sitting on a…toaster? Pretty sure Muldoon won’t be too happy when he finds unwanted feathers with his morning coffee ;)

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Speaking of Papo, have you seen their latest 2016 line? Fully plumed and almost correctly winged dromaeosaurid; a proportionately sound Baryonyx with a correct skull and legs, and a speculative Kaprosuchus! All dinosaurs with supinated wrists!

I have! The Velociraptor is pretty good, though the feather attachment is still a bit off- the primaries are coming from the wrist rather than the finger.

(Image rudely stolen for illustrative purposes from Dan’s Dinosaurs FB page here. Click to see the other 2016 releases!)

It still has that kind of Jurassic Park-esque style despite the improved accuracy that I’m not a huge fan of, but at least it’s better than the literal Jurassic Park “Velociraptor” clone they’re offering at the same time (poking the head in at the bottom there). I think I just don’t really like Papo’s style, their detailing is really nice but they just kind of seem like movie monsters to me.

I’d still much rather have Safari’s bald-handed Velociraptor (below) to Papo’s winged beast, personally. It just looks a lot more like a real creature.

Safari Velociraptor available here.

Then again, that Kaprosuchus is really good and I think the style suits it well.