veil torn in two

tollers-and-jack  asked:

I saw your post about Brideshead Revisited and I wanted to say that I love it too! What do you think of the ending - bittersweet, but is Charles as encouraged as he thinks he is? His life seems pretty bleak.

My Anglo-Catholic instinct, in replying to this, is to yell “THE FLAME IS LIT IN THE CHAPEL!” and then flail a lot. Because… that’s what it’s about, in the end, for Charles. Yes, he is still staring down the Age of Hooper. Yes, he is still, in his own words, “homeless, childless, middle-aged, and loveless.” (Cue me moaning aloud.) But the veil between heaven and earth has been torn in two! And though he has long resisted responding to this knowledge, this revelation, Charles cannot, in the end, escape the twitch upon the thread. 

So, to preempt my own rhapsodizing about Charles and theology and Waugh’s prose, YES, I think he is… more than encouraged, profoundly heartened. I mean, he’s entered the church (as in, he’s had a conversion experience and been received, not just that he’s walked through the door.) He sees that ridiculously-designed lamp and sees the Real Presence, the immanence of the divine! He prays, in that “ancient, newly learned form of words.” He sees all of it, all of that passionate, tragic, flawed history, as being, in the end, a purification, a double (or triple? if we count Sebastian, Julia, and God) love story that brings him truly home, home to Brideshead and to the chapel where the lamp burns for soldiers “farther in heart than Acre or Jerusalem.”

…If you want me, I’ll just be sobbing over Charles Ryder in the corner. Given suitable time for emotional recovery, though, I am ALWAYS up for discussion of Brideshead Revisited.

The Holy Prophet (S) said, ‘The believer is given seventy-two veils of which one is torn off every time he sins. When he repents however, Allah returns the veil to its original state and grants him seven more in addition.’
—  al-Nawadir al-Rawandi, p. 97, no. 49

The last 2.5 weeks we’ve hosted another student from Japan. Last weekend I had my sign language immersion camp (which was amazing) and Hubs twisted his ankle while I was away (two torn ligaments). Went to Raglan, Bridal Veil Falls, took the boys kite flying for the first time and then said good bye to our student yesterday… The rest of August is just as packed.


i know that “you make me brave,” “wonder,” and “we dance” are probably the most popular songs off of this album, but i’ve really been liking “forever” by kari jobe because it explicitly reminds me of the Gospel.

i especially like listening to her talk at the beginning:

“i love the cross. i love the fact that when Jesus died on the cross it meant we could come before Him with boldness. because when that veil was torn in two it gives us this access. it gives us this moment, these moments that we live for…that His presence comes and hovers and we can feel it. aren’t you so thankful for Jesus? aren’t you so thankful for the price that He paid on the cross, to pay for our sin and give us mercy and grace. but more than that i love that He wanted us. He wants us. He loves to be with us.”

the ground began to shake
the stone was rolled away
His perfect love would not be overcome
now death, where is your sting?
our resurrected King has rendered you defeated

forever He is glorified
forever He is lifted high
forever He is risen
He is alive, He is alive!

we sing hallelujah
the Lamb has overcome!

daily. i need to remind myself of the Gospel daily.