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Rejoice my fellow Sevamp lovers! I have been asked a couple of times for this and I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages and even the mentions in the tags where you guys liked the translations I was able to provide.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿Thank you for being patient and also being the most awesome fandom! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Wow…I can’t believe I managed to translate all the OVAs. At first I never thought that I would actually start on translating these, I mean, I was sure that a famous subbing group will pick them up. I wasn’t confident to translate them but I did my best,  not everything went well because I’m still not so advanced at Japanese and everything that I did required a lot of dictionary look up and searching references in sentences (When it comes to slang or short forms I’m not good at them…Audio material is also much tougher to translate…)
But all in all, I learned new phrases along the way :D
This OVA in particular was the most challenging of them all, so please, if you have time, look at my translation notes and comments :)


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papermoon262  asked:

all the otp asks for Julian x Sam <3

Who in your OTP is the serial butt-slapper and who is constantly getting their beautiful butt slapped? 

I really feel like this is something Sam would do to Julian because she’s such a butt girl. Julian loves it ;)

Who wants to be immortal and who wants to die before they’re old?

Well… Sam’s, technically, immortal because of her connection to Xian and the witches who have control of her. How she views her immortality can’t be narrowed down to “it’s great, I get to live ‘forever’” or “it sucks, I get to live ‘forever’” because it’s not as black and white as that, especially because of the history behind her immortality. So I do think she will accept it, eventually, but she will never be happy with it. There are things in her life that would make her want to die young. In canon, that doesn’t happen. When Sam realizes that, she gets emotional and pulls Julian aside and is like, “promise you won’t go before me” because she doesn’t want to have to say bye to him again :c

Julian isn’t immortal, because of how immortality is defined in COTN, but he’ll live a long time due to the slow aging as a werewolf. He definitely wants to grow old, as cheesy as this sounds, with the person he loves. He’s waited a very long time to finally be with Sam. Also, he spent a good portion of his life hating himself, he wasn’t the person he wanted to be, he had to deal with his addiction, then his transformation. Julian would want to earn that time back now that he’s bettered himself and stopped fearing his supernatural side. 

Who smokes and who pulls the cigarette from between their lips every time they try to light one?

They both smoke. But I do see Sam stealing Julian’s cigarette to smoke it herself. Or Julian would takes it from her to be a shithead before kissing her instead. 

Who always has cold hands and who is always warming them up for them?

When Sam comes back to life, her hands are always frigid and cold; it takes an hour before she can get the color back into her cheeks. They have this routine where Julian warms up her hands, plants kisses on her knuckles and up her arms because he knows she’s ticklish sensitive there, to get her to crack a smile or a giggle. It’s this unspoken gesture where he’s like “I love you. I’m here. You’ve got me, you’ll always have me.” (*sings* GIRL, I’LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOUUUUUUUU I HAVE NO SHAMEEEEEEEEE)

Who plays candy crush in important meetings and who elbows them in the ribs to make them pay attention?

Sam’s more attentive when it comes to important matters, like if she’s at a Council meeting. If they’re discussing something she’s already aware of, she hides her phone under the table and plays away. Julian isn’t invited to those  meetings, though. He’d be too intimidated by the council members (legit the most powerful supernatural beings in the realm) to touch his phone lol

Who can fall asleep anywhere (and does) and who has to put them to bed?

Sam can sleep anywhere, mostly because she didn’t get to pick and choose growing up. She spent her childhood and teenage years sleeping in different places, like the park, the library at school, the backseat of a car, a friends house, his dad’s fucktoys house or her dad’s friends house, etc. A lot of the time, she wasn’t sure where she’d end up sleeping next. Now, she just winds up sleeping on a chair, floor, or couch reading and Julian has to carry her to bed. Julian is very much used to getting trashed and waking up in the strangest places. 

Who is the genius procrastinator who wings every test but still comes away with straight As, and who takes preparation and conscientious work very seriously?

Sam’s both, depending on the subject. In high school, she worked a lot and if she was already familiar with the material taught in class, she’d just show up and ace the tests. It’d piss off a lot of the teachers. Julian PANICS when it comes to tests because he has test anxiety. He knows it he tries his best to prepare. Even if he knows the material, he ends up blanking sometimes, so fuck tests :/ 

Who takes their coffee black and who likes it with milk and two sugars, getting called a pussy by Person A?

Sam takes his coffee black, Julian takes it with sugar and cream. They don’t really make fun of eachother for it. Julian recognizes Sam’s love for coffee and always has it ready for her to start her day right. 

Who initially seems shady but turns out to be a cinnamon bun, and who initially seems like a cinnamon bun but turns out to be shady?

Julian is shady but can be a cinnamon bun at times. Honestly if someone called Sam a cinnamon bun (just don’t, son, she can kill you), she’d punch them in the throat, thinking it’s an insult on her height or something. They’re both sinnamon buns tbh.

Who moans and talks with their mouth full whenever they eat good food, and who tells them to stfu but can’t help laughing?

Omg Julian makes the most inappropriate sounds when he eats pizza. He just loves pizza ok!!! He continues and moans louder the more Sam tells him to stop.

Who gives the bear hugs and who is always sidling up to them and snaking their arms around their waist?

JULIAN GIVES THE BEST FUCKING HUGS EVER!!! He doesn’t believe in half-ass side hugs because like, what is that shit? Bear hugs only. He’ll sweep her off her feet, spin her around and give her so much affection. Julian’s super affectionate w her :’) Sam fucking loves his hugs so much, she loves being held so close to him, finding solace in his arms.

Who still buys juice boxes and fruit snacks to put in their lunch?

They both buy juice boxes and fruit snacks to keep them at their place when they have to babysit Kitty, Julian’s little sister. She loves the Monster Inc shaped fruit snacks, in particular. Who doesn’t? They’d be watching movies and have a bowl with just different types of fruit snacks mixed together. 

Who packs the other’s lunch and who repays them in sexual favours?

Julian packs her lunches for work and Sam will gladly repay him in sexual favours ;)

Who leaves notes in the other’s lunch and who tells them they’re dumb (but secretly has a collection of every note Person A has ever written them)?

Well, since Julian packs the lunches, he writes cute love notes and leaves them in her bag. Sam pretends is so cheesy and stupid, but he knows she loves them because she can’t stop smiling. She saves all of them and reads over them on several occasions.

 Who unconsciously holds their breath the first time they kiss, and who pulls back and says, “Breathe…”?

Oh gosh, there’s this quote that made me think of this and I wish I could find it. But I definitely see Julian being like “shit, I think I can’t breathe” after their first real kiss. Sam’s totally enamored by him, out of breath herself, and has reminding him to breathe again. 

Who gets arrested for a petty crime they committed by accident and who bails them out?

You know Julian’s going to get fucking arrested for something dumb, he was probs w the guys. It’s the middle of the night or something and Sam has to march all the way to the station in her pink kitty pajamas pants and a sweatshirt, doesn’t really give a shit about wearing a bra at that point, to bail his ass out. (Lei is probs there too, so she has to bail him out as well -__-)

Who grabs the other’s hand just as they’re getting out of bed and pulls them back under for cuddles?

Both of them would do this! Sam’s a secret cuddler and would drag Julian back into bed, nothing wanting him to leave, for more cuddles ^_^

Who gets mad about something unrelated to Person B and punches the wall, and who patches it up and kisses it better?

Sam’s quick-tempered and prone to violence, she’d  punch through a wall on occasions. She doesn’t like to be coddled when she’s angry and pretend her hand doesn’t hurt, but Julian knows her cues and has to patch her up. It’s much more difficult to upset Julian, he laughs at insults and just doesn’t take them seriously. When it’s something major, depending on what it is, he internalizes and drifts into himself (totally un-Julian like) or reacts unexpectedly. Sam insists on looking at the wound, even if it’s started healing already.  

Who has the plain black phone case and who ordered one with cat ears off ebay?

SAM WOULD BUY THE PHONE W CAT EARS OFF EBAY 110%. She just loves cats, man. How can she NOT have a phone case of one? I don’t see Julian having a plain black phone case though, so he’d have something custom. 

Who likes to drive with the music blaring and who is too shy to sing along?

Julian likes to drive with his music super loud. They both sing to the songs he plays, even if she’s super off-key. Julian isn’t a shy person, ever. Neither is Sam, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously when she’s around him and isn’t afraid to be silly because she knows he won’t judge her. She just feels light when she’s around him :3

Who’s the fantastic kisser and who has the beautiful eyes? 

BOTH! They’re both phenomenal kissers ;) Sam would argue Julian has the prettiest eyes, there’s so much he can communicate through them, but Julian’s obsessed with the hues in hers and could stare at her eyes all day.

 Who has the sunshine smile and who has the seductive gaze?

Julian’s a natural charmer with a panty-dropping smolder, he knows when to use it. Sam can do both. She’s mastered in the art of seduction and though she doesn’t smile often around others, when she does, she has this radiant smile that could light up your entire world. 

Who gets offended by the intensity of the other’s crush on a celebrity?

Julian…. because he’s Julian. He wants all the attention, so he’ll be a little jelly. 

Who is embarrassed that they have to wear glasses sometimes and who wants them to wear them in bed?

Neither wear glasses. Julian has 20/20 vision as a werewolf. But I imagine in AU, Sam has to wear glasses and he’d love the sexy librarian look she’d have going on.

Who cheats on the other then immediately begs for their forgiveness?

Omfg neither!!! Sam doesn’t open her heart to anyone, like… ever. She can be open and vulnerable with Julian because she knows he’s not going to take her for granted or hurt her. Julian’s totally in love with her, Sam’s the only girl he’d want to be with and wouldn’t do something like that. They just trust and respect each other and wouldn’t cheat.

 Who is the jealous one and asks why the other was being so flirty all night, and who is oblivious to their own charms?

It depends on the situation. Julian’s charming as hell, sometimes he doesn’t intend to be. It’s just part of his personality. Between the two of them, he’s also the more jealous one >.>

Who orders a milkshake with their food and who orders a soda?

Whenever they go to their fave diner, they order a strawberry milkshake, her fave, for them to share together :3 

Who runs their battery down to 1% and who feels the need to charge theirs at 80%?

Let’s be real… they both get down to 1% and keep using their phones until it powers off. 

Who has the excellent singing voice and is always singing around the house (and for Person B), but has no interest in going professional?

Well, Julian’s fam is music-oriented because of Nico as a part-time musician and his momma (stepmom, but he chooses her as his mom) Monica who loves to sing. Julian’s a beautiful singer, he likes karaoke on occasions, but he’s not interested or passionate about singing like his parents are. 

Who would rather be barefoot if the setting is appropriate, and who has the huge and spectacular shoe collection (possibly also socks)?

Sam LOVES her boots, she has an entire closet filled with just her boots –even though they’re all black and look the same to anyone else. THEY’RE NOT GUYS! Julian keeps losing his shoes, even when he hasn’t shifting. He might as well stay barefoot.

Who takes their liquor on the rocks and who likes it neat?

They both like it neat. Although, after his transformation, Julian’s body doesn’t react to alcohol unless it’s magically infused.

things i love about each bts member

jimin: the little front tooth that slants away from the rest, his smol hands (peeking out of sweaters!), tiny ears, the way he laughs with his whole body, his cuddly nature, turning from little kid to sex god in a snap, fingers carding through his hair, feet unconsciously positioned in that ballet dancer style, his high notes!!!, unconscious aegyo, how much he cares for all the members

yoongi: the way he curls up into a ball because of secondhand embarrassment, silky fringe flips, lower lip bites, the noise he makes at the back of his throat in his vlogs, that smug smile-slash-shrug combi when he’s possessed by min suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong, milky skin that freaking glows, trying to act aloof but failing, hand veins omg, gummy smile

hoseok: that funny noise of amusement he makes, hip thrusts, his forehead omg, looking boyfriend material in his casual wear, being scared by everything, when he speaks english, gorgeous thighs when he wears shorts, his sunshine smile, dancing to girl group songs, also that sound he makes when he does aegyo and pouts

namjoon: that silly closed-lip smile where his eyes turn squinty, model proportions, his song recommendations, random deep philosophical thinkings, clumsily tripping over/destroying everything, dimples dimples dimples, his english-speaking accent, when he wears chokers, his ryan obsession, egg-face selfies, d a n c e m o n (and also the look of regret after)

taehyung: his boxy smile, that soulful voice, when he drops everything to play with kids and dogs, cuddling everybody, how much he adores cyphers, essentially being that free spirit, but also how deep and thoughtful he can get, his love for strawberries,  making everything he wears look good, how much he adores his family, elephant moles

jin: his appetite and that look on his face when he eats something delicious, his beautiful laugh, his traffic dance, shoulders!!!, being that naggy mom, his cover of ‘mom’ too, his love for pink, his self-love and self-confidence, his fingers (exact replica of mine!!), kissable plump lips, his blond hair era slays, how nice he is especially to his university friends and teachers, maknae-like personality

jungkook: bunny teeth, the way his smile shifts to the side when he speaks, being big bang trash, living embodiment of a meme, his baggy jeans-white shirt -timberlands combi, talented lil shit, his drawing of bang pd lol, thighs omg, being shy around girls but also being smooth af with flirting, his scar, the fact that he’s not scared by anything really, love for lamb skewers