Robbie Rivet and E.sportacus
I had so much fun designing these TWO!

For E.sports i wanted him to have a muted pallet with gold accents. He wears spikes and lacrosse styled cleets.  He’s still just a short as Normal sports but he makes up for it with his attitude and athleticism. He like sports has a crystal but he wears it around his neck and it’s red from corruption.  IT only beeps when robbie is around to end his fun.  i added the scar and goatee cause thats how all evil counterparts work (i think)

Robbie gets a brighter pallet with lavender and pinks! i kept his cuffs and make-up. his shoes have Velcro cause tying shoes is a waste of energy and time.  I tried to have his outfit be a mesh of normal robbies + a mechanics jumpsuit.  he’s as tired and done with E.sports and his normal counterpart is with his elf.  He’s always cracking his back. (gross)

Friendship between a Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw would include...

-untying each other’s shoes whenever they’re not paying attention
-it becoming a contest of seeing who can make the other trip the most times
-eventually they both get velcro shoes
-going to Diagon Alley together before each term
-the Ravenclaw always assuming they’re part of the Hufflepuff’s plans
-“I’m going to spend time with my family during winter break”
-“Cool bro what time we going”
-the Hufflepuff always uses inaccurate percentages to sound smart and it drives the Ravenclaw mad
-“I’m like 90% high quality puns and 12% bad posture”
-“That’s not even- no- just-”
-playful punches and tickles
-the Ravenclaw thinking it’s safe to wear shoelaces again after 6 months but nOPE
-literally after .02 seconds of wearing them BAM they trip because the Hufflepuff tied the laces together


Second try of make an animation and this is for you hiilikedragons. I know i have said i would not touch the werewolf!au but i could not get out of my head Hiccup wearing his Velcro shoes.

So, here is Puppy!cup. Thanks, Cat for the amazing AU.

The Littlest Winchester - Rabbits

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 433

Request: Thank God you’re taking requests again, and since we all love the littlest Winchester could you please write about Dean teaching her how to tie her shoes… thank you😊😊😊😊😊


    “Baby girl, hold the laces like this … no, so they look like rabbit ears, see?”

    “I am.”

    “… you’ve seen a rabbit before, right?” Dean sighs and reaches over to adjust the position of his four-year-old daughter’s hands. “Now, the one on the left is actually a rabbit, and the other one is a tree.”

    “But I thought they were ears.”

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I just noticed that Nancys need to take care of Prairie starts as soon as she comes to their house for the first time, possibly even before but we don’t see much of that. Abel takes her out the car and Nancy says “be careful Abel” even though he’s being completely safe, she views Prairie as fragile. And then as soon as they get into the house, Nancy is so fast to try and ‘help’. She goes “we take off our shoes here. Let me help you.” They’re simple velcro shoes there’s no way Prairie wouldn’t be able to take them off herself, but Nancy doesn’t even give her a chance. She instantly buts in to look after Prairie


One drawing or painting that shows what you feel is unique about yourself.

i ended up experimenting with a new brush setting and coloring style like…halfway through lmao. But yea! I finally finished assignment A for my csssa app aahhh. I really enjoy story telling so I went with a comic-type theme. Hopefully it works pffhaha. Time to work on the other four assignments now ;;

My second Edge Sans from the Underfell AU commission for @kimiwillsintonight. Not for sale. <33 Made by me HappyKittyShop. Please do not remove.

He has a custom voice, cigar with magnet and mustard bottle with velcro. Clothes and shoes were store bought in toddler sizes.

Custom sexy voice by @crashboombanger here:

I am getting to all my commissions as much as I can. I appreciate everyone who ordered to be patient with me.