Eccedentesiast; or, five times Steve Rogers doesn’t challenge Bucky Barnes' Sad Smile™, and one that he does

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by velleities

Bucky Barnes is and has always been the king of Sad Smiles. After years of pretending not to notice, Steve finally decides to address it.

5+1 times spanning from the pre-serum years to after the infinity war.

Words: 12518, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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1. mood expressing a desire or wish.

2. expressing a wish or choice.

3. a) of, relating to, or being a mood of verbs in some languages, such as Greek, used to express a wish. b) designating a statement using a verb in the subjunctive mood to indicate a wish or desire, as in Had I the means, I would do it.

Etymology: via French optatif, from Late Latin optātīvus, from Latin optāre, to desire.

[Caring Wong]

—  Conceived from the ancient Latin languagevelleity is defined as the unconventional desire of expecting and wishing for an epiphany or change, yet lacking the ambition to pursue it. In our list of interesting wordsvelleity uncovers a psychological state of mind, which is less spoken about and least defined in the realm of emotions. It is considered a type of “desired,” which one ironically doesn’t intent to execute. 



1. volition in its weakest form.

2. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.

Velleity came to English from the New Latin velleitās, which ultimately finds its roots in the Latin velle meaning “to wish.” It entered English in the early 1600s.

“Our idealists must own that their velleity to abolish all suffering is most fully expressed in the Fifth Wisdom of Lamaism, the doctrine that teaches that “no durable happiness, nor yet security, for any sentient being can exist while others are a prey to suffering.” That truth cannot be questioned and you may take it to heart: in practical terms it means we got ourselves born on the wrong planet – in the wrong universe.”
- Revilo P. Oliver

For Resbang 2k15, I had pleasure to illustrate @lunar-resonance ‘s fic, Velleity. It wasn’t as easy as it seem, scince I wanted to capture the specific atmosphere the fic has. After a couple months of working with it, I found it impossible. The story has its own unique style, with the smart mix between creepiness and mysterious tone, all serwed in Lunar’s very enjoyable style. I totally recomend reading it!

Ya should all check my artist-partner work as well! @arialis done amazing job, creating very dark and climatic pieces, that goes perfectly with a story!

Thank you, @lunar-resonance and @arialis not only for making my first Resbang such a great experience, but for beeing so insanley talented and nice people as well! It was a great time working with you :D

You can read Velleity, written by @lunar-resonance here!

You can see @arialis art here!


I present to you, my art for @lunar-resonance’s amazing Soul Eater fic Velleity! A hearty thank you to the phenomenal @resbangmods for organizing this wonderful event and to Luna for being an awesome person and an absolute sweetheart!

You can find her wonderful fic here and my super sweet coartist @olishia’s awesome art here!

Titles of pieces and the chapters they relate to in order: The Abyss of Madness (1), First Meetings (2), Here Forever (12), The Chase parts 1-4 (14), Resonance of the Souls (15)

Note: The paintings under the cut contain heavy spoilers for two of the alternative endings, so witness them at your own risk. I highly encourage you to read the fic first so you can fully experience everything it has to offer (but please look at them afterwards, I admit I’m proud :3).

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His name, lit up in the night in pretty lights, all over the place. The lastest rumours in the newspaper with his face on it. Tons of letters waiting for him to be read. Pilled up in a huge stack. His eyes opened slowly. Sometimes, he wished this all was a dream. It was way too overwhelming. He had his band, why was he so loved and not someone else of the band? He rubbed his face, reaching out for the pills on his nightstand as he swallowed them with the unfinished beer from last night. “Morning.” He walked to the living room where most of his band was, all living together in one place. His eyes fell on a girl sitting there. “Hello..” He slowly spoke. A smirk covering his face. It was always funny how people had compared him to Johnny Cash, at least his story. Yet he did rock and roll. He didn’t believe it. Or he didn’t see it.


anonymous asked:

not to toot my own horn or anything - this feels rather awkward for me - but i've written this little fic and people seem to be enjoying it, so i thought i'd submit it in case it puts a smile on someone's face :) archiveofourown*org/works/8105920

this actually sounds kind of hilarious, thanks for writing in!

Just Like The Movies by velleities

Tony found what he was looking for. On the screen, sepia-tone soldiers marched in front of a tank with the main cast prominently displayed. He turned to Clint.
“Okay, listen. It’s like this: these guys, I call them geniuses, heroes, lords and saviors, they made a movie for what we’ve all been thinking – Cap and his assassin buddy doing the do.”

Or, that one time Steve and Bucky accidentally sat through a porn parody of their WWII selves and finally managed to pick up the hint.


Life of a Tree.   [4/4]   LINK

{[ words & images ]} by David Kamerov

I would’ve liked to have invented a language, not one/ For the velleities of gravity, varieties of wingspan/ No technical tongue, no only/ A simple language smelling of the earth./  …Maybe then I could’ve been important & lasting—/ Ingrown & oaken/ Outlasting in my scarred skin/ Many tender sharptongued lovers…

{[ words & images ]} by David Kamerov

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