“Bearfowl” are beasts with many names, names such as “bearcocks”, “beartits”, and “wangers”. Along with raptors, bearfowl remain one of the most widespread groups of terrestrial predatory “birds” in the world, 16 species found on every continent except Oceania and Antarctica.

Bearfowl are an iconic symbol throughout the world (even in our own), and play both villainous and heroic roles in myth. The Oco often poetically call them as the King of Birds, the Vollark see them as shepherds of the untameable horned beasts, while the Merics veiw them as nothing but nasty predators.

While most are completely carnivorus a handful of species consume plant matter regularly. One species, the Cloud Bearcock, is nearly entirely a herbivore. Beloved for their cute and colorful appearance, the cloud bearcock has become the face of the modern conservation, which despite the years of money and research put into them they seem impossible to concerve due to their lack of interest in sex and diet solely consisting of highly unnutritious plants.



Here is the official 4 Walls music video! Please watch it as much as possible and share it as much as possible! Let’s boost their veiws as much as we can to help f(x) thrive during these bad times! 


Well I spent 3 hours figuring out how to record Amy’s snapchat(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Now the brief yet beautiful trixya moments can be veiwed in the archives for the rest of eternity. Don’t say I never did anything for y’all ;D


Of all sapient dinosaur species of The Aviary. the Daws are both the smallest and most populous. Despite their ridiculously strong resemblance to crows, Daws are not true corvids as we know them, and evolved independently.

Dawish culture has become imfamous for its strong taboos against anything to do with sex, as well as their seemingly lack of concept of “gender”  as we veiw it. Daws have no secondary sex characteristics and very little sexual dimorphism, their languages tend to lack any equivalent to genderned pronouns. Discussing one’s physical sex is very taboo, they only have very blunt unpleasant terms  to describe it such as “egg layer” and “seed maker”. As such dating is quite an ordeal for them, filled with long conversations of just heavily layered metaphors and euphemisms to try and express their interest in someone. “Flirting” tends to last for years before  an official hookup, after which most Daw partnerships last for life.

Daws don’t have much in the ways of physical strength or proper hands, so building infrastructure and technology has long been a difficult task. The most lavish of old Dawish kingdoms were built on forced labor of larger species, biting off toes and threatening to eat their eyes if they don’t build them a city. Even to this day Daws are often seen as manipulative silvertongued pests.

I love astronomy class when the teacher actually stays on top of science community and what is found out.

Like until this week I thought Jupiter was just another planet. But it turns out to be almost a failed star called “brown dwarves”. Which makes so much sense to me since a single star system is extremely rare compared to the binary star systems.

It’s really cool because Jupiter tried to become such a beautiful glowing object but couldn’t get enough matter and enough density to spark so it stayed something we veiw as remarkable and beautiful anyway.

So basically, even if you don’t become the largest thing, there are so many people who will see how far you got and be impressed just by that.