I did it guys! Solo queue GOLD.

I climbed to Gold only using Vel’Koz! And it’s still early in the year rofl. Personal achievement right there. :D

I’m also ridiculously pleased that my ranking on League of Graphs puts me as the 2791′st best ranked Vel’Koz. Daaaayum. Though, I admit, last year it said I was 600th best. :<

anonymous asked:

I love your Dragon Age art!!! Especially your League crossover. Do you still play League or did you migrate to Overwatch? I saw you drew a Mercy!

I don’t play League… I only play Vel’Koz.  :<

Following on from a conversation I just had, I would like to point out that the study of medieval lit is largely the study of fanfiction. 

The entire genre of Arthurian lit is basically each author writing progressively more and more ludicrous King of the Briton AUs.

Don’t get me started on Chaucer.