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Denel/Vektor CR-21 - 5.56x45 NATO

This isn’t a futuristic phaser rifle, this is a South African bullpup. The CR-21 was a hopeful rifle made by Vektor to give the South Africans a more modernized rifle. The South African National Defense Force has for many years used the Vektor R4 rifle, a modified and made on license version of the IMI Galil.

The basics of this rifle is that it’s a bullpup primarily made of high impact polymer, the only real steel on the gun is the barrel and the internals. It’s around 8 lbs of South African power, it features a 1X scope with a red illuminated reticle, without a battery, it has mounting points for a M203 grenade launcher and it can accept a top rail.

Now all of these combined into this. But it had one problem, it couldn’t be converted to left hand fire, that and it being effectively a Vektor R4 in a bullpup chassis made it a luke warm seller on the market. The SANDF continued using the R4, but the CR-21 is still open for buyers.

Especially the PMC market.