Illustrated 1950 Auto Ad, Willys Car, Man & Woman on Trip by Classic Film

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“It didn’t seem like 400 miles.”

Secondary tagline: “Willys makes sense”

A bit of background about the Willys car, via Wikipedia: Willys was the brand name used by Willys-Overland Motors, an American automobile company best known for its design and production of military Jeeps (MBs) and civilian versions (CJs) during the 20th century.

Published in Quick weekly magazine, September 4, 1950, Vol. 3 No. 10

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We walk around the 2016 Coventry University Transportation Design degree show.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine being like, best friends with Reinhardt, like, imagine the hugs he would give too


It was freezing in the back of the transport vehicle. Not even all the layers of your combat gear could fend off the chill. “Can’t we turn the heat up in this thing?” You whined as you wrapped your arms around yourself. Not that it’d do much, but maybe you could trick yourself into thinking you were warmer.

There was a booming laugh beside you and a large hand clapped you on the back. “Is it really that cold? I do not feel a thing.” Of course he wouldn’t; he was a huge hulking mass of a man and probably generated a good amount of heat compared to your much smaller frame.

You grumbled and leaned up against him. Maybe his huge body would block the cold somehow. Since you were on your way back from a mission, Reinhardt had discarded his armor and simply wore a big coat over his fatigues. Since you were freezing you opted to keep all your gear on, but it wasn’t doing much to help. “Rein, help me! Don’t just brag.”

There was a deep, rumbling laugh and Reinhardt pet you on the head. Before you could protest, he picked you up and settled you in his lap, wrapping his coat around you too. It wasn’t big enough to zip up with you sharing it, but at least your sides were shielded from the cold and Reinhardt’s chest help warm your back. “There, better?”

“Yeeees~” You leaned back and soaked in the warmth. It was so comfortable that it wasn’t much of a surprise when the drowsiness hit you. The cold had kept you awake, but now that you were warm, the exhaustion from the mission crept in.

Reinhardt held onto you as you nodded off to sleep so you wouldn’t fall off his lap and bust your face on his boots. “I will wake you when we reach the base.”

“M’kay.” It wasn’t like you could argue at all as your eyes shut. “Thanks Reinhardt.”