velasquez photo

David Bowie with cutouts of the Yellow Submarine Beatles, photographed by Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune.

“I just met David Bowie [during the Dark Horse Tour]…. David Bowie, these were my very words, and I hope he wasn’t offended by it because all I really meant was what I said. I pulled his hat up from over his eyes and said: ‘Hi, man, how are you, nice to meet you,’ pulled his hat up and said, you know, ‘Do you mind if I have a look at you, to see what you are because I’ve only ever seen those dopey pictures of you.’ I mean, every picture I’ve ever seen of David Bowie, or Elton John, they just look stupid to me…. I want to see, you know, who the person is.” - George Harrison, New York City radio interview, December 1974

* * *

According to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (26 January 2013), ‘Everyone Says Hi’ was written by David Bowie in memory of George Harrison.

* * *

David Bowie also covered George Harrison’s “Try Some Buy Some” (YouTube), which had also previously been recorded by Ronnie Spector [x].

Crown The Empire (Outbreak Tour)

After missing their set at both South By So What!? and Warped, I finally got the chance to shoot Crown The Empire. Honestly I’ve been wanting to shoot this band for a while now and every time I see photos of their set they look incredible. You could feel the energy coming straight off the stage and the crowd was absolutely insane- a vital part of any hometown show. Here are some shots I got from the show: