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Just curious from one Snape fan to another- what do you think his wand wood and core might have been? I don't think we've ever gotten this information from JK.

nope, snape is one of the few whose wand wood and core is never mentioned, which i think is a shame!

i think dragon heartstring for his core; it allows for snape’s ease of use in the dark arts (which unicorn would not, necessarily) and for his mercurial temper and magical strength. (i could see an argument being made for phoenix as well, however)

i spent a long time on the wood, but i personally would choose hawthorn for his wood. the reason why is the following quote, from rowling’s explanations about wand woods on pottermore

The wandmaker Gregorovitch wrote that hawthorn ‘makes a strange, contradictory wand, as full of paradoxes as the tree that gave it birth, whose leaves and blossoms heal, and yet whose cut branches smell of death.’ While I disagree with many of Gregorovitch’s conclusions, we concur about hawthorn wands, which are complex and intriguing in their natures, just like the owners who best suit them.

it’s a wood adept at curses, and made for the strong-minded and with proven talent.

however! i would like to add that there were several woods that i considered that could have just as easily worked. my runner ups were as follows: blackthorn, cherry, ebony, fir, and red oak. if you want to read more about wand woods feel free to check it out here

(you didn’t ask, but my opinion on length/flexibility: 10in, not very flexible)

the great thing about rowling’s wands is that there’s plenty of interpretation involved in creating them. if anyone has anything to add to this, or their own thoughts on what snape’s wand might be, feel free to add them on!

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omg i just started watching breaking bad i'm on season 3 like... episode 2 and jw what about marie you like so much??? like not a dig at her i'm just genuinely curious bc everyone in my fam hates her so i wanna hear the other side omg

omfg have they seen the whole series and still hate her? BECAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHEN PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT IT MAKES ME SAD OMG.

putting this under a cut because WOW LONGISH POST (or at least, it’ll look long on my dash).

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► Name ➔ Lodie
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► Gender ➔ Female
► Lefty or Righty ➔ Righty
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► Happy? ➔ Yes

The rest behind a cut. :) (and I tag dianaskouris, phiwatcher, velmakilly and MY LINDS’ -> if you guys wanna do it)

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I also read Severus as an asexual! Omg your views are so similar to mine I'm so happy about it.

I’m glad there are other people out there with this view too! I think there’s a lot of merit to the asexual!Snape reading and I prefer viewing Snape and Lily platonically. It’s great to know I’m not alone in this. :)

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ugh. i want so badly for the romance to be emma/regina but i have this feeling it'll be mulan and merida, think that's possible? knowing these writers they're bound to just throw two characters together and call it an innovative queer romance. i hope i'm wrong tho.

I’ve been thinking the same thing, I couldn’t get it out of my mind while watching merida in the premiere. I want to say she’s out of bounds for them, but I’m not sure. I don’t know how popular she is, but I feel like she might just be unpopular enough for disney to allow it. and it seems like quite the coincidence that she (of all possible princesses) is included in the season where they loudly declare they’re writing an lgbt romance, and that mulan is finally returning

it’s been pointed out that they’re “laying the groundwork” in 5A and the relationship will “be explored” in 5B, and yet jamie has apparently only just arrived on set while they’re already filming episodes 8 and 9 (and there’s only 10 in 5A). so that seems like a very short time to set this thing up, but… this is ouat we’re talking about. so that doesn’t really prove much of anything beyond them being underwhelming writers, which we already knew.

i’ve been giving myself whiplash tbh, trying to decide whether or not swan queen could possibly be happening. i so want it to be

and sometimes it’s so easy to believe

but… this is ouat. the best thing i can do for myself is lower my expectations :\

velmakilly replied to your post “omg i just started watching breaking bad i’m on season 3 like… episode 2 and jw what about marie you like so much??? like not a dig at her i’m just genuinely curious bc everyone in my fam hates her so i wanna hear the other side omg”

ty for your response!! i’m gonna have to show this post to my fam. i haven’t formed an opinion of marie yet, so i’ll keep you posted when i watch more of her :)

yay! i hope you grow to like her. :) who do they like on the show? just out of curiosity!

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I feel like besides the obvious fact that it’s incest (which to me is still a bit questionable but I guess Elsa and Anna can’t reproduce so whatever) they’re missing the point. By romanticizing them it makes the sisterly love less important??

YES THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I FEEL. I undermines the entire importance of the relationship! I mean I’m cool with people shipping it, that’s just why I personally don’t.

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i know, and i laughed at their “lesbian subtext” like wow that’s real subtle guys. but yeah theo definitely had the hots for eleanor. in the original (the catherine zeta jones one was a remake) it was only hinted at that she was bi

I’ve never seen the original, I only watched this one for the cast xD
Oh god, if that was supposed to be subtle then lord have mercy on the gay. I’m still angry that Theo kissed her on the head like twice and ELEANOR NEVER KISSED HER BACK D;

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WILLEMIJN VERKAIK I better be the first one

Haha, yes Jenn, you are the first one

First thing I saw them in: Wicked Broadway
Favorite work of theirs: Wicked Stuttgart
Least favorite work: Idk that weird thing she was in the chorus of
Actor I’d love for them to play against in a movie: I feel like she and Megan Hilty would be a great voice match for a musical
Would I rather marry/be best friends with/get adopted by them: Omg adopted THINK OF ALL THE SHOWS AND PLACES I’D GET TO SEE WITH HER OMG