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“Gavin tell him to stay!”

“Oh my god he’s fast! That’s amazing!”

Let’s Play Minecraft - Episode 162 - Cretaceous Park

Tuesday accountability notes:

- One of my delegation logs has gone AWOL. And the assistant who supposedly had it doesn’t seem really motivated to try to find it, which is irritating the shit out of me. The monitor’s here on Thursday, it’s kind of a big deal, and NO, I don’t want to just tell the sponsor “hey, we lost this important document, can we just use a new one?” unless I absolutely have to. Grrr.

- On the bright side, the Monitor From Hell wasn’t actually from hell today. She’s still annoying, but at least she didn’t pull me into a meeting with my boss and rip me a new one this time, so we’ll call it progress. Even if she did not-so-subtly insult my professionalism at the end of the meeting. Sigh.

- Took care of the car last night. Taking care of the hair tonight. I should have cleaned more last night, but I crashed pretty hard and ended up starting yet another game of Civ VI instead. Witness me.

- Things I also need to do tonight: go to the grocery store, pay rent, pay my other non-automated bills, transfer money from my savings account. I’ll be happy if I manage at least 2 of those.

- Two and a half days until vacation. I can do it.