velbet riuki


VelBet - Last live at Tsutaya O-WEST [2014/3/31]
Riuki wanting to hear the audience’s cheer for the last time.

I can’t believe it happened. It’s been since 7 weeks. On the 31st of March, they had their last live, which I thought would never come.

I’ve never thought I would see Riuki crying. It was something I’ve never thought of him. In my eyes, he was that typical strong and cool man. Which I realized wasn’t true. He is fragile. He is adorable. He is someone who could change my whole view in things.

People keep telling me that I shouldn’t talk about him a lot since I don’t know him personally, but I know he knows that I am existing. Not like he knows my name, my hometown, personal information. He knows me by the music he and his band once made. Music keeps us together, right?

I can’t believe he cried. He couldn’t sing when it was the last song. He just smiled and silently cried.
It was hard for me but I can’t believe how hard it was for him, for the others. VelBet was like Riuki’s life, he put everything into this band. 

He is not always as strong as I thought he would be but to be honest I don’t mind at all that I saw him from this side too. I love him even more since that moment.

Thank you, Riuki. Thank you, VelBet.