veil of night

When you only heard 30 seconds of a song and you are 100% positive you will love this band forever. 

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monday, july 10 — first attempt at journaling! i got very inspired today, maybe because i watched the movie wild and read few articles about simone veil yesterday night but yea, here is my page for the day! i really like journaling even if everything is new to me. what i like the most is even if you screw up something (like my first mountain that i particularly hate) it doesn’t matter! who cares? you write and create for your own self!🙌🏻 if you do like what im doing i can insert more journaling in my account. my version of journaling is quite personal, i do it to inspire myself, remember important things that i don’t want to forget in ten years, i want to illustrate my life, my thoughts, and more. i don’t want to spend hours a day journaling, i mean I want to keep it productive and just to important things, sometimes there will only be 2 lignes or 2 words for a day, or nothing for a week but that’s how i see it!

do you guys keep a journal or something similar like a bullet journal? i hope you had an amazing day!
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