Solangelo 25 Days

Day 3: Tree

8 Years Old

“Whoa? This was your early Christmas gift?” Nico says while looking up in fascination.

“Yup!” Will smiles happily. “I couldn’t believe it when I came to dad’s house and in his backyard was this.”

It was Christmas Eve and the two little boys were staring up at Will’s new tree house. Will had been begging for one since last Christmas and when he arrived at his dad’s house for the Christmas holiday he was surprised to find that his father had been working on one. And what better way to use his new tree house than to show it to his best friend? 

“Will this is amazing!” Nico said while running towards it, making new footprints in the snowy ground. 

“Careful Nico!” Will shouts at his friend. Dad doesn’t want us getting hurt because of the snow.“

Nico turns to Will and rolls his eyes in a typical eight year old fashion. Will sticks out his tongue in response. 

"Jerk,” Nico huffs even though he doesn’t really mean it.
Will walks up to him and nudges his shoulder. “Do you wanna climb up and check out the inside?" 

"Didn’t you just yell at me for being to dangerous?” Nico says while glaring at Will.

“I trust you’ll be careful. And if you slip I’ll catch you before you fall,” Will reassures him with a warm smile. 

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