Overstanding Life, Religion, and Spirituality

Most Humans essentially do not consider evaluating the time to think things in full-depths. Whether it be, decision making, that could eventually harm or even help ones need, or fulfillments we generally often throw away because of the lack of confidence we oftentimes choose to not retain. Contemplating matters should be a very important aspect to society. Apparently, most of our main focus is unintentionally aimed to ‘act’ on a decision, b4 taking into consideration on how the outcomes may reflect in a negative or even positive light, whether it is to — attend college for your parents interest and not your own, or paying massive amount of money since the solidity of the material was “nice”. Sometimes this, notion or way of thinking is supplemented directly towards the sense of being “pressured” from other opinions; and as well as “peer” pressure due to lack of esteem, financial stability and self confidence.

Moreover, I feel that I can unequivocally reference my own experience to this discourse of the matter — which is to draw the attention on religious people. Religious folks are a prime victims of the impediment. They presumably tend to proceed in their actions, than to cogitate their issues strategically. Instead of examining the consequences for the decisions, that they look forward to committing, they’re more so distressed about the goods that they can uncertainly afford. But due to greed, hypocrisy, peer pressure, misery and human unsatisfactory, they enter paying debt for the actions they had made before contemplating things through and all while feeling sad and empty.

The reflection of worthlessness manifests from a vision to reality from what one posses in mind. But some lack this knowledge, that’s why most are devoted to worshipping a source of authority to all natural things called - God and while praying and cultivating the words of the holy scriptures as a means to 'living right’ ; believing that God can manifest anything in sight just by praying and worshipping the power to every living aspects of the planet, in which some believe(s). Giving that religious groups believe that humans are set on earth to worship the creator and to those whom worship other than the creator, but the creations and the creations creator i.e., humans and material goods, are to live in 'fear’ that comes with unsatisfactory.

Most of us deal with alluring the substance we most definitely want, and expanding our desire into wanting more than what we unquestionably already have, but the downside of this, is to deal with chasing dollars when enter paying debt. This is somewhat believed as a eminent response to living in fear, because when giving ultimate power and ownership to humans for pleasure by pleasing them in order for reciprocal access and possessing over such things, we can not be assured or guaranteed that they are to give-back or grant exhilaration from it. This combo will eventually lead to unhappiness, and fear.

Worshiping only the “creator” may be a good way of living, since the main idea is to worship the creator and authority holder of all things — that is God, and to not be afraid of any form of creation, but most followers of the system of worshipping called religion manifests the opposite of what the religion supposedly meant, and in their ignorance they influences some to turn away from it or loose confidence on joining the religion. Most of them intentionally deem to push and shove “the message” down on folks throats and have a response to everything that doesn’t merit to much of anything. But ironically, these are the same ones worshiping material goods and flip the coin when commodity is needed or wanted; i.e., money, junk food, jewelries, college, and extravagant material. They tend to place that aspect of things on high pedestal of all goods of this earth. They tend to care so much about money and material goods, but never study how they contradict their own values of their religious beliefs.

Moreover, out of religion,and material they are less likely concerned with spirituality, self preservation, and metaphysics and the spiritual aspects of creation. With being religious and worshipping God, does it keep us dependent? Does it keeps us to sloth? This is why some say “God helps you if you help yourself”. We tend to ignore what matters most importantly— which is your being — what are you feeding it? How are you absorbing energy, what energy are you feeling? And why are you letting it vibrate your energy? To them that is not the true matter of life. What life means to them is worshiping God only. But then again what is God? And why are some wishes, or dreams aren’t granted when depending and asking Him to manifest them in sight? Maybe God is in spirit of man.

Most of the time Man, doesn’t understand to make things happen unless praying for “it” to actually succeeding on it to happen, and most likely it doesnt happen. Well I personally believe that man can display any form of imagery in mind to sight if he or she believes that the power of a universal soul and the psyche is undesirable element of the human life, in so many ways that words can adjust. If we know but “overstand” this crituqe I personally believe that no humans shall suffer emotionally, spiritually, mentally and sometimes even physicallly. That’s why it is important to contemplate and think strategically, because everything on this earth will reveal itself if you would take the time and examine what’s missing in life and detach from your surroundings to enter a spiritual journey, and by this everything will display in ones mind that can be exhibit to reality. It won’t be easy if distraction is inserted into your life at all times. You understand life, but remember to overstand the confusion of unrevealed matters of life.
— MACswing

  • Male Scifi and Fantasy writers: Look at this !Strong! female character! She can fight and solve puzzles, and ends up with the sidekick not the hero! Isn't she a great character?
  • Everyone: No, she's one-dimensional and still only exists to please the hero's ego
  • Male scifi and fantasy writers: You're never happy! This is how characters are written! Besides, it's much harder for us to write women because we are men!
  • Terry Pratchett: *creates a female character who is literally the embodyment of a dog, sets her up to be the love interest of Protagonist Hero Man.* *writes her as clever, emotionally tortured, lonely and powerful* *uses her to explore difficulties of bisexuality and masculine dominated workforces*
  • Terry Pratchett: *Creates a pair of old witches, one of whom is a virgin and the other who has slept with lots of men.* *makes them best friends, never dismisses one lifestyle of the other, explains lifestyle choices based on characters history and personality, uses this to develop each character as the books progress*
  • Terry Pratchett: *Writes Sybil Rankin* *makes the powerful rich lady heavy set but beautiful, never plays her by her looks, develops her as she ages, acknowledges the way society views such people and then spits on their attitudes* *does it again with Agnes*
  • Terry Pratchett: *Writes a book about an entire army secretly being women, creates complex female relationships, introduces same sex relationships completely naturally*
  • Terry Pratchett: *takes old joke about female dwarves and uses it to explore gender identity without making it seem forced or unnatural, carefully discusses some of the issues and complextities whilst still making funny and witty observasions and maintaining genuine fantasy tropes*
Winged people.

-Okay but peple with wings. People having wings specific to different birds, people with owl wings able to gracefully fly without making a sound, people with air diving bird wings (eagles, hawks, buzzards) who can fall for long distances but not break any bones if they land correctly, people with water bird wings who have water proof ones which dry very quickly. 

-Society having sub groups among the subgroups each type of wings having stereotypes (eg. prey birds: Housewife/husband).

-Peoples wings become more colourful the more loved they feel.

-Wings that mimic their emotions many have learnt to keep them under control but some keep them tightly shut so they don’t seem obnoxious or knock everything over.

-People who dye their wings whether due to fashion trend or think their wings are boring.

-Laws in certain areas, like building sites and sky scrapers where you aren’t allowed to fly.

-Stress causing feathers to fall off.

-Everyone moults and gets a new and beautiful wingsthat stand out, this time of year is different for everyone.

-People with small wings wanting big fluffy ones, people with big fluffy ones veiwing their wings as clumsy and as a nuisance and wating smaller neat wings.

-A couple of people who beleive that certain wing types have certain personalities (like the zodiac but with wings) and devoting their lives to that belief. One example could be people with Robin wings are angry and arrogant.

-People with different sized lungs dependant on what altitude they can get to and how large their lungs are.

-Swimming with wings. Those who haven’t got water proof wings can buy a wax which makes them more sublime in the water.

-Wing competitions (like body building competitions and fashion competitions).

-Cameramen Kestrels (They can hover and stay in one place for a while kestrels are like helicopters)

-Little children wanting to fly but their wings aren’t big enough, usually you can learn to fly at 11-18 years of age. 

-Teenagers who have had growth spurts unable to fly for a while cos their wings aren’t able to grow fast enough.

-Some people being natrually better at building muscle, or find it easier to gain fat and then find it hard to lose it due to their wing type.

-Flying police, paramedics and fire fighters who are strong af as they have to carry their equipment and suits/uniforms sometimes even carry others.

-Flying pizza man.

-Flying amazon delivery man who delivers loads of small packages at once.


Sleepy Todoroki HC (part 2)

Okay but @destielhotfuss ‘s tags on the last post were so good !!!

  • So like eventually someone tells Aizawa that Todoroki”s asleep and hes like “someone wake him up” and they’re all like ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )
  • The class unanimously volunteers Midoriya and after Iida’s quick lecture on how he was chosen and its his duty to Todoroki and the class, he kinda pokes his arm a few times and whispers his name
  • A few other students come up and attempted to wake him up before Bakugou has had enough of their half-ass attempts and just “hey! wake up ice freak!” which pretty much does the job
  • Once they manage to wake him up hes in a daze and it takes him a while to grasp whats going on or where he is
  • Half asleep, he kinda just stares forward with his eyes half open. He mumbles something and everyone leans in and asks what he said and he repeat himself in this really soft, weak voice “m’ sleepy…”
  • THATS IT EVERYONE LOOSES THEIR GOD FORSAKEN MINDS like it dosnt matter which way you swing this boy is adorable and someone get him a pillow and blanket stat!
  • Meanwhile, Aizawa is at his desk like “who the eff is in charge here ??? cause it sure as hell isn’t me !!! sit your asses back down !!!” 

Part one of my series of pop culture dragons reimagined as bastard worms as they would be like in A King of Worms.

Saphira is one of the last dragons spawned from an extensive program in the United States to raise and breed dragons that are not only social, but bonded to humans. The people of the so called “dragon villages” weeped for the loss of a nearly century old practice and veiwed the ceasing of the practice as an affront of dragon/human relations. Everyone else however, did not see these relationships as equal in any way, and questioned the ethics of trying to “domesticate” a race of sapient chaos serpents.

Saphira is heavily bonded with her human Eric Gong, a teenager in the boonies who loves reading and general nerd shit. She could not imagine any other way of life, to the point that she is completely unaware that “wild” dragons are even a thing, believing that she is a dying species

Smaug was said to be the last great dragon of New Zealand. A lazy fuck, Smaug’s lair has been situated in the former New Zealand treasuries for decades, and does nothing but eat mutton and sleep, covering the nation’s former wealth and gold all over his his moist sweaty stomach. People no longer dare to enter his lair, for they are will be faced by Smaugs constant bragging and obnoxious personality. 

Having no competition on the island and no frame of reference of other dragons, he is unaware of the fact that he is incredibly unimpressive and small by dragon standards, so easily could he have his ass kicked i he lived anywhere else. To Smaug’s knowledge he is the best damn thing on the planet.

Elliot was a lonely dragon from a bad cave, running away from his once home and eventually stumbling upon a magical human boy named Pete who helps him. The other worms do not believe Elliot’s tall tale, magical human boys are a fairy tale that dont exist, but Elliot insists Pete is real but turns invisible when others are around. 


Warnings: Smut, Swearing

Request: could you please do an imagine where justin and y/n went for jog on the mountains in cali and when they reached to the top in a private space justin fucked y/n against some tree or whatever but a pap saw them and recorded it while y/n and justin never knew. and when y/n and justin are done fucking they went home and saw it on the media of fucking etccc.. you do the rest 😊 LOLOL IK THIS IS A STUPID IDEA😂😂😂

Its unedited so excuse any mistakes. And sorry for the wait, but im back Bitches!

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The padding and crunching of our feet atop the layers of gravel that littered the familiar trail, accompanied by the early morning birds singing a sweet melody was just as sweet as candy to a child. It was a sugar rush. 

But in compose to a sugar rush for a child, it was adrenaline rush for myself.

The sunlight seemed to dance during this early spring morning. To weave and frolic with tongues of fire between the blades of grass. This morning, the yellow light was calming. The suns rays diffused softly through the gray curtains of clouds with a shrouded light that never failed to illuminate. High up in the treetops, the leaves swayed, but on the ground, the grass was silent, limp and unmoving.

The hilltop approached fast, and with the last few steps completed, a large and triumphant breath was released through my dry and scratchy mouth, so desperate for a sip of water.

“That was a good run.” 

The voice was so sweet to my ears, but so sudden after the hour period of silent running. My eyes trailed towards the figure besides me with a smile, as I walked forward, snatching the bottle half full from his hands. 

“Yeah, for you.” I scoffed. “I was struggling half the time considering you hogged the water.”

Justin’s smirk was undeniably attractive, his sweaty physic only making the sight so much as a delicacy to look at.

“Thirsty much?” Justin commented sarcastically but the hint of lust was hard to miss.

“Only for you baby.” I replied with a wink before gulping down a large amount of the water bottle.

It was silent from then on out, the early morning breeze brushing past the both of us - whipping through the green blades and blossoming leaves around us.

Justin was the first to act upon our setting, stepping forward on top of the breezy mountain until the entire veiw of LA stood in front of him, me following close behind. 

A sigh of delight was forced from Justin, molding a cloud of smoke to appear, re-creating the once invisible air into a smoggy form. His eyes danced around the city with the glare of the sun reflecting against his orbs - leaving his eyes in a beautiful bright honey colour. 

He may not be beautiful to himself, but to me, he was just perfect

His once distracted eyes finally caught sight of mine, furrowing in at the eyebrows as his mouth morphed a form of questioning. “What?” He wandered. 

“Nothing.” I replied breathlessly, “Just reminding myself of all the reasons I fell in love with you.” 

“Oh yeah?” He smiled. “Well keep trying, you might be here a while.” 

The lack of self confidence in his tone had a frown settling across my face as I peered up the handsome boy in astonishment. “Well, It really isn’t that hard. All I had to do was stare at your eyes for a couple of seconds.” 

It was silent for only a second, before I stepped forward, my gaze fully meeting his as we turned to face each other. “You really are perfect to me. You know that?” 

“I’m not perfect, but I don’t find it hard to believe you find me perfect, cause I think your perfect aswell.” 

This had me smiling like an idiot as we both leaned forward, capturing each others lips in a smile set with love and passion, soon falling into one of love and need.

I don’t know if its just me, but recently, I’ve been needing Justin a lot more desperately then usual. It had to be something hormonal, but whatever it was, it was driving me crazy. 

The kiss came to an end, leaving my slightly chapped lips pleading for justin’s as the cold air rushed of the swelling aftermath of the kiss. A whimper so slight but noticeable involuntarily rumbling from my throat. I wanted him so bad, and all it took was a kiss. 

“I want you so bad.” It escaped as a whisper, appearing shaky and unstable, as if talking to loud would leave me trembling at the knees. 

His eyes widened at my tone, obviously slightly dumbfounded at my sudden change in mood.

“Woah. It’s like we haven’t had sex in months, you’re really desperate right now baby girl.” Justin commented, almost in worry.

His voice had me pooling in my panties. This was not natural - nor healthy. All the boy did was talk.

“I know.” I whimpered. “I think its my birth control pills. There making me hormonal. But baby - I need you.”

In this moment, I could of sworn a flash of some sort was seen, but after a quick glance around, nothing was seen, and I had just passed it up as a reflection from the many car mirrors to far for the eye to see.

Justin’s frown of worry fell into a smirk, his face lighting up with smug lust “Well, happy girls are the prettiest girls. And I’m gonna make you elated babygirl.” 

His words hadn’t even comprehended through my mind before my back had made contact with the nearest tree. His hands trailed throughout my entire body, ravaging the skin beneath my shirt slyly.

His hands left heat in its trail, even with the morning breeze. It was magic against me, magic that was too addicting to wait on. His lips began attacking the delicate skin by neck, nipping and sucking on the tender flesh by ear and down my collar bone. He knew all the places that had me weak in the knees, and once realising he effect he had on me, hoisted me into his arms, supporting my legs as I wrapped them around his waist.

One by one, our sweaty clothes had found there way to the floor, until we were both left in nothing but each others arms, grinding our hips against one another. 

My wetness had his dick hard and his hard had my pussy wet. It was a cycle influenced by one another. Never ending.

His teasing had me moaning under his gaze, eyes dark and pure with lust, as I imagined his now buzz cut once long, and how messy it would be right now from my fingers. I wish he hadn’t shaved it, but either way he was hot. Hot enough to have me begging on my knees after a simple kiss.

“Stop teasing and just fuck me already!” I hissed.

My hips grinded against his in hopes that he would notice how much I needed him. He hissed, and in a sudden second, he had tightened his grip on my thighs and pressed me harder against the tree. The bark scraped and scratched down my back, leaving me with a pleasurable pain. Was it weird I found this oddly sexy?

His nails dug in to the skin of my thigh, no doubt leaving marks for memories on either side of my legs as he leant forward to press his lips in the valley of my breasts, right atop my tattoo. His kisses trailed higher and higher until my lips were aligned with his own. 

My back arched a little towards him, leaving him with nothing but the contact of my skin and hardened nipples against him, the feeling leaving him groaning against me. Quickly, his eyes dashed around the area of the hiking trail, finding no one who found an interest at hiking this early in the morning before he attached his lips to my own, and slamming his unnaturally large dick inside me without warning. 

“We’re back from our hike!” Justin’s voice echoed throughout the marble flooring and crisp wall panels. The cluttering of keys being placed against the kitchen island bench, followed by the shuffling of shoes Justin and I had both removed from our feet as we entered the abnormally quiet house.

That’s when the noise began, the screeching and giggling of the two children I had come to love as my own emerging from the living room and towards the two of us. Jazzy made no hesitation to jump into Justin’s arms, as Jaxo stuck his hads out for me to pick him up, which I did graciously.

“Hey champ!” I smiled, tickling Jaxons stomach. 

Jaxon giggled, throwing his arms around my neck. “Hey Y/nic/N.”

It wasn’t until I glanced up that I spot Scooter sitting at the kitchen bench, his head in one hand and scrolling through a page on his macbook with the other. Pattie on the other hand stood in the kitchen, hand fumbling around with her lip as she slowly paced. Thats when I realised, 

Something was not right.

“Hey, are you alright?” I asked pattied, heading her way to run her back comfortingly.

Patties eyes flickered forward in recognition, as if just realising that I was here before a small smile played her lips, but not wide enough to reach her eyes. Sadly, the moment was short lived as her smile fell into one of sadness - or pity maybe? 

“Me? I’m fine. You? I think maybe you should sit down for a second.” 


“Both of you.” Scooter added, motioning towards the grand lounge.

Justin and I eyed each other suspiciously, both slowly making our way over towards the living room cautiously. Both Pattie and Scooter followed along, and once walking into the living room, found Jeremy seated on the single seater typing aggressively against his phone.

Carefully placing the two kids down, Justin I sat next to each other, eyeing the adult carefully as we waited an explanation. Scooter seemed scared, almost conflicted and choked up on what to say. Thats when I really knew this could not be good.

Scooter began, “Justin-…No….Y-Y/N…no. How do I say this? Well, guy’s-” 

“Look! The paps caught you guys having sex this morning!” Jeremy yelled out from the corner. I hadn’t even thought he was paying attention to anything happening around him until now.

“Jeremy!” Pattie hissed, glancing towards the children. 

“Wait…What?” Justin questioned, shock rippling through every word.

“Sorry Justin. But you were reckless and someone had caught you two. It’s all over TMZ.” Pattie sighed. 

Justin’s once calm gaze morphed into one of panic, his body leaving the couch aggresively yelling “FUCK!” Loud enough for the kids to jump back from there game of rock paper scissors beside me.

“Calm down sweetie.” Pattie begged. Her eyes showed a form of motherly worry, but also slight fear causing me to shoot up and jump to the rescue. 

My arms flew around Justins body in comfort, feeling his shoulders shake in rage. I noticed everyone else glance around the room, nodding amongst each other before all exiting, taking the kids along with them, leaving Justins and I with a few minutes of privacy. 

“Justin,” I whispered against his body. “I’m so sorry.” 

Guilt had flustered my body at this point, and Justin had seemed to notice that. his gaze jumping up to look at me with his eyebrows furrowed in slight worry on my behalf. 

“No babygirl don’t be. This isn’t your fault.”

“Yeah but If I hadn’t started it this wouldnt have happened.” My eyes had filled with tears at this point.  

Justin immediately pulled me towards him, my face crashing into his chest as he hugged my head towards him. “Hey, hey. Stop. This was just as much me as it was you. I should have been more careful but there’s nothing we can do now.”

“I just wish we could go back and fix things. God I hate how nosy people are!” 

“It’s okay baby girl. Hey look at me.” My eyes trailed to his, ones with hope and reassurance that everything would be alright in the end. “Listen to me, shit happens that’s just what comes with being apart of my life but we’ll get through this together. okay?” 

I stood staring at the beauty in front of me, amazed how he can make me feel so secure in a time of insecurity especially after finding out half the world has seen me naked at this point.”Okay.” I agreed. 

His arms pulled me tighter against his chest, voice soft.

“Good.” He responded. “And beside, I wouldn’t want to go back and change it even if we could. That Sex was bomb.” 

My hand met his chest, a small clap made at the impact. 

“Alright, sorry.” He chuckled. “But it’s still true.”

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  • What she says: I’m fine.
  • What she means: The new trailer obvisouly shows Keith in the Black lion but more importantly Lance was seen in the red lion which could mean he isn’t driving Blue anymore???? and we all know that Blue and Lance’s relationship was so freaking strong and Lance loves Blue and Blue loves Lance they literally bonded so what does this mean for Lance? I mean yeah he looked happy in the trailer but like??? we know that Lance is very self conscious so is this boosting his veiw on himself, or is this like taking a chunk of himself away??? does he volunteer to pilot red?? was this his decision to leave Blue?? or did someone make him leave Blue???? will he compare himself to Keith??? or are we thinking about this the wrong way and its just a one time switch?? how does Blue feel about all this???
Hey ToppKlass, have you seen/heard Get out of my way?

Because I hadn’t and I guess most of the fandom haven’t either because the only legit MV available is on an unofficial Youtube channel and has only 6,500 veiws.  

Why am I drawing attention to a random song that seems to have been swept under the rug by Stardom/HunusEnt?
Because it messed me up. It messed me up so bad I considered adding a trigger warning to this post.

How could these adorable dorks leave me sobbing in the fetal position?
Well, this song is an OST for a webcomic called Dokgo. 
It’s about a guy who’s twin brother is beaten to death by bullies. While rushing to the hospital, his father was hit by a car and died on impact. 3 months later, his mother disappeared and presumably committed suicide. 
Since they left their victim to die rather then witness his actual death, the bullies didn’t know that he died so the main character decides to take advantage of that fact and seek revenge under the guise of his dead twin.

Yup… It’s as horrific as it sounds and ToppDogg actually recorded a song for it. 

Here’s the thing though, I can’t find any information regarding this song! I don’t know who wrote and produced it and I can’t confirm everyone that recorded it. 
All 4 rappers feature in it and their verses definetly match their individual creative vibes which leads me to believe that at least those sections were written by the boys. 

‘Without flapping my wings even once
My dreams are crumbling down
I breathed so hard and ran
But now I can’t breathe anymore’

The chorus definetly features Gohn and Sangdo but I’m not sure about Hojoon. I THINK I recognize his voice in some places. 

‘Will you get out of the way?
Until I close my eyes
I can’t wake up from this pain, this nightmare
I’ll be lost in it forever’

The vocals… I don’t even know where begin. 
The rappers sounded incredible with such a deep sorrow behind every word like they were the main character themselves. Expressing sorrow, apathy and anger like it was a second language…
Even A-Tom whose tone is usually sassy and confident perfectly embodied the deep, emotional lyrics. Yano though… I thought Monster was his career highlight but this blows that out of the water. 

‘My heart has holes from the judging eyes
I tried to fix it with a tense battle
But now it doesn’t matter, I’m going my own way
I’m on my own and I’ll break down all the walls in front of me’

Gohn and Sangdo… The amount of emotion in their voices literally brought me to tears. I can’t even think of the words to describe how incredible they sound together during the chorus. Towards the end Gohn hits a high note that will send shivers down your spine. 
The only words I can think to describe their duet is devastatingly beautiful. 

‘I wanna protect the promises that I have to protect
These tears that can’t stop
This sadness will be my last’

I want to go into more detail about this song but I can’t. I can’t turn my emotions into words..I don’t know if it’s because of my own history of being bullied, my depression or my unceasing feeling of helplessness but I resonate with this song on a deep, emotional level. 
These lyrics have been burned into my mind and as much as they hurt, I don’t regret seeking them out. In fact, I want as many people as possible to hear this song and read these lyrics.
I want people to know who these boys truly are. What they’re truly capable of. This song is a masterpiece and I can’t stand seeing it fade into obscurity. 

The main MV is a semi animated version of the webcomic and it is absolutely beautiful but there are no captions. However, I highly suggest you listen too the song without understanding it first. 

Here is a version with perfect Han/Rom/Eng subtitles. 

Please remember that this song basically revolves around depression and suicide. If you’re currently in a bad place, bookmark the MV and comeback to it when you’re in a better mindset. 

Our boys truly are incredible.