veiled being

When I was a freshman in high school, I owned a veiled chameleon named Arlecchino. Arlecchino was not the brightest lizard, all things considered. Being arboreal, veiled chameleons do not drink from water dishes, so in order to keep them hydrated, you need to mist their terrariums multiple times a day so they can lick up the droplets.

Arlecchino did not get this memo. The only way he’d drink water was if you filled a clear glass and held it up to him. He’d grasp the rim with his front claws and open his mouth, letting you gently pour a trickle over his tongue. Chanting “chug! chug! chug! chug!” while he did this was optional.

Pittsburgh // The Amity Affliction

OH MY GOD. I take back what I said before about this being a veiled threat. IT’S NOT. He’s saying “Be more considerate of the person listening and explain everything piece by piece.” He’s using a cute phrase “hana-hana chagun-chagun” to say “piece by piece.” He’s not threatening, he’s talking like a mom telling her child to speak up and enunciate.

I like to think music can save the world because you know it’s fucking saved me
—  Jacoby shaddix
my sexuality.

is it bad that I’m still not 100% sure what my sexuality is? like I’m more attracted to people for their personality but like I find their looks attractive but sometimes I wouldn’t see me dating them…? idk I’m just confused af rn and I’m trying to find myself thats why I’ve been so inactive..thanks for those of you who understand.

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