veil of night


The end (or rather the beginning)

Happy Feast of Winter Veil !

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Their, um, Winter Veil clothes


You get to learn a bit more about Perry’s feelings and why she refuses to confess in this shoujo-ish comic that is part 3 of the Winter Veil story :D

Don’t blame that girl for being rude to Perry (and squishing her face. TWICE.), she’s just a lady who cares a bit too much. xD

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Their, um, Winter Veil clothes

I’m signal boosting all the net neutrality posts I can find because I’m freaking out and I don’t know what the fuck to write in a letter to congress or whatever and I really don’t have any other ideas

But for the love of everything please gods DON’T LET THIS PASS

The internet is like the only reason I’m still even alive and I, all of my best and most important relationships are online AND I LOVE THEM and I REALLY REALLY CAN’T AFFORD TO LOSE THAT

And I


Stop this

Boost this

Idgaf just everything, every action, every word, EVERYTHING makes a difference

And to everyone else, wherever you’re from you need net neutrality too, you know this.

When you only heard 30 seconds of a song and you are 100% positive you will love this band forever. 


hi, i am writing this post because i would love to find more blogs out there that enjoy the same music as i do bc honestly i need more stuff on my timeline lol. i am also writing this because i’d love to make some internet friends! i don’t have many friends at all who have the same music taste as me so it’d be incredibly lovely to have some chill people to get excited about new music with & admire just bands in general. we could talk about our concert experiences& stuff like that! like/reblog this if you like any of these bands down below! feel free to follow me & shoot me a message if you would like to start a friendship! 😊💞🤘🏽 i’m always excited to get to know someone 😌

• State Champs

• Waterparks

• As It Is

• I Prevail

• Sleep On It

• All Time Low

• Sleeping with Sirens

• We Came As Romans

• With Confidence

• Of Mice & Men

• Broadside

• Tonight Alive

• Too Close To Touch

• Creeper

• Chapel

• Pierce the Veil

• Islander

• Set It Off

• Real Friends

• Grayscale

• The Story so Far

• Knuckle Puck

• Breaking Benjamin

• Korn

• Beartooth

• Neck Deep

• Attila

• New Years Day

• Cane Hill

• My Enemies & I

• Bring Me the Horizon

• Pvris

• Fall Out Boy

• Slipknot

• Hollywood Undead

• Highly Suspect

• A Day To Remember

• Butcher Babies

• Nothing More

• The Wrecks

• Linkin Park

• The Amity Affliction

• Out Last Night

• Escape the Fate

• Avenged Sevenfold

• Metallica

• Roam

• Machine Gun Kelly

• The Maine

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