• how asexuals view themselves: humans who can actually date people because asexual does not always equal aromantic
  • how tumblr views asexuals: mythical dragons that have no romance in their lives and live alone while eating pizza uvu uvu uvu uvu

Hey there, Dean, this is little brother Sammy.
I know Cas is back and you’re already busy with the starring yet again
and still you say he’s just a friend
Dean, don’t pretend
Hey there, Dean, when you tend to Cas’s wounds
I feel just a bit uncomfortable. That’s why I left the room, left you alone
Tried to provide a stepping stone
But still you won’t…
Oh, just kiss Cas already
Oh the tensions killing me
Oh just kiss Cas already
Oh just kiss him, will you Dean?
Don’t be a sissy, Dean.
Hey there, Castiel, I know this year’s been pretty rough
with Purgatory and Naomi’s work I’m sure you’ve had enough
But now you’re free
Maybe even free to be with Dean
If you know what I mean.
Hey there, Castiel, I know that since you’re from above
You’ve probly never quite understood
what it means to be in love, so I’ll explain
It’s joy and fear and sacrifice and pain
But it’s not in vain
Oh, you’re in love with Dean
Oh, I hope you finally see
Oh, you’re in love with Dean
Oh, you’re the one he needs
Every time you leave or disappear
He’s constantly consumed by fear
You don’t know how much he wants you to stay
And Dean I’m getting sick of this
I know you hate chick flick moments
But hiding how you feel isn’t the way
It’s more than just a profound bond
What you two share is pure and strong
And you are all that’s standing in the way
You’re both to blame
So Dean and Castiel I guess I’ll be heading out
You’ll need the privacy to talk and move some furniture around
And Cas feel free
To show the pizza man to Dean
Ya know he calls the Impala baby
That kinda makes you a babysitter, Dean
Okay, okay, I’ll leave…
Oh, it’s finally happening
Oh, can’t wait to tell Charlie
Oh it’s finally happening
Oh maybe for once they’ll be
They’ll get to be happy.

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