veil masks

idk what to call this

i saw the veiled vision/masked phantom familiars and thought “hmm i should cut these out” so here ya go -

idk how to recolor stuff, but these could be fun to recolor to fit different dragons/clans/etc - lore shenanigans! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

free to use! no need to credit me since all i did was cut them out in GIMP lol. 

Post-NotN Giveaway

I had quite the profitable NotN this year, so I decided to take my first step into the world of FR giveaways. The prize packages are as follows:

  • 1 Nocturne Breed Change Scroll
  • 2 Nocturne Eggs
  • Vista Package: Hourglass and Strange Chest
  • Apparel Package: 1 full set each of Conjurer’s Tatters and Ghost Flame apparel
  • Familiar Grab Bag: Winner’s choice of 10 of the following familiars:
    • Axe Mimic, Crooked Hatchet, Ball-Jointed Bogsneak, Bogsneak Puppet, Calculating Candelabra, Crystal Carrier, Oribiting Spirit, Enchanted Armaments, Sorcerous Armaments, Glowing Globe, Living Luminance, Masked Phantom, Veiled Vision, Serpentine Lamp, Vulpine Lamp, Animated Armor, Spirit Armor
  • Scorched Forest Feast Package: Leftover food from Scorched Forest grinding totaling 444 insect points, 520 meat points, 602 fish points, and 286 plant points
  • Watery Venues Feast Package: Leftover food from Sandswept Delta / Redrock Cove / Waterway / Crystal Pools grinding totaling 522 insect points, 15 meat points, 709 fish points, and 558 plant points
  • Rainsong Fields Feast Package: Leftover food from Training Fields / Rainsong Jungle / Harpy’s Roost / Golem Workshop grinding totaling 64 insect points, 204 meat points, 582 fish points, and 627 plant points

The rules:

  • Reblog with your username, ID, and your favorite NotN familiar.
  • You don’t have to be following me to enter.
  • One person will win each of the above prizes, as determined by a randomized list on Google Sheets. To clarify, this means there will be 8 winners.
  • Entries will be accepted until rollover on Tuesday, Jan. 3rd (3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT, etc.)

Best of luck!

When I was a kid I used to have this reoccurring nightmare. In the dream I’m roaming down these endless hallways, rounding corner after corner as this buzzing white noise that sounds like whispering continues to build. Finally, I round the last corner and there she is, floating in the pink mist. She speaks in a droning voice that I hear echoing inside my head, but when I wake up I never remember what she’d said.

whydontyouhateithere  asked:

I'm sorry, but a recent post of yours is the first time I've ever heard of the Mask of Night's Reach. Can I please ask you to wildly speculate on how that may be similar, at least in properties or use, as the Chain Veil?

The Mask of Night’s Reach belongs to the Myojin of Night’s Reach. It allows the wielded to steal black mana powers. Leshrac uses a copy to steal Phage’s powers from Jeska and Nicol Bolas’ mind shredding ability. Nicol Bolas had the real one, though, and uses it to imprison Leshrac.

Similarities to the Veil are rather small. There’s another pre-Mending artifact I think lines up nicely, and it’s only you’ll hopefully read by next month.

Flamethrower Fanpoetry Masterpost

Yep I’ve decided that @deadcatwithaflamethrower ( Flamethrower ) gets a dedicated masterpost.

After all I have written poems for:

Qui/Obi across multiple fics (listed in the poem tags)

Pipes Play and Choirs Sing



Re-Entry (+ Re-Entry Journey of the Whills)

We Exist
Veils and Masks (What Lies Beyond)
A Quiet Love
No Words Needed
Best Kept Secret
Ironwood Blue

Not a Chosen One (submission)
Not a Chosen One (art version)
Kenopsia (submission)

Swung by Serafim

Restorative Draught
sense  (art version)

AU: What even is this (an Ending Scene) (ficlet)

Ashlesha (Awaken the Stars #1) 


Euan Debates His Life Choices (fic)  (AO3)