نظرةٌ للغوايةِ كافيةٌ لافتتاحِ القلوبِ وريداً وريدْ !

- جاسم محمد الصحيح.

A bewitching stare is enough to rip my heart out vein by vein .

I drew so much my hand hurts

Like, really, i’m drawing 24 hours per day, even when i’m on the bathroom (probably when im sleeping too). On papers, on the walls, on people’s faces and on the bus, literally everywhere, everytime, i think i have an obcession

And i think my hand is just tired, because i cant hold the pencil

But do you think im gonna stop

u wrong bc i wont

I’m almost 100% sure that Ryan is straight up following the ‘skinny guy’s guide to looking bulkier’.

Step 1: Raise your trousers waist a little.

Step 2: Tuck your top in.

Step 3: Add a belt.

Step 4: Roll up tshirt’ sleeves to create the illusion of more muscle.

Step 5: Hands in pockets at all times.

And I think it’s super adorable!!

quick story my great grandma worked at nasa and she used to take my mom with her when she went to work and my mom would kinda just like wander around the nasa complex bc she was bored and apparently they had a lot of the old probes and shuttles kinda sitting around the lawn as memorials to Man’s Triumph but none of them were closed so my mom wld climb into like apollo 12 and press all the buttons and shit and someday theyre gonna open those things back up & be like why is everything fucked up in here and my moms gonna have to come forward and say sorry but what the fuck is an eight year old supposed to do at nasa all day