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I Am A Shadow, The True Self ---- Vehkan.

Vehkan: Man kruvni’s always worried about me and taking care of me. he’s so sweet and considerate despite nagging all the time. Honest though. I dont worry about that shit at all. He’s worried about me losing i. im not sure if he knows or not. Yeah when im angry i lose control but whether im drunk off of rage or not doesnt make too much of a difference. killing is nothing to me. I dont feel guilt or fear.  He’s always so antsy i dont want o freak him out.

Also on a lighter note i guess um. I guess i still feel guilty about teasing him about his bulge tbh. Naw i thin its cute, shit he probably wouldnt be happy about me saying that either ugg. But uh, I hate… certain things but if it was him maybe id be okay with it idk. Maybe it would give him some confidence if i let him.