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SO THIS WAS A FUN (??? - there were tears) COLLAB PROJECT BETWEEN SOME FRIENDS AND I !!!!! we all drew a sketch then swapped for someone else to lineart then swapped again for the remaining person to color - it very quickly became a battle of who could make the next person cry the hardest

lore @mischievousart

vel @radical—dreamer

and myself!!!

❝ Toy Soldiers will you follow?❞

kdsfksj this is cheating/ self indulgent since im the author but: lilliris + breakfast ;3c happy studying my dude good luck! @velocesmells

Before I start… AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Vel your art is amazing and I’m so happy that you followed me and noticed my prompt challenge thingy! OKAY OKAy here we go!

“Here let me-”



“I want to try and make breakfast for you this time… Lillium don’t worry I got this” Iris huffed and continued his quest in making breakfast that would please the taller male. Lillium sighed and stayed within reach just in case anything happened. He watched as Iris stuck out his tongue in concentration. Lillium wanted to help Iris but the shorter male can be stubborn. Though… watching Iris make breakfast made him feel warm. He was so tempted to wrap his arms around him and show Iris every small little trick that he knew. Lillium smiled and looked away. One day…

vel-vel  asked:

"Aren't you worried at all, of the void of course"

“Truthfully, I do not see the Void as a threat. To me, they are simply… misguided.”

“Like the Shadow Isles, the Void is only present on Runeterra. They are beings of this specific world, and thus, are unique. The moment their influence becomes greater than what they were given naturally, you can count on me to snuff them out.”