I bet this is how it happened
  • SJM: Sooo, I wrote EoS a bit longer than I supposed to because it turns out Chaol's arc is longer than I expected...
  • Bloomsbury: Dammit Sarah, just take it out from the book!
  • SJM: But it's important to me!
  • Bloomsbury: Fine, how about we take it out of EoS and make it a novella instead?
  • SJM: Sure, I'm cool with that.
  • Bloomsbury: But remember Sarah, it's a novella. NO-VEL-LA.
  • SJM: Relax, I got this. I will keep it short
  • (Momths later)
  • SJM: Oops.

MHA Hell- Part 2: OCs To Characters
-Part 1-

Just the concept draws of mostly my OCs to idea/suggestions my friend came up with for her little AU of fun. Again, was fun sketching these up even drawing a few lesser seen of my TP OCs.
The Bakugou!Phineas along with Monoma!Gil, Sero!Chazz, Power Loader!Tink, Tokoyami!Vel( who belongs to @psydoktor), and Tetsutetsu!Cyan.
Cyan was a silly one since he can’t have hair, so he’s got silver spikes as trade off as his hair. 


MHA Hell- Part 1: Frame Redraws
-Part 2-

So like Matsu Hell, just  having fun with friends(bigger group then Matsu Hell). This one is my friend’s idea, so character picks were partially her choice. 
Just our OCs with the characters’ quirks:
Phineas as Bakugou
Sparks as Kaminari
Archer( Ayanaki’s OC) as Kirishima
Patch (HunterBahamut’s OC) as Midoriya
Vel (Psydoktor’s OC) as Tokoyami
I really had fun sketching these.

First image was from Chapter 107. I just REALLY like their expressions there.
Second image set is from the first opening of the anime. 
Third image is Tokoyami!Vel with his quirk’s power. More frilled pissed the darker it is.