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“Not again” you said running around another corner on the way to your class. How did you always manage to be late? If there was an award for running late you’d win.


You skid to a halt at the sound of your favourite teleporter appearing. Thank god.

“Hey Kurt” you stammered through heavy breaths “do you mind…”.

“Taking you to class” Kurt finished.

“Yeah” you laughed wiping sweat from your forehead “I’m running a bit late”.

“Vhat else is new” Kurt sighed placing a three fingered hand on your shoulder “let’s go”.


In seconds you were in the classroom. Kurt had saved you yet again.
“Thanks Kurt I owe you one” you smiled taking your seat.

“Vell actually you owe me ten, but who’s counting?”.

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Soooo Helga, have you ever been interested in running experiments with other medics? Such as creating mutants and all that medic stuff.

Helga: Vell, as nice as it vould be in theory to share my brilliant mind viz a slightly less brilliant mind to create somezing equal to both our brilliances, zere’s one zing preventing it from happening!

Helga: Und it is zat I fucking hate everyone!

Finally Found A Match - Part 2 (Pavel Chekov Imagine)

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You were just finishing up an analysis of some sort of new bacteria that was found on a nearby planet and its effects on living tissue, and taking down notes of different properties that could be used to create an antidote or remedy for any diseases caused by that bacteria when a sudden hissing sound announced the opening of the Medbay doors; a new arrival?

“I’m sorry, but if you require treatment you’ll have to wait a few moments as I put this equipment away, please,” You said over your shoulder, speaking to whoever it was that had walked in. An Ensign or Lieutenant that had probably injured themselves doing something in line with whatever their respective field was, no doubt.

“Vell, I’m okay vith vaiting, but I truly hope I don’t need to be treated for something because zhen I vould be in reel trouble,” a heavily accented yet young voice replied, and you perked up immediately and a smile appeared on your face at the sound of the voice; Chekov. You turned around to see the charming young Russian leaning against one of the medical beds, his arms crossed over his chest, a smile on his face as he gazed at you.

“I can imagine,” You replied with a laugh, before finishing to put your stuff away, “So, I guess you’re here on official business, then, Mr. Chekov?” At this, Chekov made a funny face before saying, “Pleaze, call me Pavel. As you said earlier, being called ‘Mr. Chekov’ makes me feel old. And yes, I do believe I promised you a tour of ze ship.”

“Indeed you did, and I’m glad to see you remembered your promise!” You confirmed happily as you walked over to the Ensign, who was smiling back at you, his blueish-green eyes sparkling somewhat. ‘Wow, corny much (Y/N)?’ You thought to yourself, mentally slapping yourself for thinking like a lovesick schoolgirl, ‘You haven’t got time for all this. Get over it.’ “So, shall ve get going?” Chekov asked, gesturing towards the Medbay doors, politely inviting you to go first as he snapped you out of your thoughts. You smiled at him before bowing your head graciously and heading out of the Medbay, and tried to focus on what Chekov was telling you about the many different parts of the Enterprise

After maybe an hour and a half, the two of you had managed to cover most of the key aspects of the ship, such as the engineering department (meaning the warp core and surrounding areas), the weapons bay, the transporter room, the prison blocks, the different science and communication departments, as well as the bridge and dining halls and your personal favorite, the observation deck. You could gaze at millions of stars and even travel from one planet to another using the Enterprise’s advanced technology and database through which you could learn about those planets and stars and planetoids. 

“Oh my God, this is incredible! And you’ve been working on this ship since you were seventeen? Man, I’m so jealous right now,” You exclaimed as you practically waltzed around the observation deck, marveling at the many wonders offered by space that you had yet to see. What you didn’t know was that Chekov was watching you with a small smile on his face; you were positively charming, and he couldn’t help watching you as you ran around, looking happier than he had ever seen somebody be. It was an incredible feeling, the one he got every time he saw you. He had only met you earlier that day but it seemed that there was something about you that had captured his attention so completely and so suddenly that he couldn’t stop this. Whatever this was.

“Yes, it iz qvite beautiful, izn’t it? I love coming here vhen I feel homesick or upset or just to think,” Chekov responded softly, approaching the window that let you gaze out at and beyond whatever was in sight, standing next to you. He was a head taller than you, and he couldn’t help but smile to himself upon noticing this. Your (E/C) eyes sparkled with joy and wonder as you gazed out, and your smile could make flowers grow. ‘Соберись , Павел’ He thought to himself, trying to snap himself out of it. However, another small voice popped into his mind, ‘Но она так красива……

“Pavel? You okay?” You asked him quietly, noticing the conflicted look on his face. He quickly snapped out of it and smiled down at you, “Yes, yes, I am fine. Sorry, I vas lost in thought.” “Happen often, does it?” You teased him lightly, and Chekov reacted as being jokingly insulted, “Vhat are you insinuating, (Y/N)?” “Oh, nothing negative, my Russian friend. Just that whatever’s running in your mind seems clearly more interesting that what’s happening here,” You continued to tease him, but now, Chekov’s face became serious, “No, never. Zhat would be both incorrect and rude.”

“”Incorrect and rude”, you say? My, my, Ensign, you’re beginning to sound more and more like Mr. Spock!” You said, trying to lighten up his tone. Luckily, this time it worked, and Chekov smiled, just gazing down at you. This was going to be an amazing friendship.


It was chaos. People were running through the hallways either screaming or armed and ready to fight the enemies that had boarded the Enterprise. You were in the Medbay, desperately trying to patch up people as they arrived, but even with the full medical staff running at full steam, you were still short on help. You were breathing hard and trying to catch your breath as you went from person to person, trying to help as best you could. You were absolutely terrified, no doubt about it, but your biggest fear lay for your best and closest friend; Pavel Chekov.

Over the three months, the two of you had gotten closer than any two people on the ship; you knew each other’s deepest secrets and worst fears, and you had been practically joined at the hip since you met. Pavel spent almost all his free time with you, whether it was actually being with you during one of your extended shifts, or just hanging out on the observation deck, reading and talking, and vice-versa. The two of you were constantly together, and nobody dared to tear you two apart. In fact, most of the times when the two of you passed Captain Kirk or Sulu or Bones in the halls, they winked at the two of you or smirked or made an off-hand comment about the two of you being inseparable. The truth was, however much you refused to admit it, was that you had fallen in love with the Russian Ensign. His personality, his spirit, his humor, his heart, his mind, his smile, his laugh, him. This terrified you, though, because if Pavel found out and the feelings weren’t mutual, there went your friendship and everything with it. Game over.

“(Y/L/N)! I need you to get to the Bridge and escort some of the medical team there!” Bones shouted at you, just as a loud explosion rocked the ship. You grabbed the nearest bed to you and hung on for dear life, trying not to fall over as you nodded at Bones and shouted back, “Yes, sir!” As soon as the ship was stabilized, you stood up, swiftly running to where you kept your phaser and retrieving and setting it up before collecting the medical team designated for the trip and dashing out of the Medbay, weapon at the ready.

The group moved slowly with you in the lead, your phaser ready to shoot any enemy crossing your path. At one point, as you covered the group as they went through a large intersection, an explosion went off not ten meters away from you. You let out a loud cry as you were blasted backwards against the wall, the cry being silenced halfway as your head smashed into the wall. 

Your whole body radiated with pain as black spots and stars blotted out your vision. You faintly registered falling to the ground, but you were surprised to still be conscious after the violence with which you were thrown against the wall. You felt something warm and sticky pooling beneath your head as well as going down the side of your face, and you knew immediately that you were bleeding. Badly. You let out a soft, pained moan as you spotted multiple people in blue coming towards you, and next thing you knew, you were no longer lying on the ground; the medical team had come back to retrieve you.

The pain in your body, and especially in your head, intensified with every moment, but you clung to consciousness as you mumbled, “Put me down, I’ll be okay.” The officer carrying you looked down at you like you were crazy, but after insisting multiple times, he finally set you on your feet. You stumbled for the first few steps before regaining your balance, getting your phaser back at the ready as you tried to focus. But your vision was blurry beyond belief and you felt as though the world around you was spinning like a top. 

Pull yourself together, (Y/L/N). You need to get to the Bridge. You need to get to Pavel,’ You thought to yourself, trying to fix your concentration and ability to protect the group. Luckily, this motivation to go see Pavel seemed to work like a charm, and you managed to get the medical team to the Turbolift. You got them to go in two groups, and you joined the second group. As the elevator shot upwards, your vision began to blur once more, and the world began to spin violently once more. You could see some of the other medical officers staring at you concernedly, but you ignored it. You had to see Pavel.

As the door opened onto the bridge, you heard Pavel shouting, “Ve have hull breeches on levels three, eight, sewenteen and twenty-two!” You gazed around to see that everybody on the bridge was working frantically at their stations, and the noise level brought the pain in your had to a nearly intolerable level. You took a few steps forwards, and stumbled over your own feet, your balance disappearing. You faintly registered something wet and hot dripping from your nose, and when you brought your hand up to stop it, it came back glistening red with blood. 

“(Y/N)! Oh my God!” You heard Lieutenant Uhura yell, and you looked up to see multiple crew members staring back at you in horror or disbelief. Pavel was among them. You could see the terror in his eyes, the worry on his face as he stared at you. You gave a weak smile before mumbling, “P-Please inform Bones…..escort was a success.” At that, you noticed Pavel standing up and running towards you, his arm beginning to extend towards you. However, everything seemed to go in slow motion, and as the floor came up to meet you and the world faded away, you could’ve swore you heard him yell, “(Y/N)! NO!”

Pavel managed to catch you just before you made contact with the floor, but at that point, you had already fallen unconscious. Pavel could feel his heart pounding frantically in his chest as he held you tightly in his arms, trying to wake you as he shouted your name over and over. What if you never woke up? What if Pavel never got to tell you that he loved you? Because he did. He had fallen for you. Hard. Since day one, he knew that whatever he had with you was going to be special. He knew that you were special. But now… everything was threatened as you lay in his arms, head and nose bleeding profusely. 

Your skin was so pale in contrast to the blood that stained it, and even now, you looked so innocent, so…..vulnerable that it made Pavel’s heart hurt. “(Y/N)! (Y/N), please! Vake up! Vake up! Вставай! Пожалуйста, проснись! я люблю тебя!” He shouted over and over, his blue-green eyes filling with tears of panic and worry as he shook you gently, desperately trying to wake you. But nothing seemed to be working as you just laid there in his arms, motionless and so unbelievably pale. Pavel kept crying your name, begging you to wake up in both English and Russian as he hugged you close, pressing soft kisses to your hairline and forehead as silent tears went down his face.

As other members of the Bridge crew watched in horror and devastation, a medical officer quickly stepped forth and checked your pulse before looking up and declaring, “She’s alive. But if she stays here, she won’t be for much longer. Alert Dr. McCoy that Ensign (Y/L/N) has been gravely injured and requires immediate assistance and that she will be escorted down to the Medical Bay!” At this, Pavel immediately stood up, gently holding you bridal style in his arms as he turned to Captain Kirk and just managed to get out, “Keptin, may I request permission to escort (Y/N) dovn to Medical?” 

Kirk, who knew of the Russian’s feelings for you, looked at him sympathetically before nodding and saying, “Mr. Chekov, you don’t need my permission for this. I understand completely. Now, get Ms. (Y/L/N) to Medical immediately, and stay with her. If you’re needed, I’ll inform Bones immediately.” Pavel nodded his head, tears steadily streaming down the young man’s face as he turned and all but ran into the Turbolift. Everything seemed to go in slow motion; him holding you close in the lift, his sprinting down the hallway with you in his arms, arriving at the Medbay and being greeted by and emergency medical team, you being taken from his grasp and taken away to be analyzed and helped, him looking down at his hands which were now covered in your blood, and him falling to his knees as he began to sob quietly.

The medical staff just watched him with sadness and sympathy, but nobody approached him until Bones kneeled down in front of him some considerable amount of time later and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, “Hey, kid. (Y/N)’s gonna be okay. She’s been patched up and will be okay. She woke up about five minutes ago, and I think you oughta go see her.” At this, Pavel’s eyes widened and before he knew it, he was running to your bedside as you smiled up at him weakly.

“Hey, Pasha,” you said weakly, using his pet name as you gazed up at him. Your eyes widened when you saw the tears on his cheeks, “Pasha? Are you okay?” At this, Pavel couldn’t help but burst into tears before leaning down and hugging you tightly to him. “O-Oh, (Y/N)! God, I thought you vere dead! You scared me so badly! Oh, God! I br-brought you here az soon az possible!” He cried into your shoulder, as you shushed him gently and rubbed his back soothingly with one hand while the other ran through his curly hair. “Pasha……it’s okay. I’m fine. Just a bit banged up, is all. Thank you for bringing me here. I don’t know where I’d be if you hadn’t,” You whispered gently, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead.

“Please, don’t ever do zat to me again, (Y/N). I love you too much to nearly loze you again,” Pavel said, before freezing in place. You felt your eyes widening as you gazed up at him, both your faces turning red. Did he just say what you think he said? You looked up at him, but before he could say anything, you smiled and pulled him down gently for a kiss, bringing your lips to his. He didn’t react for half a second before kissing back with almost everything he had in him; he couldn’t believe this was actually happening. 

When the two of you pulled apart, all you could do was smile and say, “I love you too, Pasha. So much.” The moment those words came out of your lips, Pavel relaxed and a smile appeared on his face as he leaned down to give you another kiss, a gentler and more tender one. “I love you, (Y/N). I love you, I love you, I love you,” he breathed out, his heart beating violently in his chest as you both smiled.

“Well, guess Captain Kirk was right, Pasha,” You chuckled lightly.

“About vhat, дорогой?”

“They really did finally find you a match.”

“Yes, they did. And I am forever grateful.”


-Соберись , Павел - Pull yourself together, Pavel.

-Но она так красива - But she is so beautiful.

-Вставай! Пожалуйста, проснись! я люблю тебя! - Get up! Please, wake up! I love you!

-дорогой- My dear

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1. volition in its weakest form.

2. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it.

Velleity came to English from the New Latin velleitās, which ultimately finds its roots in the Latin velle meaning “to wish.” It entered English in the early 1600s.

“Our idealists must own that their velleity to abolish all suffering is most fully expressed in the Fifth Wisdom of Lamaism, the doctrine that teaches that “no durable happiness, nor yet security, for any sentient being can exist while others are a prey to suffering.” That truth cannot be questioned and you may take it to heart: in practical terms it means we got ourselves born on the wrong planet – in the wrong universe.”
- Revilo P. Oliver

There was a candy store near my grandmother’s house that we used to walk to when we would visit her, which was frequently. We’d go there and get a candy bar, or play some pinball. And it turned out that they carried comics–but only one kind of comics, Marvel Comics. And so, this was the first Marvel book that I ever read, MARVEL TEAM-UP #16.

Of all the titles I might have picked up off of that small rack that day, I’d imagine that I honed in on this issue of TEAM-UP both because I knew Spider-Man somewhat from the 1967 cartoon series, which was then playing in reruns (as it would for a decade to come on NY stations). And I knew the name Captain Marvel, even though I recognized that this was somehow a different hero.

It was a pretty ill fit with my sensibilities, to tell you the truth. The Gil Kane art was somehow claustrophobic, seemingly jammed into every panel. The inking seemed rough and harsh to my eyes. And the amount of copy was overwhelming–remember, this was a period in which I routinely didn’t read captions, and in this era of Marvel titles, purple prose captions were all the rage.

The story opens with Rick Jones being mentally guided by the voice of Mar-Vell, with whom he is connected, to seek out the Alpha Stone, a powerful gem that could cause untold harm here on Earth. Unfortunately, at that moment, the gem is being stolen by criminal Basil Elks. And when gunfire shatters the gem, the energies released transform Elks into the Basilisk, able to fire destructive beams from his eyes.

Fortunately,Peter Parker is on his way to a movie when he hears the commotion, and he becomes Spider-Man in an attempt to take the Basilisk down. As they battle ineffectively, Rick Jones finally shows up. he slams his Nega-Bands together, switching his atoms with Mar-Vell, who is also known as the hero Captain Marvel.

But despite the best efforts of Spidey and Marvy in pitched battle, the Basilisk kicks the hell out of them and makes his escape. In the aftermath, Mar-Vell downloads Spidey on the background of the gem that empowered Elks. It’s one of two, a pair–and the Basilisk is no doubt on his way to steal the other, and become unstoppably powerful. 

Fortunately, Mar-Vell’s cosmic senses can track the Basilisk’s energies, and they follow him to where he’s attempting to excavate the second jewel. And another fight immediately breaks out. Marv and Spidey try to defeat their foe, to no avail, as he gets closer and closer to the second stone.

But Mar-Vell locates the second stone first! However, at his touch it grows to colossal size, envelops him, and then vanishes. Knowing that teh issue is over, rather than finishing off Spider-Man, the Basilisk instead decides to cut out, leaving Spidey to ponder about the fate of Mar-Vell. It’s not much of a cliffhanger–heck, this isn’t much of a story, mostly a string of fights linked together by a macguffin–and I was unimpressed. It didn’t make me want to pick up more Marvel books, I can tell you that much.

Sulu can’t remember the last time he’s slept in his bed by himself. He’s not sure when this routine of Chekov climbing into his bed had started, but he’s stopped fighting it. Actively, at least. He still always asks what it was this time, and Chekov always has a new answer.

“Zhere’s somezhing wrong vizh my bed,” he states one night, but won’t say what as he climbs into Sulu’s bed and wraps himself up in his blanket. Sulu says nothing, just tries to pull back as much blanket as he can.

“I had a nightmare, Hikaru, can I sleep vizh you?” he mumbles the next, and his voice is soft and hoarse. Sulu says no more, just gently pulls him into his arms and holds him until he falls asleep, a tangle of long limbs and soft breathing.

“Is zhis not my bed?” he asks, and Sulu laughs – this has to be his worst excuse yet. “Vell, I’m comfortable now, so…” and he dozes off. Sulu just rolls over and falls asleep too.

The final excuse comes one night when Chekov comes back late to their room. He’s been drinking, Sulu can tell by his stumbling and soft muttering to himself. Almost on cue, he feels Chekov flop into bed next to him, flinching as he feels cold skin against his – Chekov’s just pulled most of his clothes off, not bothering with pyjamas. He feels Chekov nuzzling into his back.

“I love you,” he mumbles against Sulu’s skin before he falls asleep. Sulu gently pulls Chekov’s arm around him.

“You could have just said that to begin with, Pavel,” he whispers, letting his eyes close.

They have a lot to talk about, but for now Sulu just lets himself drift off to sleep.