In the Holy Eucharist there are three things for us ever to hold in view: Firstly, the Sacrifice whereby Glory is given to God; secondly, the Sacrament which is the Food of our souls; thirdly, the Possession of Our Lord personally in His Real Presence, so that we are able there to offer Him that adoration which is the consolation of our exile.

Dom Prospe Gueranger,  The Holy Mass


anonymous asked:

Wataru, how does an aspiring sex god become better at their craft? Tips and tricks,please.


It depends what’s the approach that you’re going to take, you know. Do you want to be a femme fatale that has men drop to their feet and swear to be their slaves? Do you want to be a gentleman to die for who can disintegrate panties by the sheer power of how damn hot he is? Do you desire to be the ultimate mashup of both that walks the earth veiled in sexual confusion of masses and ever to be unfulfilled wet dreams? 

The basic tip that goes for all; you own it. 
You’re the deity. You know it and you stick to it. 
Somebody can see, it, don’t like it? Not their cup of tea? Fuck that noise. 
You not finding me attractive doesn’t stop me from being attractive, you tell yourself. 
You come at peace with your flaws and you embrace your strengths and make sure to flaunt those; but ever only so much that they never stop wanting more. 

However, if you have already mastered this perfectly as an aspiring sex god , and are looking for more concrete suggestions, you tell me, maybe give me an example, I try to help where I can. 

I hope you’re receiving all the worship you crave.