vein drawing


Protection Charm (In a Locket)

To ward off off negative emotions and to help create a barrier 🕯🍃🌑

- 1 medium sized locket
- Lavender essential oil (happiness, love, peace, protection, purification)
- Tea Tree essential oil (Strength)
- Rose Petals (love, beauty, calm)
- Mint (energy, alertness, healing)
- Rosemary (memory, clarity, vitality,)
- Piece of paper and pen
- Small spoon
- Mortar and Pestle, Cauldron, or bowl

1. Begin by lighting any alter candles or incense you might want to add.
2. Ground yourself and feel the energy begin to flow through your veins.
3. Draw out your sigil on a piece of paper for your barrier (you’re welcome to use mine above).
4. Tear out paper and fold small enough to fit into locket.
5. Add a pinch of each herb to cauldron, bowl, or mortar.
6. Add one drop of each essential oil.
7. Mix and grind together with pestle or spoon.
8. When finished mixing, take your spoon and scoop up enough oil soaked herbs that will fit into your locket.
9. Seal with a kiss 💋While doing so, envision an orb of light coming from your locket and growing to surround your body.

And you’re finished! Blow out your candles to symbolize the end of your process 🕯

I hope this keeps you all safe 💕 Sometimes we just need a little space to ourselves! This spell is straight out of my own grimoire so please message me results! I’d love feedback ☺


Image descriptions in the captions.

This is why I pay Adobe $30 a month for Photoshop. 

Pretty much all of these puns were made by the amazing @ace-pergers-pigeon. All of the art is by @disasterscenario, with the hopefully obvious exception of Miasma, which was drawn by me. (Why yes, I do go to art school. Glad you noticed the years of training  that went into that painting.) 

BTW if you want to print these out and give them to people for some reason, if you click on them to enlarge the original files are 4x6 at 300 dpi for your high quality low-res printing pleasure. 

The wild Monterey Bay flows through our veins. Our intake pumps draw in almost 2,000 gallons of seawater per minute into the Aquarium, complete with the microscopic larvae and spores of invertebrates and algae that come to inhabit our exhibits. 

Our intake screens are located about 60 feet underwater, just after the edge of the kelp forest. Like anything solid down there, animals and algae are growing on the pipes, including these Metridium plumose anemones! Two yellow buoys mark the pipes’ location, you can see them from the back deck.

What’s inside, is outside.

//A sketch request I did for a kid at school today. I’m not a huge fan of the last Fight Nights at Freddy’s games, although I really liked the first one. Regardless, here is Funtime Freddy, sketched in a little over 20 minutes!

//Reminding everybody that the cast of my comic, In Our Veins, are open for questions here! I’m currently working on a set of answers on my laptop back home, but the lack of internet there hinders me. They should be up sometime next week!


Wow fanart that isn’t a doodle for once? Must be the sign of the Apocalypse haha. Yeah…guess someone should take away my tablet since I’m still drawing these but I’m good XD

Wanted to try a bit of a different art style (?) and thought it’d be cool to try it with these bois yes I’m stuck in THIHV hell sue me

Only thing I honestly don’t like too much from these is the background for the first pic which is why I went ahead and made the transparent versions lol

Anyway for you @saltyshiro hope you’re getting sick of me already with the amount of spam I give you lol