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Hoi! I'm looking for some resources to improve my listening skills, could you please list some of your fave dutch singers, films/ tv series and youtubers? Dankjewel xxx

Hi, thanks for asking a question.
I’ve listed some things for you. Hope you like it :)

Some famous Dutch youtubers:


Dutch films (I don’t really watch a lot of Dutch films tbh, so I’ll just sum up some famous ones. lol):

genre: comedy

🔹Alles is liefde
🔹Onze jongens
🔹Ja zuster, nee zuster (de film)
🔹Loenatik, te gek!

genre: WWII

🔹Het meisje met het rode haar


🔹Ciske de rat
🔹Achtste groepers huilen niet

genre: animation (mainly Dutch titles of Disney films)

🔹De klokkenluider van de Notre Dame (The hunchback of Notre Dame)
🔹De aristokatten (The aristocats)
🔹Belle en het beest (Beauty and the beast)
🔹Binnenstebuiten (Inside Out)
🔹Huisdiergeheimen (The secret life of pets)

Dutch series

🔹Gooische vrouwen
🔹Flikken Maastricht

Dutch talkshows

🔹De wereld draait door
🔹RTL Late Night
🔹Zondag met Lubach

Other Television programmes:

🔹De slimste mens
🔹Pauls puber kookshow
🔹3 op reis
🔹Buch in de bajes
🔹Anita wordt opgenomen
🔹Je zal het maar hebben
🔹NOS journaal (the news)

Television programmes for children:

🔹NOS jeugdjournaal (the news for kids)
🔹Sesamstraat (Sesame street)
🔹Het klokhuis

Websites where I hope you can watch these things (some series/programmes you can also find on youtube):

🔹 ➡ most programmes you can find on this website

Words that might come in handy to be able to use these websites:

🔹zoek/zoeken - search
🔹afleveringen - episodes
🔹programma’s - programmes

Dutch singers:


🔹 Blof (most popular songs: holiday in spain; hier aan de kust; wat zou je doen; liefs uit londen)
🔹Nielson (most popular songs: sexy als ik dans; hoe (Dutch for “how”); beauty and the brains)
🔹Racoon: they’ve made one Dutch song called oceaan
🔹Acda & de Munnik (most popular songs: het regent zonnestralen; niet of nooit geweest; Cd van jou, Cd van mij)
🔹Veldhuis & Kemper (most popular song: ik wou dat ik jou was)
🔹Claudia de Breij or Frank Boeijen (most popular song: mag ik dan bij jou)
🔹De Kast (most popular song: In nije dei ➡ this is actually Frisian. They’ve also made a Frisian version of “paradise by the dashboard light”)
🔹Maaike Ouboter (most popular song: dat ik je mis)
🔹Klein Orkest (most popular song: over de muur)
🔹Guus Meeuwis (most popular songs: Brabant; tranen gelachen)
🔹 Wim Sonneveld (most popular song: het dorp)
🔹Boudewijn de groot (most popular songs: avond; meneer de president)
🔹Hero (most popular song: toen ik je zag)

Pop Rock:

🔹Frank Boeijen Groep (most popular songs: zwart wit; Kronenburg park)
🔹het Goede Doel (most popular song: België)
🔹Doe maar (most popular songs: sinds een dag of twee; de bom; Doris Day; pa)

Hip Hop:

🔹De jeugd van tegenwoordig (most popular song: sterrenstof)
🔹The Opposites (most popular songs: slaap; slapeloze nachten; broodje bakpao)
🔹 Gers Pardoel (most popular songs: ik neem je mee; bagagedrager)

Dutch comedians:

🔹Paulien Cornelisse
🔹Herman Finkers
🔹Javier Guzman
🔹Brigitte Kaandorp

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Any Dutch musician recommendations?


I don’t listen to Dutch musicians very often, but I’m just going to sum up some popular Dutch artists from all times. Some of them don’t or rarely sing in Dutch, but I’m going to mention them anyway ;D So here we go:

* Acda & de Munnik (newish pop)
* Armin van Buuren (house, dance, English)
* Bløf (newish pop)
* Boudewijn de Groot (old pop)
* De Dijk (newish pop rock)
* De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig (hip hop)
* De Kast (newish pop)
* Dik hout (pop)
* Di-rect (pop rock, English)
* Douwe Bob (pop, English)
* Frank Boeijen (old pop)
* Gers Pardoel (rap)
* Golden Earring (rock, English)
* Guus Meeuwis (pop)
* Het Goede Doel (old pop)
* Ilse Delange (country and pop, mostly English)
* Jett Rebel (new pop rock, English)
* Kensington (rock, English)
* Klein Orkest (old pop)
* Maaike Ouboter (pop)
* Miss montreal (pop rock, mostly English)
* Nick & Simon (newish pop)
* Nielson (new pop)
* Racoon (new pop rock, mostly English)
* The Opposites (hip hop)
* Typhoon (rap, Dutch & English)
* Veldhuis & Kemper (pop)
* Within Temptation (alternative, mostly English)
* Wim Sonneveld (old pop)

Have a lovely day!
If you have any other questions feel free to ask them :)


Veldhuis & Kemper - Ik Wou Dat Ik Jou Was [Goede kwaliteit] (by isntitironic007)

I don’t like dutch music but this….I really like this <3

lol the photographers want to take a photo of only kromo and veldhuis is starting to walk away. Kromo just grabs her and is like NO THEY TAKE PICTURES OF US TOGHETER OR NO PICTURES!


And Kromo was having fun with the the winner of the silver medal, god she is only 21 years old. SHE IS MY AGE HOW WHAT THE FUCK HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!!!