Soooooo, if you’ve ever wondered what the hell I’m talking about when I tag either Needles Into a Bug or Nerd Rage. I want you to now think of these drawings.

Please and thank you.

I. Actually no. Don’t even ask what brought this on. Because I regret nothing.

Kruvni, the yellowblood, is mine.

Sepick, the cutie violet, is Qwire’s.

Vehkan, the saucy blueblood, is Wolfie’s.

Kruvni Facts, Version 10.0

You know I feel like Kruvni accusing you of making him cry really must be the most confusing and infuriating experience imaginable?

I mean his tear ducts are all dried out from his eyes being sewn open; he uses artificial eye drops to keep his eyes functional. So he’s incapable of ACTUALLY crying anymore. It’s more that he can FEEL his body was TRYING to cry. And knowing him he’d curl into a ball head in his knees so you couldn’t even see into facial contortions or lurching to denote emotional distraught, anyhow.

Not that this is too relevant, Kruvni has yet to cry except for once when he was six sweeps old, but I just thought about that. And the idea of him waking up one morning and socking Sepick or Vehkan in the chest to accuse them of this and going off on them as if they should know what they did is just too goddamn funny to me.

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I Am A Shadow, The True Self ---- Vehkan.

Vehkan: Man kruvni’s always worried about me and taking care of me. he’s so sweet and considerate despite nagging all the time. Honest though. I dont worry about that shit at all. He’s worried about me losing i. im not sure if he knows or not. Yeah when im angry i lose control but whether im drunk off of rage or not doesnt make too much of a difference. killing is nothing to me. I dont feel guilt or fear.  He’s always so antsy i dont want o freak him out.

Also on a lighter note i guess um. I guess i still feel guilty about teasing him about his bulge tbh. Naw i thin its cute, shit he probably wouldnt be happy about me saying that either ugg. But uh, I hate… certain things but if it was him maybe id be okay with it idk. Maybe it would give him some confidence if i let him.


  • His hearing is so sharp that he can tell what level a person has their headset set on from across the room.
  • He can also hear more frequencies that a regular troll can hence how he understands what his bat dad says to him. 
  • He can also get an inkling of a persons true nature from the way they sound. If your a liar he’ll know it. If your trying to plot something he’ll know it, ect ect. Of course he wouldn’t know exactly what your trying to do but he’s distrustful in the first place. His hearing aint going to help your cause.
  • Since his hearing is so good unless you were to escape into an area with so much noise pollution to fend him off he could probably track you down from a distance away. You wouldn’t be able to hear him but he could hear you. Tends to give people a false sense of security eh? 
  • When he was younger he was quite rebellious and liked to get into fist fights to get rid of his anger. Of course he was a lot weaker at the time and lacked a lot of the physical bulk and strength he does now so no one ended up dying.
  • Despite naturally being strong he does do some weight lifting. It’s a bit of a hobby of his beyond music. So he’ll casual do bench presses or push ups. He’s easily strong enough to bench press someone else or do push ups with someone else on his back if he ever met a troll he’d be close enough to.
  • Even though he’s a highblood he’s pretty warm due to his sheer bulk and is a bit warm to the touch.
  • Though it doesn’t seem to affect him he suffers from extreme aches in his old wounds when he goes berserk and forgets to hold himself back. ((Metal rods were stabbed through his body at various points and his limbs were chained down. He went through multiple forms of torture most not effecting him so they had to get  a bit more creative. Eventually the wounds were so severe that his body couldn’t heal them. So even now scars still remain where the worst of them happened.)) It’s like a searing pain in his nerves that gives him the illusion that it feels like his hands might tear off from the wrist or at his ankles.
  • Because of the pain haunting him and his criminal record he’s been trying to lay low. Even if the physical chains are gone invisible ones still bind him wherever he goes.

I forgot to prest post for like 5 hours wow im a dork lmao

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½ for Febrii; ± for Vehkan; ☂ for Eruvin; ⊙﹏☉ for Penini; aaaand ♥ for Enheya.

Febrri usually runs into people who are taller than her, she fancies people who are taller than her cause then when she’s picked up she can see more things. People smaller than her she finds as a pleasant surprise. Like a present just appearing on her doorstep all out of the blue. She tends to try and act like a big sister to those who are shorter than her.

Vehkan can do math pfft but he doesn’t particularly like it. If he was ever put on the spot to do extensive complicated equations they’d probably make him irritable, and he’d be like why the hell am i even doing this. Who needs to know this shit on a regular basis.

Eruvin hmm I guess he’d like rainy weather though he used to hate it. It always made him feel depressed in the past and troublesome, but now that he has his little mate it just means he has more time to stay at hive and cuddle with him. The rain became something wonderful to him.

Things that would fluster Penini?? not quite sure. She might get flustered if someone complimented her on her feminine side. She dresses like a boy most of the time just cause its more comfortable for her but she really admires certain fancy girly clothes and wears them on occasion. She’s a far catch from that image after all. Boys clothes are like her battle armor.

ENHEYA’S PREFERENCES as I laugh in the distance she’s really open about what she likes?? but she really likes to play pranks and rough housing. A guy she doesnt mind would need to be either somewhat agressive back with her cause she likes to fight or utterly submissive to her. Has a bad habit of picking on guys laughs. With females she considers them to be better than guys so if you dont have a i can take charge attitude like herself she’ll think less of you that youre worse than the submissive guy she picks on. She loves making guys cry but a girls tears disgust her. She’s dominating and play full, fickle, and adventurous. She’s the type of girl you have to entertain but also need to know at times you need to back down before she gets either herself or both parties seriously injured.

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⍱ Kruvni kissing Vehkan cassually, and I imagine not so much running away? As calmly turning heel? and walking? like "what the fack ever"?

Now im just wondering how he reached Vehkan’s face omg LMAO))

Vehkan: “………..” 

==> Stare after Kruvni for what seems like an eternity in the muns eyes the stride after him and forcibly sweep his boney ass off his feet.

“Where do you think you’re going princess?”

==> Smirk like the douchebag you are