veins of the forest

The way we see the world shapes the way we treat it. If a mountain is a deity, not a pile of ore; if a river is one of the veins of the land, not potential irrigation water; if a forest is a sacred grove, not timber; if other species are biological kin, not resources; or if the planet is our mother, not an opportunity - then we will treat each other with greater respect. Thus is the challenge, to look at the world from a different perspective.
—  David Suzuki

The Owl Hears The Woman, And Answers

The window of my grandparents’

smallest bedroom is cracked open

like my back tooth.

I lie in a bed I inhabit for only a few nights a year,

focused on nothing but my breathing.

I count haiku breaths,

inhale, hold, exhale, repeat

until I am calm.

Tears all but roll down my cheeks - my

heart weighing heavy with the cruel words

of short sightedness and the shot glances

of disappointment, and I’ve no shot glasses

to drown my sorrows with.

Not far off, an owl hoots in the midnight

and I am the only one awake

to hear it.

I listen to its words of wisdom: it says

“You know more than some ever will. You

have seen things beyond imagination’s eye.

You do not know all, for none yet living

truly can know all, but

you are wise. Remember that the wisest

of us need no telling that we possess wisdom; we

just know it.”

And it falls silent. The Knowledge

and the Wisdom

are tangible things: the Knowledge can only bend

and break whilst the Wisdom flows. The Knowledge

is rigid like the pages of the books that hold them

and the Wisdom, fluid like the water that flows through us;

our brains are libraries,

and our veins are rivers.

I hear no wingbeats rise

from the forest but I feel the wind grasping

at the curtains.

It claws at the open window, begging for warmth.

It’s cold. So I breathe.

Inhale, hold, exhale, repeat

until I am calm.

When Ginny kisses Luna she feels like she’s drifting through space, passing galaxies, at one with the stars. She breathes in her scent of lavender and vanilla, every moment filled with Luna and her infinite soul.

When Luna kisses Ginny, she feels like she has become a radiant sunset, full of warmth and fire, echoing through waves of sun and sky. Ginny fills Luna’s breaths with cinnamon and honeysuckle and a forest fire flows through her veins

I wanted to unfurl my toes for a little while. I wanted silence, isolation and an invitation to exhale life’s complications. I heard nature’s melody and I harmonised with every single note. I needed the trees, their colours, and the sounds of wildlife breathing. I inhaled the essence of the forest and smiled as life coursed through my veins.
—  Amelia Dashwood
The Same Side of the Coin

Requested by Anon

Summary: “The reader is someone from Merlin’s past, and he comes across her fighting off an evil Druid. Once the Druid turns on Merlin, he realizes who the reader is, and just how powerful of a Sorceress she’s become. After the Druid flees, Merlin asks if the reader is who he thinks she is, which of course she is. Some fluffy campfire side magic and kisses happen, where Merlin learns where the reader had been. He invites her back to Camelot with him.”

Warnings: Borderline smut

A/N: Sorry for so much of a delay, but I’ve come down with a serious case of writer’s block. I didn’t want to post this one until I had at least started the next request, but, eh, here it is anyway.

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once i pricked my finger on a thorn and fell into a deep slumber
for a hundred years. when i woke up, i was the wicked witch
of the west and all my skin was GREEN - you must know elphaba
had chlorophyll in her veins. i ran to the forests where i found that
the leaves turned to me like i was the sun and i sprouted vines.

reduce, reuse, recycle, and so it was with my body, built up
in old bronze and brass and broken down in pieces for fixing.
because i needed to be corrected, because the world around me
had changed me too much, and all my beautiful shine had
mottled GREEN.

—  excerpt from femininity in colors || green || e.l.

Ginny x Luna // K I S S I N G A E S T H E T I C

When Ginny kisses Luna she feels like she’s drifting through space, passing galaxies, at one with the stars. She breathes in her scent of lavender and vanilla, every moment filled with Luna and her infinite soul

When Luna kisses Ginny she feels like she has become a radiant sunset, full of warmth and fire, echoing through waves of sun and sky. Ginny fills Luna’s breaths with cinnamon and honeysuckle and a forest fire flows through her veins

the signs as dragons

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aries: a giant worm dragon that can tunnel underground. its teeth and eyes are sharp with giant spikes running down its back. they’re very muscular and feared by all, but make great leaders if they decide to live in a herd. they also have thick armour that is coloured very dark colours including maroon, dark rusty brown and black and eyes that burn magma red. they have an endless supply of fire, and live inside volcanos and bathes in molten rock. these dragons are not friendly to humans, and will attack regardless if they are armed or not, and their thick jaws filled with dozens of teeth similar to a sharks jaw are their main weapon. although these dragons are dangerous to those outside of its species, they are very compassionate and protecting of their own and that can sometimes be overlooked.

taurus: these four-legged dragons are constructed from the forest, their skin made from bark and wood itself, with a crest behind their heads made from wood that is sprouting tiny green plants and a mane made from moss. their jaws are long and quite thick, and they are gentle and peaceful creatures that look after the forest which they live. In fact, they sleep coiled around the trunk of the mother tree. this dragons tail is long with four spikes at the tip, and four legs with short but sharp talons. their eyes shine emerald green. this dragon is also known to collect pieces of silver made from humans, which it sleeps with and protects.

gemini: wyvern dragons have strong wings instead of forearms, two back legs, a long neck and a long tail all to help with effortless flight. they are very knowledgable of the magnificent world around them, as they live on mountains above the clouds. these dragons may choose to live with others in these cold winter mountains, or they may live in small herds. these dragons are grey and silver with beautiful large light blue eyes like the sky in the summer but with hints of storm clouds and intelligence. their wings are twice the size of their bodies, and are made of scales and white and gold feathers, as are the tips of their tails. these dragons wings are fitted with three talons at the top as well as four on the back legs that grip mountainsides and prey, and then two long horns on their heads that face backwards. they are strong and adventurous, but also careful dragons and appreciate unexpected surprises.

cancer: these dragons have long slender bodies and a head with large eyes. they have long, webbed spikes going town their backs and four legs that end with finned claws, as well as a long slim tail with spiked fins on either side and a large fin on the end. these dragons are opal coloured and reflect many colours, but mostly blue to blend in with their underwater surroundings. their eyes are large, crystalline and all shades of blue, grey and green and tell a thousand stories. these dragons live in the vast, deep oceans in large groups as they power through the water and move like dolphins. several times in a decade, the mothers will lay eggs on the shores of beaches in the moonlight, and return when three hatch. these dragons are very nurturing and kind and protect these children at all costs. they are calm and peaceful most of the time, but can be agile, fierce and stealthy killers when needed, killing with their fangs and ram-like grey horns.

leo: these dragonet dragons are built for fast flight and dominant fighting. these dragons scales are made from tiger eye with bands of gold and red, and you can see its muscles shifting under its scales. the membrane in its large, strong wings are thick and difficult to tear, and it has sharp claws and two large horns on its head. their eyes are like the fire they breath, like the warm fire in the winter or the flames of the burning homes with a slit in the centre. these fire dragons are just what you’d expect to see in fairy tails, and live in caves at the base of mountains. they are fierce fighters with large claws, horns, strong wings, sharp teeth, strong crystal armour and spiked tails. over their life, they only ever choose one lover and are loyal to them for life. they also make great leaders and are magnificent to look at. the comforting smell of smoke always surrounds them, as it is constantly drifting through they’re nostrils.

virgo: these dragons are small compared to others, but that doesn’t make them any less admirable. these are forest dragons that have the colours of deep green on their backs that gradually changes to light green, yellow and white as it reaches the underbelly. a mane of silver and gold feathers and hair sits behind its head. these dragon have three short but sharp horns. two sit at the back of its head and one on its nose. they also have talons and a very long tail that is feathered at the end. their slitted eyes are the colour of the sun, and these dragons also spit acid instead of fire through their narrow jaws and are immune to all toxins, venoms and poisons. they are known to live in crystal caves to protect their crystals, treasures, memories and even possible eggs. the wings on these dragons have a see through yellow membrane where all the veins are visible. these dragons live peacefully with nymphs and dryads of the forests, and are peaceful and make fair leaders.

libra: these dragonets are known for their huge antlers that may have trinkets hanging from them, but they are always balanced and a crest behind these antlers. these dragons have muscular tails, shoulders and legs and a stomach that goes upwards, similar to a greyhounds figure. their armour is thick and coloured different shades of silver, grey and dark lilac, similar to moonstone, and their eyes are crystalline and the colour of amethyst. these beings live in landscapes near beautiful natural structures, such as waterfalls and mountains. their thick, silver wings are known to carry them great distances in any direction in search of treasures and maybe even other dragons. these dragons have a great knowledge of natural structures, and are very harmonious with other beings and can easily reconcile with them.

scorpio: these dragons live very deep underwater, and are black and navy blue to blend in with the environment around them. their tails are long and fitted with numerous spikes throughout and they have long talons as well as backwards facing horns and spikes. they also have thick, narrow jaws filled with sharp teeth to snag underwater prey inside of a large head. its eyes are yellow with a black slit and two eyelids. these dragons move through the water by tucking their two legs into their bodies and power through the water with their tails, but another method is by using their webbed hands. these dragons are very rare, but are known to be a symbol of death. in reality, they are loyal to the one partner they choose and raise one egg in underwater caves and canyons. they are known to have very good intuition and can be sensitive to changes in their environment. these beings can also be deadly killers when needed, and kill with their poisonous bite and tail.

sagittarius: these wyvern fire dragons have wings sharp enough to cut through trees along with talons as long as their thick, narrow jaws. these dragons also have the ability to set themselves alight without damage, and can shoot two columns of flames from their jaws. their tails and necks are covered in spines, and their eyes are the colour of carnelian and have a slit through the middle. along with being deadly fire dragons, they are also very adventurous and quite friendly and open minded. this is why these it is common for these dragons to aid humans and go on adventures with them through the canyons they live in, as well as around the world. they are known to smell of metal and smoke.

capricorn: amphiptere dragons have long and slender bodies and necks, but no legs. instead these dragons have enormous wings and long, scaly tails to grip onto mountains they seek to land on. they are commonly golden and shine like the sun, with a mane of feathers and two large backwards facing horns. their faces are narrow, but their eyes are sharp and crystalline with the pattern of dalmatian quartz. their wings are golden with a clear membrane and feathers. these creatures live in large herds and are ambitious and seek to explore the world. they also choose to live wherever they please, from mountains to forests to deserts.

aquarius: these chinese dragons can be any colour, as their scales frequently change as they grow. these dragons are long and have very visible scales and whiskers, and can fly without wings and breath balls of fire. these dragons are very knowledgable of everything, including nature and humanity. these dragons live in the mountains in solitary or in herds, and are seen as auspicious beings by humanity. these dragons are known to help humanity with their inventiveness, or even adventure with them. their minds are forever learning, and they can are rebellious and free. they may also collect trinkets, and their eyes are crystalline and hold the universe.

pisces: these water dragons have translucent fins instead of legs and long tails for speed and agility in the water. they may look harmless, but their long, narrow mouth holds an array of pointy teeth and sharp webbed spines travel from between their eyes and down their backs. a set of gills sits on the jawline of the beast. they are light blue with bands of lilac and navy travelling from their spines to their under bellies to aid with camouflage among their coral homes. they are very close to their homes and its inhabitants,but constantly adventure out to see the vast oceans. do not interpret its kindness for weakness, as they are agile hunters and protect their young and their herd to the death.


Living is the scariest thing that I
Have ever done. And I want to stop it.
Where is my poison when I need him?
I need something bad to end my misery
No pills, no drinks, no weapons of sorts
I want to be murdered, not Sylvia Plath’d
I need a man to do the job, to wreck me right
A hit man who will do it for free
Where is my poison?  My phone is not ringing
Not received one text since New Year’s

Let me grow a garden, with a bunch of sprouts
Let it become a forest, and suck the poison
Out from my veins and my mind. I like
The winds because I feel like I’m dreaming
Which is a contrast to feeling alive
Where oh where is my satyr
My dearest creature, you are still
Wounded from the battle of the Mind and Heart
Not even your horn can calm the fires
Please come back to me, I shall be your refuge

Poison poison dial that number for poison
No one is picking up
I guess I shall kill myself by living