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Butts. Butts. Butts? More butts?

in “mercy” i really like it when big sean says “drop it to the floor, make that ass shake” and there’s this low, distorted, glitchy voice saying “shake” in the background, sounding like a cable is being wiggled loose by a powerful ass quake

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Can you tell me how transmen are better off than transwomen during the holidays without stamping the "MRA" label on my head? I just want to know without tearing my hair off.

Transmisogyny means trans men of similar other oppressions are guaranteed to be better off than trans women of similar other oppressions. 

this isn’t rocket sciiiience

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Send me all of your yuri and yaoi. All of your yaoi r belong to meh.

yuri and yaoi are both highly illegal materials. i will be forwarding this correspondence to the authorities. have fun in cyberjail, punk.