vehicle combat

This formation is the “coil” formation. The coil formation is one that requires a little bit of coordination and direction from either a very aware vehicle commander, or a couple of dismounts in order to use properly. Despite this, it provides good observation, fields of view and fire, and good all around security. In directing and setting up this formation, unit leaders give the rough area of where vehicles are supposed to go, and then it is on to the crews to pick good cover and concealment within the areas that they are directed. 

Human Militaries are still weird

The aliens are confused as to why we still use tracked combat vehicles.

Alien: But you have access to anti-gravtional technology, why do you still use this old technology?
Human: Antigrav is nice, but with tracks we stay lower to the ground and mount whatever we want to it.
Alien: But anti-gravity is faster and more maneuverable!
Human: Look politicians don’t like spending money, so we adapt old tech with new tech. It works.


2B1 Oka & 2A1 Kondensator Nuclear Artillery

Some of the most monstrous SPGs to ever developed surpassed only by the Karl-Gerat, these artillery systems are in the same vein as the US M65 “Atomic Annie” atomic cannon. These were highly impractical weapons and served  as better propaganda than actual nuclear delivery systems. By 1960 they’d been replaced by tactical ballistic missiles such as the 2K6 Luna.

2A1 Kondensator: Pictures 1 through 4. Developed in response to the M65 atomic cannon. Over 65 tons and sporting a 406mm gun with a maximum range of 25 km. Steven J. Zaloga erroneously reports the caliber to be 310 mm. At any rate, a colossal beast developed in 1956. Only four were produced and they were retired by the mid-1960s. 

2B1 Oka: Pictures 5 through 7. Fifty-three tons of Soviet steel and overcompensation. The barrel is over 20 m long and fires a 420 mm, 750 kg projectile, conventional or nuclear, over 45 km. Due to the size of the projectile its practical rate of fire was one round every five minutes. Testing revealed that the recoil was too strong for many components: it damaged drive sprockets, tore the gear-box away from its mountings, etc. and the sheer length and size rendered it incredibly difficult to transport

“The design requirements of the early 1950s resulted in a spate of new nuclear artillery systems in 1956-57. Two self-propelled artillery systems were developed on a common chassis by the Central Artillery Design Bureau: the SU-310 [2B1] mechanized super-heavy gun and the related SU-420 [2A1] mechanized superheavy mortar. Both weapons were paraded in Moscow from 1957 and were crowd pleasers if only for their gargantuan proportions. They did not prove to be tactically successful and their further production was curtailed by Nikita Khrushchev’s personal disapproval.” 

-Steven J. Zaloga and James W. Loop’s book “Soviet Tanks and Combat Vehicles: 1946 to Present,” p. 128, 1987


✔️1V119 Reostat artillery command and control vehicle
✔️2S9 Nona-S self-propelled artillery
✔️BTR-82A armored personnel carrier
✔️Iveco LMV Rys’ armored vehicle
✔️RKhM-6 chemical reconnaissance vehicle
✔️Transport vehicle on AMN 233114 Tigr-M base for 1L271 Aistenok artillery detection radar
✔️9A52 launch vehicle of 9K58 / BM-30 Smerch MLRS
✔️96K6 Pantsir-S1
✔️15Ts56 BPDM Typhoon counter-sabotage combat vehicle

anonymous asked:

Curious but why do people hate Justin trudeau so much? I'm not from the U.S or Canada so I don't know the deal with him

He’s a master at photo-ops by making himself look hip and progressive and people bought it. He calls himself a feminist, apparently an outspoken supporter of LGBT rights, and came off as a huge proponent for diversity (filling quotas to make his cabinet 50/50 male/female with a significant number of non-white people). All of this completely undermined his poor leadership skills, but it is refreshing that some people are starting to see through his well-executed PR campaign.

But basically:

He advocated and signed the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement (CETA) which prioritizes the welfare of corporations (in this case rich foreign investors) over workers. This deal extends legal protections towards these foreign investors and gives them the power to form lawsuits over government policies (within Canada) they don’t like which in turn pressures the Canadian government to abandon regulations AND leaves Canadian taxpayers to pay billions of dollars in compensation towards those wealthy interests. The cause of all this comes from Investor State Settlement Dispute privileges which are often found in trade deals (including NAFTA).

Like Obama, his foreign policy record is awful. I think a lot of you know the “Saudi Arms Deal” where 15 billion dollars’ worth of armed vehicles were sold to Saudi Arabia. There are videos of similar combat vehicles being used by Saudi authorities to kill civilians - particularly Shia Muslim dissidents. So there’s a good chance that some of those vehicles being sold from Canada via the arms deal are being used for those particular actions.

And under Trudeau, Canadian arm dealers (countries where Canada can export such weapons) have more leeway. Previous laws forbade Canada from selling weapons to countries where those weapons could be diverted to “threatening the security of Canada, their allies, other countries, or people”. That would have prevented the Saudi Arms Deal from happening in the first place, but Trudeau removed the reference to the last two categories which enabled Canada to export those weapons.

He’s extremely phony. He lectures China on having a history of poor human rights but says absolutely nothing about Saudi Arabia which has a misogynistic government among other issues (considering he’s a **feminist**, that’s pretty rich). But I guess him prohibiting exports on arms or speaking out on S.A’s bad history of human rights would possibly affect Canada’s close trade/economic interests with them.

He’s either backtracked or contradicted his initial campaign promises. That’s primarily the reason why his approval ratings are going down rapidly.

He attended a cash-for-access-fundraiser and received 1 million in donations (to his foundation) from wealthy Chinese businessman – Zhang Bin. Mr. Xian – another businessman who also attended that fundraiser – was waiting for approval from federal bank regulators for his bank to start business within Canada. As of July, the Liberal party approved this, enabling Xian to open his Schedule 1 bank in multiple cities across Canada. xxx

Which completely contradicts what he said within his ‘ethical guidelines and standards of conduct’ page when he was elected, “There should be no preferential access to government, or appearance of preferential access, accorded to individuals or organizations because they have made financial contributions to politicians and political parties.”

He also promised to run small government deficits, not exceeding 10 billion per year in order to balance the budget by 2020. But the Liberal party projected that the 2016-2017 deficit was estimated to be $29.4 billion and the one for 2018 being nearly $23 billion. xxxx

And there’s that time he promised the middle class would be getting tax cuts at the expense of increasing the income of higher income households. He promised that the tax cuts and tax hikes would cancel each other out. But instead those tax changes he enacted left the government revenue short of 1.2 billion because raising the taxes on people with higher incomes didn’t completely pay for the cuts “given” to the middle class. Guess who probably gets to pay that 1.2 billion?

And never forget that letter to Fidel Castro.

IMO he’s just another spineless, big government politician who advocates for government transparency at first, but completely changes his tune when elected.


Despite their diminutive size, Goliaths were not light in weight at all. The SdKfz 302 electrically powered versions weighed about 800 pounds and the 303A and B variants weighed in at about 950. Since they were so heavy for being light charge carriers, they came issued with this handy dolly type device, which troops could use to more easily transport them short distances.


I’m not going to do individual explanations for the various types of movement techniques for vehicle combat, so I will post this snippet image directly from the FM. 

It describes the differences between traveling, traveling overwatch and bounding overwatch techniques. 

The second image is when it is recommended per the FM to use these movement techniques. 

Now with various formations and types of movement techniques out of the way, in a little while I will start talking about CBRN recon, survey and surveillance techniques.