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Listen, so Dorian and Vivienne are friends, right? And they’re both the kinds of people who pretend they don’t care about other people while caring a LOT? So imagine them looking out for one another but point-blank refusing to admit it.

An Orlesian nobleman is unconscionably rude to the new Divine? Mere weeks later, it’s revealed that he has rather unsavoury trade ties with Tevinter, and he’s forced to leave the court in disgrace.

When asked about it, Dorian is shocked, shocked that anyone could believe  he was involved.

One of the members of the Magisterium makes veiled threats to Magister Pavus? It’s not a month before most of his trusted contacts refuse to trade him for his grain, citing rumours about blood magic. He ends up making a loss on the harvest.

When someone brooches the topic with Vivienne, she looks down at her perfectly-manicured nails and says, “Tragic.”

Royai Fanfiction Masterpost

This post will be updated every time I write something new.

Below are the links to all the fanfics I’ve written for the RoyxRiza pairing from Fullmetal Alchemist, listed from oldest to newest. If I’ve posted the fic to FFNet or AO3, there will be links to those at the beginning of the fic.

All of my fanfics take place in the manga/Brotherhood universe.


Warmth - Tragedy, Angst. Written for Royai Week 2016′s prompt ‘Warmth.’

Colors - Romance, Fluff, a bit of Angst. Written for Royai Week 2016′s prompt ‘Color.’

Stars - Angst, a tiny bit of Romance. Written for Royai Week 2016′s prompt ‘Stars.’

Ignite - Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst, a bit of Fluff. Written for Royai Week 2016′s prompt ‘Ignite.’

Even Into Hell - Tragedy, Angst. Written for Royai Week 2016′s prompt ‘Choices’ and Royai Day 2016′s prompt ‘Even Into Hell.’

Through Eyes of Flame - Adventure, Action, Romance, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Drama. The story of Fullmetal Alchemist, told as if Roy and Riza were the main characters.

Down The Hall, Second Door On The Left - Humor, Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘Down the hall, second door on the left.’

Remember When - Humor, Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘Remember when you were a kid and you ______ (insert memory)’

I Don’t Want To Be Alone - Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance. Written for the prompt ‘I’m scared and I don’t want to be alone.’

I Can See You Blushing - Humor, Romance, Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘It’s pitch black in here and I can see you blushing.’

You Keep Score Of That? - Humor, Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘I didn’t know we were keeping score.’

Do You Always Look At Me Like That? - A bit of Angst, UST. Written for the prompt ‘Do you always look at me like that?’

Get Out Of My Kitchen - Friendship, Humor. Written for the prompt ‘You’re cute when you’re upset.’

A Cake Baked With Chocolate And Hatred - Humor, Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘I would say this cake was baked with love, but I had a bad day so it’s baked with chocolate and hatred.’

An Evening With The Elrics - Humor, Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘Are you thirty five or five?’

Slow Dancing - Romance, Fluff, a tiny bit of Angst. Written for the prompt ‘Slow dancing.’

Caught In The Rain - Action, Romance. Written for the prompt ‘Caught in a storm.’

Rain - Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort. Written for the prompt ‘Emotional hug.’

Can You Hear Me? - Angst, Action, Drama. Written for the prompt ‘squeeze my hand if you can hear me.’

Banter On The Battlefield - Action, Humor. Written for the prompt ‘From behind hug.’

Chamomile Tea - Romance, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort. Written for the prompt ‘Stomach kiss.’

And Then There Was Nothing - Tragedy, Angst. May Chang was not there to save Riza on the Promised Day.

Lipstick - Humor, Romance, Fluff, a bit of Angst. Roy helps Riza get ready for the annual military ball.

Safe With Me - Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Romance. Written for the prompt ‘You know you’re safe with me.’

You’ll Have To Carry Me - Angst, a bit of Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘You’ll have to carry me.’

Dilemma - Humor, Fluff, a bit of Angst. Written for the prompt ‘I guess we’ll have to share.’

Does That Feel Better? - Fluff, Romance. Written for the prompt ‘Does that feel better?’

Through The Ice - Drama, Romance.  Roy falls through the ice on a river while on a mission in the North.

Let Me Keep You Warm - Humor, Fluff, Romance. Written for an anon who asked me to write something about Riza wearing Roy’s shirt.

Hollow - Angst, Drama. Roy and Riza are taken hostage.

Costumes - Humor. Written for the prompt ‘Costumes.’

Bonfire - Angst, a bit of Humor. Written for the prompt ‘Bonfire.’

Frost - Fluff, a touch of Angst. Written for the prompt ‘First frost.’

Baking Leads To Troublesome Conversations - Humor, a bit of Angst. Written for the prompt ‘Baking.’

Unexpected - Drama, Suspense, a bit of Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘Cozy night in.’

Breathe - Drama, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, a bit of Romance. Written for the prompts ‘Please come get me?’ and ‘Look at me. Just breathe, okay?’

The Warehouse Incident - Supernatural, Drama, Fluff. General Grumman sends Roy and Riza to the East City warehouse district to investigate possible paranormal activity.

Of Secrets And Dresses - Romance, Angst, Fluff. Written for the FMA Secret Santa 2016.

Saccharine - Humor, Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘Saccharine.’

Mornings Together - Fluff with a touch of Angst. Based on a fanart of Roy braiding Riza’s hair.

His Favorite Scent - Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Humor. Written for the prompt ‘You smell nice.’

Jealousy (Thy Name Is Roy Mustang) - Drama, Suspense, a bit of Humor, a bit of Fluff. Written for the prompt ‘Jealousy.’

Bullets and Blazes - A Royai Drabble Collection - This is where I post my Royai drabbles ranging anywhere from angst to pure fluff.

Chess - Written for Royai Week 2017′s prompt: Chess.  Fluff, Humor, Angst. Roy teaches Riza how to play chess and things don’t go quite as he expected.

The Black Tie Affair - Written for Royai Week 2017 Day 2′s prompt: Black Tie. Fluff, Action, a bit of Angst. Roy and Riza go undercover to bust a suspected drug dealer at a formal gala.

Catalyst - Written for Royai Week 2017 Day 3′s prompt: Catalyst. Fluff, a bit of Angst. The Promised Day was the catalyst for a change in Roy and Riza’s relationship.

Unbreakable Bonds - Written for Royai Week 2017 Day 4′s prompt: Promise. Angst, a little bit of Fluff. After Roy’s battle with Lust, he asks Riza to make another promise to him.

Without You - Written for Royai Week 2017 Day 5′s prompt: Letters. Angst. Roy Mustang finds himself facing a future without Riza Hawkeye and he refuses to believe she’s really gone.

A Light in the Dark - Written for Royai Week 2017 Day 6′s prompt: Light/Darkness. Angst, Fluff. It seemed that their lives were full of nothing but darkness, except on very rare occasions.

Incendiary - Written for Royai Week 2017 Day 7′s prompt: Incendiary.  Angst. A bomb goes off in Riza’s apartment and Roy hopes he can make it to her in time.

Lost in a Reverie - Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance. Riza is injured in a car accident with Roy. After almost losing each other, they attempt, and fail, to return to the way things were between them, but things aren’t exactly what they seem.

Beyond the Veil - Fantasy, Angst, Romance. Six months after the Promised Day, two military officers Riza’s never seen before show up at Central HQ as if they’d always been there. When no one else questions their presence, Riza brings it to Roy’s attention and they attempt to uncover who these officers are and their possible connections with the recent influx of horrible murders and arson.


Demonstrations against Venezuela’s President Maduro’s government in Caracas

Venezuela’s opposition blocked streets in Caracas on Tuesday to denounce a decision by unpopular leftist President Nicolas Maduro to create a new super-body known as a “constituent assembly,” a move critics say is a veiled attempt to cling to power by avoiding elections.

After a month of near-daily protests by opponents demanding early general elections, Maduro announced on Monday he planned to set up a new popular assembly with the ability to rewrite the constitution. Some 29 people have been killed, more than 400 people have been injured and hundreds more arrested since the anti-Maduro unrest began in early April.

The government has responded with shows of force by security forces and counter-demonstrations by Maduro supporters. At least 13 people were killed and 37 injured when a bus crashed while carrying state workers back to Bolivar state after a May Day rally organized by the government, according to the state governor.

While many details remain unclear about the constituent assembly, Maduro said political parties would not participate and that only up to half of its 500 members would be elected. (Reuters)

Photo credit: Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

See more photos of protests in Venezuela and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

The BVBArmy on August 28th after seeing the pictures and news Andy posted:

The BVBArmy now waiting patiently for more news that is coming soon in these next few weeks: 

  • *the underground morgue*
  • Holmes: *impatient* You'll consider it?
  • Hooper: *sighs* I am working, Mr. Holmes.
  • Holmes: *rolls his eyes* It's a perfectly simple question.
  • Hooper: *slams the scalpel down* Do you know what you're asking of me?
  • Holmes: *through gritted teeth* I am asking be my *glances at Anderson; lowers his voice* partner in life.
  • -Anderson drops loud things-
  • Hooper: *fierce* Get out.
  • Anderson: *hurries out of the morgue*
  • Hooper: *shakes her head* I have too much to lose. I am sorry.
  • Holmes: I have no desire to interfere with your ambitions *smiles* We're already a formidable team.
  • Hooper: *swallows; avoiding looking at him* You haven't even seen me.
  • Holmes: *casually* I always see you, Molly *smiles softly*
  • Hooper: *bites her lip* I shall...consider it.
  • Holmes: *smirks*
  • Hooper: It's not a yes.
  • Holmes: *still smirking*
  • Hooper: *blushing* Shut up, Holmes.

anonymous asked:

naughty plot suggestion here... since their bond through the contract is hella strong, some kind of telephatic stimulation/sex must be awesome between them (maybe... ciel discovering that 'little weakeness' and starts to mentally 'torture' sebastian with extreme arousal to the point of causing him a mindblowing orgasm, specially in a very awkward situation, e.g., peeling potatoes in the kitchen with the other servants around or serving tea to ciel's guests, etc etc ^^ )? thank u so much <3 <3

Thanks for the prompt anon :) sorry it took so long and I hope this is ok, i’m not so good at third person but I though I’d give it a try.

Sebastian’s first mistake had been inadvertently telling his Master about the extent of their connection.

It had been at the market place, bustling with the crowds of a Sunday morning when the Demon had feared that the young Earl might become lost in the vast sea of people. “There is no need to call for me aloud, My Lord” he had said. “I can hear you just fine if you direct the words to me in your mind”.

The slow smile that had spread across Ciel’s face had been positively evil. “Is that so?”

Life for the butler became much harder after that day. Ciel would test the limits of their contract, projecting his thoughts loudly and watching Sebastian’s face with amusement, for that had been Sebastian’s second mistake. Reacting to it.

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Another D23 has passed and oh my gosh I’m DEAD! I did get some professional shots of the veil but I wanted to take some time to thank some friends who helped take this veil from dream to reality as well as talk about the veil itself.

The veil is over 10 feet long. Over 20 thousand Swarovski crystals decorate the entire veil (I kept count by how many 10 gross packs I went through 😅). I used their White Opal flat backs in 4 different sizes to create the corona sun, swirls and all the sunburst flowers that go up the entire veil. It took me about a month to put all the crystals all over the veil and I plan on adding MORE too it but for what I wanted to have completed for the Expo I achieved and I’m VERY happy with how it all turned out. And with the little time I had left I made a flower bouquet and placed Swarovski ABs all along the lily petals 😁😁😁
First a huge thank you to Jessica for taking on my crazy concept. She made the base of the veil for me and even it made it LONGER. 🙌🏻💖
And an even bigger thank you to my favorite Tangled fan and friend Brittany who helped me draft the sun and swirl patterns onto the veil and assist with some bedazzling ✨✨✨
And a HUGE thank you to all my followers and to everyone who sent me messages or comments of encouragement. Your kind words meant the world to me and I’m forever thankful for you all 💖💖💖 Now I’m going to go crash and soak my con tired feet and pray to the convention gods I don’t get conflu 🤣😅😅😅💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💜


Characters: Andy Biersack/You

Band: Black Veil Brides

telarnidaniela suggested: y/n confides in ashley when a secruity guard from the tour has been making her feel uncomfterble and getting too touchy feely and she doesn’t know what to do and andy finds out

A/N: WOW, this has been sitting in my drafts for a while. I apologize for the lack of imagines recently; I’ve been super busy studying for finals and everything :/ Butttt, school ends this Friday, so after that, I’ll have a lot more time to write for you guys! Thanks for sticking with me :)

Black Veil Brides had been touring for about 3 months now, and you were tagging along with them. You had started to date Andy a little over a year ago, so of course he asked you to come along with him on tour.

After a concert one night, you and the band were just sitting around in the tour bus chatting. Andy had left to go to the bathroom, so you took this opportunity to talk to someone about something that had been bothering you for a while.

“Hey, Ash, can we talk outside for a sec?” you asked, standing up.

“Oh, uh, yeah of course,” he nodded, following you out of the bus. “What’s going on?” he wondered when the door had closed, turning around to face you.

“Um, well, you know Steve, right?” you questioned, wanting to make sure he knew who you were talking about before you complained.

“The security guard? Yeah, I know him. What about him?” he replied.

“He’s just, uh, been making me feel kinda…uncomfortable,” you muttered, looking anywhere but at Ashley. Now that you were saying this out loud, you realized how stupid you must sound.

Ashley didn’t seem to think it sounded stupid, though. He tilted his head and said, “In what way?”

“I dunno, it just seems like he’s been taking every opportunity to touch me…like, yesterday, I was walking backstage before the show to meet up with Andy, and he bumped into me in the hallway and grabbed my ass. Like, actually grabbed it, not just brushed it. And it’s happened more than once,” you explained, sighing heavily. You didn’t want to be making a big deal out of nothing, but you were beginning to grow tired of being harassed.

Ashley frowned. “Really? I wish I knew…do you want me to say something to him?”

“I don’t really see what that will do. He’s not going to listen to you; I’ve already asked him to stop, but he hasn’t,” you groaned, rolling your eyes. “I just want it to stop,” you whispered the last part, pressing your lips together.

“Hey, it’ll be okay,” Ashley assured you, coming over to you and hugging you. .You hugged back, glad for his support. “I’ll tell Andy, and he can-”

“No,” you interrupted, pulling away and looking into Ashley’s eyes. “You can’t tell him. I don’t want him to know.”

“Don’t want who to know what?” you heard a voice say. You jumped in surprise and turned to see Andy standing there, crossing his arms. He looked accusingly at you and Ashley, and you suddenly realized what he thought must be going on.

“Nothing,” Ashley said, shaking his head.

“Really?” Andy asked. “Cuz if you don’t tell me, I’m pretty sure I can connect the dots on my own.”

“Ash, it’s okay. I’ll just tell him,” you sighed, not wanting Andy to think that you were cheating on him.

“Okay, I’ll let you guys talk things out,” Ashley muttered, going back into the bus and leaving you and Andy alone.

“What’s going on, y/n?” Andy wondered, moving closer to you.

You took a deep breath before explaining everything that you had just told Ashley. Throughout your explanation, Andy’s facial expression depicted rage.

“How come you didn’t tell me that you were feeling uncomfortable?” he asked. “I could have done something to prevent you from feeling like that.”

“I didn’t want you to do anything you might regret later,” you explained, shrugging.

“C’mon, y/n. I’m never gonna regret keeping you safe.”

You blushed and nodded, realizing that there was no reason for you to worry in the first place about Andy knowing.

“First thing tomorrow morning, I’ll go up to Steve and ask him to stop. If he doesn’t agree, he’s gone. How does that sound?” Andy offered.

“Great,” you smiled, hugging him. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he chuckled, hugging you back and squeezing you lightly.

I didn’t really know how to end this?? I hope this is sufficient…

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Neighbours: Part Eleven - Tommy Shelby

The Dinner

Part One | Part Ten | Part Eleven Part Twelve |

We file into the dining room in an orderly fashion, all of us taking our seats in almost silence. I don’t miss that my mother has moved the seating plan; before I’d made sure that Tommy and I would be sitting opposite Rose and James, however my mother’s re-jig has left me sitting opposite Whitley and Tommy opposite Derby with the Comptons and the Cromleys sat at either ends of the table, as far as possible from myself and Tommy.

I have to admire her plan, I’m not able to kick up a fuss - Tommy is sat beside me - but with the two younger couples and Rose’s sharp tongue far from reach, I know she hopes to have quashed any potentially controversial topics being brought up. I also know that she hopes Whitley and Derby will spend the night belittling Tommy, with the plan of ‘making me see sense’ most likely.

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Of the Esbats
  • the Cold Moon - The January full moon, this is a time for purification rituals and to cast spells to protect children. The Cold Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Birch.
  • the Quickening Moon - The February full moon, this is a time for healing rituals and spells to gain empowerment. This is also a good time to practice astral projection and traveling, or perhaps for preforming a ritual asking Deity for successful astral journeys throughout the remainder of the year. The Quickening Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Rowan.
  • the Storm Moon - The March full moon, this is a time for healing and prosperity rituals and for casting general protection spells. Sow the mental and spiritual seeds now that you wish to have grow throughout the year. The Storm Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Ash.
  • the Wind Moon - The April full moon, this is a time for spiritual awareness and for rituals to feel complete or to ask for guidance, and to cast spells to increase fertility. The Wind Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Alder.
  • the Flower Moon - The May full moon, this is a time for rituals for fertility or to ask Deity for guidance in meditations, and to cast spells for love, healing, and protection. The Flower Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Willow.
  • the Strong Sun Moon - The June full moon, this is a time for fertility rituals and prosperity spells. The Strong Sun Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Hawthorn.
  • the Blessing Moon - The July full moon, this is a joyous time of positive energies and benign spirits. The Blessing Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Oak.
  • the Corn Moon - The August full moon, this is a time to cast protection spells, to ask Deity for guidance in prophecy and divination, and to conduct magic pertaining to animals. This is also an auspicious time to gain a new pet or ask Deity for a familiar. The Corn Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Holly.
  • the Harvest Moon - The September full moon, this is a time of manifestation and for protection or fertility rituals. Also a time for spiritual initiation, it is under this moon that you might christen a child or formally devote yourself to your spiritual path before the spirits and Deity. The Harvest Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Hazel.
  • the Blood Moon - The October full moon, this is a time for healing and prosperity rituals, to cast spells pertaining to courage and protection, and to ask Deity for inspiration. The veil between worlds is thin at this time of the year, making this a good time to do spirit work, but remember to use proper shielding protection and make sure your circles are stable. The Blood Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Vine.
  • the Mourning Moon - The November full moon, this is a time to cast healing and cooperation spells, and to have protection rituals. Due to the thinness of the veil within the last month, beware of pesky or unwanted spirits that might have gotten through and taken up residence around you. The Mourning Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Ivy.
  • the Long Night’s Moon - The December full moon, this is a time to preform exorcisms and banishings, but also to cast spells for healing and prosperity. The Long Night’s Moon falls under the Celtic calendar month of the Elder.
  • the Blue Moon - A Blue Moon occurs when two full moons appear within the same calendar month. This is a time for special spells and rituals, ones that require preparation and planning.

Working on my Pagan Calendar page.

Witch Tips 💎✨

Hello witches and magical people 👋🏾 We’re entering a new month which means the veil is getting thinner and thinner. This is a great time to practice magic and manifest. But let’s not forget to protect ourselves from negative energies and people. Here are some ways to protect yourself and others!

-Program your crystals with intent to protect you, your sacred space, others and your home. I prefer selenite or amethyst but feel free to use any crystal with protective energies

-Visualize a shield (normally white or gold) surrounding your home with the intent to protect and remove negativity.

-If you work with deities make the appropriate offerings and ask them for their protection.

-Open your windows for a few moments in the morning to let out any weird energies in your room(s)

-If you work with angels, communicate with them via meditation, talking out loud, prayer, or offerings. Ask them to bless your home or yourself with protective energies.

-Put a crystal in every corner of your home. Visualize a crystal grid protecting your home.

-Make a protection pouch using herbs and stones. Carry it with you or place it in your car for safe travels.

-Sprinkle salt on your doorsteps to ward away negative people and their icky vibes.

-Draw or place protection sigils on your door or near your windows.

Happy October y'all! 🍁🎃💀

(Feel free to add more if you have any!)

-Serena 🔮

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Through the Veil Challenge

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Top 5 tittie pics

youd think with the amount of time he spends with them out (or at least he used to) id have more to show for it, but alas, i am clearly more of a butt girl. however, i still managed to scrounge up some of my faves

in descending order this time…

number 5: i really enjoy his two different sized nipples. it adds character. also, they look like theyre smiling with his butterfly tat.

number 4: soft white t-shirt? you bet ur ass his nips are gonna be out. bonus third nipple in the middle of his chest. hey there lil guy

number 3: a soft, understated titty, but no less beautiful (also look at his mouth.. wow)

number 2: bless his upside down dorito body. his titties looked great this day. very aesthetically pleasing. the flowers are a nice touch

number 1: this is a thinly veiled belly appreciation picture. he looks like he’s six months along and ready to nurse. congratulations harry. i cant wait to meet your genderfree infant

Traced in Constellations, 1.

Pairing: Park Jimin / Reader

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

Summary: From friends to lovers, is their journey already mapped out amongst the stars?

Count: 351 words.

Note: This will be a collection of drabbles following a budding relationship and is inspired by the Transistor soundtrack.


Old Friend

Once they had graduated from university in the middle of spring, freedom allured them to venture off in separate ways; for they were young adults with ambitious minds, and vigorous hearts. Away from crowds of graduates and congratulatory families, the two friends had relaxed at their common spot for one last time—beneath a tree that was beyond school grounds, where a rivulet trickled from a hillock and patches of dandelions flourished. It was here that they had their first kiss, a small act upon fleeting infatuation and even though it had transpired a few years ago, the sensation still lingered.

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