andyblack | Instagram: “I am so excited to officially announce that I will be wrapping up my 2016/2017 Andy BLACK touring cycle on this summers @vanswarpedtour I have been fortunate enough to play Warped many times with BVB and I can’t wait to bring my solo project to this stage every day! Growing up I attended warped every year and it has always had a special place in my heart, I cannot think of a better way to send off #TheShadowSide record than this! Between hosting the #APMAS this year and playing Warped, this summer is going to be an absolutely incredible experience and I cannot wait to see all of you out there! Thank you to @kevinlyman and everyone at VWT for always being so kind and supportive! Tickets are on sale now! @journeysshoes

Opening the Veil

During one of my witchy hangouts, a friend taught me how to open a door to the spirit world. “Opening the Veil” is what they called it. Surprisingly, it wasn’t really that difficult for me–it involved creating a bridge to the spirit realm with my own energy and then opening a door to that bridge I created. Since then, I’ve been able to do it again in my room (with a proper circle, of course). 

The first time was pretty cool, because you could definitely feel the shift in energy in the room and the presence of said spirits got much stronger. 

I’m going to keep practicing it, because I think I have a knack for (possibly) veil manipulation (I am working with spirits, after all). I just gotta be careful and safe, because I don’t want some shit to come after me. 

Spirits have been following me around all day. I don’t mind, except the feeling of being watched gets a little annoying after a while. I keep glancing behind my back (even while I’m typing this) because either my companions or some spirits that might have actually come through the door I opened (whoops) are watching me while I write this. 

On the note of companions, it’s gotten much easier to communicate with them since then. My brain isn’t going all foggy when I try to understand them, and I can actually have some pretty solid conversations now (though there will always be that nagging in the back of my mind wondering–am I just making all this up?)

I’ll definitely be writing more about them, and about my weird spiritual experiences while I was in New Jersey (let me just say this–where I stayed had a loooot of history (and a lot of spirits)).