veiltail male


Past and present bettas of this blog:

  • Ianto Jones, a male red veiltail (the face of this blog)
  • Jack Harkness, a male marble halfmoon doubletail
  • Huw, a male metallic halfmoon plakat
  • Keene, a male superdelta
  • Cwtch, a female marble halfmoon plakat
  • Honeymilk, a female yellow salamander dumbo (rehomed and is still living)
  • Sonnet, a male marble doubletail plakat (rehomed and is still living)
  • Ladybug, a female plakat (current)
  • Bacon and Eggs, a Betta albimarginata pair (current)

Betta Fish Food

Does anyone have any comments on New Life Spectrum Community Fish food? The manager at Petco suggested it to me, and told me that he fed it to his betta fish. He said it was better than Omega One, too. It certainly was more expensive. I’ve been feeding my boys the TetraBetta fish food since most pet stores near my house are an hour or more away, and the two that are closeer don’t even sell Omega One. The boys ate the new pellets right up, but I want to know what everyone else has to say!


HI MEET MY NEW FRIEND??? I got my betta fish today yay! He’s a male veiltail betta who I’ve named Tendou!! He’s my little Guess Monster ;_; 💖

I had this name picked out for a while because I knew I wanted a red betta fish, and when I saw this pretty boy in the store I was like YOU ARE MINE. He’s still getting used to his tank, it’s much bigger than his little cup home… He is pretty active and likes to swim around and be in those green leaves! Oh and when he was exploring the tank he went into the log and came out the other end and I squealed. HE’S A GOOD BOY AND I’M SO HAPPY TO FINALLY HAVE THE FISH I’VE WANTED FOR YEARS BUT COULD NEVER GET BECAUSE I MOVE TOO OFTEN


Hi! Would anyone be able to adopt 3, or at least 1 betta fish? I am moving away for college and no one would be able to care for them while I am gone. In Huntersville/Charlotte area of North Carolina. I currently keep a veiltail male, crowntail male, and a baby girl betta. Please let me know if you would like to adopt them or if you know someone who would. I have all the items you would possibly need: food, moss balls/plants/decor, chemicals for water changes, and medicine. All for free with a 1.5 tank included, so please boost this! Hopefully, they can find new homes before mid-August!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm a beginning fish owner with a 3-gallon setup in my dorm room at college for a curious, healthy male veiltail. He really likes interacting with people (& occasionally his reflection), pushing around his ping pong ball, & looking at the pictures/words my roomie & I draw on his tank with dry erase markers. I was wondering if you have any more suggestions for affordable ways to entertain him more, especially when he's alone, in a somewhat small tank. Thanks in advance, & I love your blog!

Hey, there! Welcome to the amazing world of bettas! (I totally pictured myself as Professor Oak, haha.)

Those are great ways to entertain him. :) I have an old article here: How to Play With Your Betta Fish. Although it’s not on the list, you can use a laser pointer directed at the substrate for your fish to chase. Some bettas respond more than others, and it’s super cute. Be cautious not to shine it in their eyes, of course.

Thank you for the kind words!

We got a shipment of 100 new bettas today and I looked over every single one and I found two butterfly males, 3 koi and 95 other bettas that I fell in love with. A girl came up to my register and bought a small critter keeper, a male veiltail, betta food and a small bag of gravel. I asked her how big her tank was and she pointed to the critter keeper and I almost fainted. I’m going to rent a warehouse and buy every single betta I can’t send my gildren to their deaths.


Okay look I’m not happy to say this and to be completely honest it’s one hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but lately I’ve been getting really really stressed with all my bettas. I have depression and keeping up with water changes and cycles have been really hard considering I can barely get out of bed some days and some of them are getting some tail and fin issues. I’ve had them all for about a year now and when I got them I thought I could handle them for their full life but I can’t. I thought I could give them the lives they deserve but I can’t. I wanna find at least three of the four I have new homes. I can’t go far so you would have to be living in the Topeka, Kansas area to get them. I don’t want any money I just wanna find them new homes where they can thrive and be happy. If you can help me out by adopting my pretty boys it would be greatly appreciated and I’m sure my boys would appreciate it too. All the ones I’m giving away are veiltail males so I hope that doesn’t deter you from adopting them. I want the new caretaker for my boys to have experience in fish care and more importantly betta care. Thanks for reading.


This is Bee. Bee likes(hates?) bubbles and spent the first few hours in his new home viciously attacking every bubble he saw. His 3 gallon is a half moon shape so it’s kinda hard to get good pics of him =w=; And every time I did there was always some glare or something (that squiggly black thing is a bread tie I had sitting on the table).

ilu Bee, I can’t wait til you actually start paying attention to me ;w; Right now I’ll just accept the fact that you find bubbles more interesting than me.


Becoming a Better Fishkeeper Takes Time and Practice – and a Strong Backbone!

I’ve been running this blog for over two years now. I originally started it after getting our second betta, Ianto Jones, to show him off and document his daily life. Gradually, as I familiarized myself even more with betta care, I focused on helping other betta owners with their betta woes. I used a combination of my own experience plus the knowledge of other owners to offer what assistance I could.

It’s important to know that everyone has to start from somewhere. Even if you have a lot of working knowledge, you’re still going to get situations that will stump you, too. You may even still make rookie or lazy mistakes as well. However, the important thing is that you never stop learning, so that you can stay on top of the latest recommendations and techniques to better the lives of the fish in your charge.

Here’s a brief look at what was experienced and learned in the past through the boys:

YUKIO (2008 to 2008). I only had this boy, a male veiltail, for two months because of how so very ignorant I was. He was in an uncycled, unfiltered, and unheated 2-gallon aquarium with bright gravel and a prickly plastic plant. I didn’t even have water conditioner, if I remember right, so would let his water sit out for 24 hours beforehand before doing any water changes. While this practice is okay, I really should’ve at least had water conditioner. I did so many things wrong with him that it really shook me to the core.

IANTO JONES (2012 to 2014). Ianto, a male red veiltail, came along when my roomie/bestie/QPP and I decided that we wanted a pet together. By then, I had more working knowledge of what was needed for a betta to be healthy. Ianto was in an uncycled, heated, and filtered 3-gallon setup with some plastic plants and a hidey-hole (which were later upgraded to silk plants and a smoother hidey-hole). However, I did not truly comprehend the nitrogen cycle and made the rookie mistake of thinking a filter running for two days made it safe. He was also fed on flakes until he was upgraded to Omega One betta pellets.

JACK HARKNESS (2013 to 2014). Jack, a male marble HMDT, came into our lives during a snow storm and was put into another uncycled, heated, and filtered 3-gallon setup with silk plants and one of those castle hidey-holes. With Jack, we learned a lot about marbling and fin-biting in particular. Jack, along with Ianto, were both upgraded to 5-gallon aquariums. This was also when we learned about and started using Indian almond leaves in our tanks.

HUW (2013 to 2014). Huw, a male metallic HMPK, came into our lives during the summer and arrived home with us via bus. He was in an uncycled, heated, and filtered 5-gallon setup with a hidey-hole and silk plants. With Huw, we learned more about dragonscales (since that’s what we had mistaken him for). We also learned more about betta blindness since Huw had some scaling over one of his eyes. Once we had Huw, I finally started to understand the nitrogen cycle and made an attempt to cycle all three tanks (with the boys having been moved elsewhere). While cycling the tanks, we used sponge filters for the first time. Unfortunately, all three boys passed away within a six-week period because of a TB outbreak (which produced a variety of secondary infections) before the cycles were complete.

KEENE (2014 to 2015). Keene, a male super delta, came into our lives after I tried my hand at my first planted and cycled tank with shrimp in it. The setup was a cycled, planted, heated, and filtered 4-gallon setup with driftwood and shrimp. With Keene’s tank, I especially learned a lot about plants and maintaining a stable cycle in a nano setup. He thrived and we never dealt with illnesses until he developed dropsy. It was devastating since I felt like I was on such a roll, but it just goes to prove that even if you’re armed to the teeth with knowledge, these things still happen.

As you can see, learning to do best by your pets doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and practice, and you must be able to handle criticism well. You need to be able to have mature conversations with others and admit when you’re in the wrong – and correct it. Don’t let your pride get in the way of your pet’s quality of life. After all, the fish didn’t choose you – you chose the fish! Only you alone can give it everything it needs to live a long, healthy life.


This beautiful bab is DaVinci and my camera simply doesn’t do him justice <333 As soon as I saw him I instantly fell in love and -had- to have him, no questions asked, he was coming home with me. He was all the way in the back and his cup was absolutely filthy D: Leftover food and waste was in piles around the bottom of it. I got him in some fresh water asap and he’s really perked up. He’s such a cutie =w= <333


We got a betta fish at work. I mean, we get lots, obviously, but this one is mine and the pet care department’s. He lives in a cube of about 1 gallon, but we’re all keeping our eyes peeled for something bigger we can pull off the shelf without annoying the managers (bettas really should be in at least 2.5 gallons). His previous owners only changed his water when it evaporated to a few inches, and fed him only when they remembered to, which was not very often. They said he mostly just laid on the bottom of the cube and wouldn’t move. On Monday he looked like that top pic, with his spine bowed no matter which way he swam, and almost no fins to speak of. He’s a male veiltail and should have nice long, trailing fins.

I changed his water right away, and added a little herbal remedy to help his fins. He ate about two pellets for me but struggled with the others I offered him. On Tuesday we offered him thawed bloodworms and he showed lots of interest, but had trouble with those too, biting them and spitting them out. Our back room is quite cool, so we added a tiny heater once he was set up on Monday (and a thermometer to make sure it doesn’t overheat the small container, but it’s doing a good job so far). Since we got him, despite his appearance and difficulty eating, fishy has been active and interested in everything, including the new plant I gave him. He likes to sit with it.

This morning (Thursday) he looked like this:

His spine is straight, and those transparent edges on his fins are new growth! I gave him five pellets, and he ate them all immediately, no problem. I’m so excited. Hopefully we get him in a bigger tank soon, because he is a busy little fishy with a new lease on life!