Fall/Winter 2015 Trend Report.

Angora Sweater

Fluffy sweaters are hot. Not just hot as in warm, but hot as in cool. Consider it an investment piece—though angora is especially trendy this season, it never really goes out of style.

Warm, adaptable, and add a fun, textural component to any outfit, in other words: they’re irresistible.

Andrea Pompilio, Berluti, Beyond Closet, Hardy Amies, Julius, Kenzo, Maison Margiela, Nº 21, Vektor and Vivienne Westwood.

Fall/Winter 2015 Trend Report.

Big Pockets

It seems like this season mantra was lets make everything big, bigger and bigger than big.

The idea of re-engineering clothes by increasing the pockets size to accommodate bigger devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus might be the reason why bigger pockets are taking over garments this F/W. The explosion of oversized pockets is seen mostly on outerwear pieces, like jackets, coats, parkas and even on leather t-shirts.

Agi and Sam, Calvin Klein, Fendi, Juun J, Kit Neale, Lacoste, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and Vektor.


Vektor CP1

An odd looking pistol from South Africa, the Vektor CP1 has been used quite a bit in action and science fiction movies due to its futuristic appearance. Chambered in 9x19mm, the CP1 had a very short run in the U.S due to a safety recall. Apparently the pistol had a safety problem that could cause an accidental discharge if it were dropped. The company, known at the time as Lyttleton Engineering Works (LIW), offered a cash incentive for owners to return their guns back to them rather than repair the safety issue. The CP1 is now considered an obscure collectable since many were sent back to South Africa, and whatever examples weren’t sent back are all that exist in the U.S. (GRH)


listen ; ♬♪ | PHOTOGRAPH [ Quill & Andy in Static City University uniforms ] photograph taken by Chrys Cosmos. credit to / / : pose ( juoo9082​ ), blouse ( zorgsprivatelife20002 from TSR ), cardigan ( inabadromance ), skirt ( puresims​ ), clutch ( calliev-plays​ ), blazer + socks ( jinglestartk ), gloves + shoes ( marvinsims​ ), shoes ( MJ95 from TSR ), tv head ( void-sims ), pants ( s-sac ).

Have a WIP of an Artthingy for mila-kun
i don’t know if i’ll finish it, but i know myself, it will be unfinished till my death xD

I choose Zekrom, that duckface, because he is an electric-dragon-type and Pixel would be able to absorb his electricity, just to protect Vektor UvU; So don’t be afraid, little Riolu, Pixel will protect you from all harm U3U