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I feel like besides the obvious fact that it’s incest (which to me is still a bit questionable but I guess Elsa and Anna can’t reproduce so whatever) they’re missing the point. By romanticizing them it makes the sisterly love less important??

YES THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I FEEL. I undermines the entire importance of the relationship! I mean I’m cool with people shipping it, that’s just why I personally don’t.

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WILLEMIJN VERKAIK I better be the first one

Haha, yes Jenn, you are the first one

First thing I saw them in: Wicked Broadway
Favorite work of theirs: Wicked Stuttgart
Least favorite work: Idk that weird thing she was in the chorus of
Actor I’d love for them to play against in a movie: I feel like she and Megan Hilty would be a great voice match for a musical
Would I rather marry/be best friends with/get adopted by them: Omg adopted THINK OF ALL THE SHOWS AND PLACES I’D GET TO SEE WITH HER OMG