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Doing IRL life things you know how this goes. Out and about, on mobile. I’ll be around later in the day though.

BUT! I have a question;; Would anyone wish to do and Art trade or Collab? [It wouldn’t have to involve Vel, as I have a sweet babe OC that I adore and he’s not a giant somewhat hard to draw monster.]

Dunno. Just spit balling Ideas.

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Nicknames: Ice
Gender: Female
If I had a cat what would I name it: I will name it base on its color, or just call it Cat, Nya, Neko www <completely influenced by Kamiya (ΦωΦ)
Height: 167cm
Hogwarts House:  Ravenclaws after a random task on Net
Favourite Color: Blue, Aqua
Time Right Now: 17:30
Average hours of sleep: 5-6 hours, or maybe less, Im a night owl
Favourite numbers: 3
Last thing you googled: 傷物語 (Kizumonogatari)
Blankets I sleep with: One now in Summer, depends on the weather. I hate getting cold as I will get sick(stomache) easily, so atleast one blanket is necessary
Fictional character you want as your younger sibling:’s hard to choose and I would like a older brother in fact xDD, but I will choose Saiki Kusuo and tell him to use his power for me…HEHEHEwww

Favourite Bands/Artists :
: Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke, Kiramune all stars, seiyuus, Bump of Chicken, May’n
Western : Katy Perry, Sam Smith
Dream Trip: Japan, every beautiful place in the world
What I am wearing right now: T-shirts and pants
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When Space Pirates fall for First Mates:

Machines - Biffy Clyro // Another Night On Mars - The Maine //
Meet Me In The Woods - Lord Huron // All Of Myself - JPNSGRLS //
Red Earth & Pouring Rain - Bear’s Den // Bored to Death - blink-182 //
Cecilia And The Satellite - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness //
Humbug Mountain Song - Fruit Bats // Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart - The Fratellis //
Satellite - Sara Hartman // Swooner - The Zolas //
Fire - Diskopunk // Toothbrush - DNCE //

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anonymous asked:

Vel, I don't know if you're gonna even read this, but honestly don't pay attention to these people, your comment sections and probably ask box are filled with positivism, too, you know? My mesage point and case. Also I can tell by experience, my very gay experience, that internalized homophobia is a thing, so just hope someday those dudes accept themselves enough and stop bothering other people for their sexuality or other things we can't change about ourselves.

Yeah I agree, it was just kinda sad because I actually thought he was a good dude for that .1 second before he slapped me in the face with that homophobia trash virtually lmao

Thank you to all the supportive messages I got though!! I’ve got no intention of letting that stuff change me or the story

However, I will be adding that dude in the story as a super gay nice dude that pops in every now and then in ctc. be sure to look out for “Epic Pompadour guy”

Talking on skype about Human!Vel // Modern!Vel.

And look at this cutie. 

Works in a library, likes coffee shops - not too good with computers at all and is really slow with tech.

Also has a really bad habit of getting into information you’re not supposed too.

Modern!Kindred and !Zed were being hitmen and being assholes and Vel lost his leg as collateral damage. It’s an adventure and we’re having a great time.]

Ringing Bells

     She put the ink to the parchment carefully and rolled the scroll up neatly.  A serpent was imprinted into jade was to seal it.  A green ribbon wrapped carefully around.  Lastly, she added a little silver bell that rang bright and true.  It wasn’t charming, it was annoying. She couldn’t help herself, she felt playful.

    When she found herself interested in something, she tended to be in a pleasant mood.  And she was currently interested in the Captain’s task.  And as a result, she was in high spirits.  

    She entrusted the letter to the Madame at the Pearl.  Which was no small feat.  The woman was no messenger.  But Vel knew that in her hands - if she agreed to make sure the Captain received it, he would - in fact - receive it.  After a lengthy back and forth the Madame eventually agreed to ensure the Captain got the letter, and Vel ended up in the red as far as credits at the pearl were concerned, a problem the Madame knew the monk would not be able to let persist too long.  Especially given the debt would increase with every day a payment was not made.  It was an absurd interest rate and she got Vel to agree to it.  She was no messenger after all.  But she knew Vel would keep paying to erase her debt.  

    Despite having been face to face with the Madame in the Pearl, Vel couldn’t bring herself to ask about Astria.  Or any of the girls for that matter.  She kept glancing around, hoping to catch sight of the dark haired elf, but - she didn’t.  The Madame was a smart woman, and she knew Astria wasn’t the only girl Vel favored.  Vel didn’t ask about any of them.  

The Madame knew why.  

It was simple, Vel didn’t ask because  Vel was afraid to know.  

    The monk was a good customer.  Not just owing to the quantity of gold she spent, which was significant.  Vel also treated the girls well, and was often far more generous than required, and even thoughtful.  Even towards the girls she’d never spent a coin on, she learned their names, she’d likely spoken to them a few times and she even knew a few of the girls’ birthdays and made sure they were given gifts.  And the gifts were not impersonal, Vel made sure to ask the other whores about each other, and what they would appreciate, what they needed, and what they wanted.  The Madame knew this, but she kept quiet about Vel’s behavior.  Vel kept her interactions with the Madame short as a general rule, and she was putty in the older woman’s hands when their interactions dragged on too long.  Vel knew this, and so, she often did her best to dodge the woman.  Still, the Madame knew Vel and she knew how much she cared for the girls of the Pearl.  She likely knew it more than Vel herself did.

     And that was in part, why she let Vel leave without knowing who death had claimed in the wake of the epidemic.   She knew Vel was not ready to hear it.   Putting her in debt was not entirely about the gold, it was also to keep Vel from being able to try spending coin on a girl that might no longer be available.  The Madame was not a soft woman, but she had a heart.  Keeping Vel away for a while, wouldn’t make it easier in the long run but it kept that pleasant mood alive for a while longer.  The monk’s cheeriness was refreshing for the Madame.  Not refreshing enough to keep her from draining the monk of ludicrous amounts of gold, but, enough to desire to keep that cheeriness alive a bit longer.  

And enough to make sure a letter would reach it’s intended recipient.  

Just this once.

Dearest Cap’n K,

A brief update on the name you have me chasing after:

     Turns out I am not the only one chasing after this name.  I spoke to a woman who calls herself Chaplain F'yaer of Lordaeron, a Blood Knight.   To my surprise, I was the second to ask her about the name in one week.  Obviously I tried to pry for information about the first.  Turns out it was some magistry-types.  As a rule - I am suspicious of the robes, but according to the Chaplain, they claimed to have family heirlooms they wished to return to the woman.  I take their motives with a grain of salt.  Fucking robes.  Unfortunately the Chaplain did not get their names.

    I learned from asking around that I was likely to find the woman lurking the Row, and so I took to asking around there.  To my disappointment - the name didn’t ring many bells.  I literally was told ‘name doesn’t ring any bells’ multiple times.  

Side note:  I dislike that expression.  

    It did ring a bell with General Winters, who knew the woman from some time ago, but not currently.  She did not seem to know her too well, or if she did, I am a bit shy when it comes to trying to push her to offer more.  You know, she doesn’t seem like the type that would appropriate being pestered too long about something.  But the name did ring bells - and perhaps you might be able to ring them more.  Then again, perhaps she told me all she knows.  Up to you.  You know her better than I.

   I continued to ask around the Row, and failed to ring many bells until finally, I rang -the- bell!  Not a bell!  -The- bell.  That is to say, I have made contact with the woman.  Our rapport is…  not ideal yet - but I am working on building it.  Still, there is man who is quite affectionate towards her, who is not a Champion Blood Knight.  He lacks tact, but has - I am told he has ‘amazing hands’.  The man’s name is Eyras.  Viex’ha, is rather smart and not above lying.  I can’t tell if she works for Eyras - he works for her - or if the work together…  perhaps Eyras’ business is separate from Viex’ha’s entirely.  But he is trying to recruit …  for …  something - I do not know what…  He already seems to have a few followers, one he refers to as Armin, and another he called Yatanis.  

    I don’t know if Viex’ha fits into whatever Eyras is recruiting for - or what he is recruiting for…  But I do know he knows Viex’ha.  And so - what he is up to - is of interest…  And perhaps his recruits are less guarded when it comes to speaking.   It goes without saying I will be pursuing these avenues to attempt to get a clearer sense of Viex’ha.  

   I just thought a small update was in order as it is notable that others are looking for this woman.  And it is also notable that she seems to be linked to the man with the amazing hands and his apparent posse.  I know it’s not much, but it’s a start.   You know me, I will keep on it until I get bored.  

Your Ever-Ringing Bell,


(It rhymes, Vel and and Bell…   did I mention I hate hearing people tell me that names don’t ring a bell?)

      As Vel existed the Pearl she glanced around Sunspire.  Things were different.  The crowds were thinner.  The mood was somber.  As she walked along the boardwalks, the muted bells attached to her pig-tails rang with each and every step she took.  The grim mood of her surroundings did not show on the monk’s face.  She smiled.  Not just her usual lazy smile, but an earnest smile that seemed to be standing in defiance to the grimness left in the aftermath of the sickness that had claimed so many.  She turned a corner and for a moment thought she saw a dark-haired elf that looked like Astria.  Her head turned - no such luck.  Close enough to make her do a double take.  A real dead ringer.  She didn’t stare for too long, and she kept moving.  She always kept moving.  And smiling.  And chiming with every step.

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Jeez I’m rusty at drawing Vel. 

After I couldn’t sleep yesterday and was drawing Overwatch characters, tonight when I couldn’t sleep again I drew League characters! Few mages I played in the day. 

I love that Vel so much Im so happy with it. And Viktor too. Tali I’ve never tried to draw before so I think I did okay ovo <3]]

Made a speed paint too! Check them out! They’re really cool!!