veiled rebellion

Afghan policewomen handle AMD-65 rifles at a dusty firing range outside Kabul. They are trained by carabinieri, Italian military police from the local NATO troops. Insurgents often attack the police and very few women get permission to sign up from their husband and male relatives. Yet women are welcome recruits. They can take on tasks that men cannot because of Islamic custom. The pay is about $165 a month.

Penny Dreadwolf

An alternate universe where Arlathan never fell, Solas has not yet created a Veil or led a rebellion against the Evanuris Corporation. Instead he works alongside them to keep them in check. Mythal has not yet been assassinated for her innovations, and is actively scheming something with the Dread Wolf.  All the races of Thedas coexist in this Victorian Era inspired Steampunk Universe, and each have contributed some kind of technological advancement/invention to the society at large.

During a breakthrough on his latest invention, Solas is called away by Mythal for an important meeting, and during the interim someone breaks in and steals his prototype, his blue prints, and his biggest secret that has the potential to disrupt the power balance in all of Thedas and leave calamity in its wake.

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Issue 1: A Thief in the Night

The grating sound of steam being forced through a maze of pipes and gears hissed in Solas’ face as the metal doors before him slowly pulled apart, granting him entry to his private workshop at the Evanuris Co. headquarters. He was earlier than he anticipated.

“Wisdom, I have returned.” He announced, crossing the expanse the room in the direction of his drafting bench.

Tugging on the collar of his finely pressed button down shirt, he loosened he fastenings around his neck allowing him to breathe more easily. He finally felt himself starting to relax, the tension he had been carrying in shoulders bleeding out with every step he took. Being called away from his work on such short notice tried his patience, but Mythal was not one to be ignored when she demanded an audience. 

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