Scenes from our game prototype (Pt. 2)

We’re creating an entire cyberpunk city from voxels, cube by cube built in a software called MagicaVoxel and then Unity to bring all the pieces together. We want to display hundreds of civilian characters and vehices on the screen at the same time to make the game as immersive as possible.

At the moment we are building more assets to be able to record a trailer and finally announce the game. Until then enjoy these little snippets.

Have you ever heard the story of Spring-heeled Jack?

Spring-heeled Jack was an urban legend from the mid 19th century, said to be tall, slim and pale, often looking like an ordinary gentleman. That was, until you saw his eyes, which burned like embers in a roaring fire. Popularized in the Penny Dreadfull magazines of the time, witnesses say that he could leap over buildings and walls in a single bound, had claws of metal and could breathe fire on command.

Yes, witnesses.

Because unlike most supernatural troublemakers of the 1800s, Spring-heeled Jack was a real person. Probably.

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anonymous asked:

I have read a lot of time travel fix it stories, many of them with Tony and him fixing his relationships, particularly with Steve or more recently, ending up with Stephen. I would love to read a time travel fix it story concerning Tim Drake. Particularly Dick/Tim, Jason/Tim, or Dick/Tim/Jason, with either Dick or Jason somehow doing the time traveling. Thank you for your lovely work. You are the one that I keep coming back to Tumblr for.

Babe!! Thank-you for you loves <3 I’m glad I can keep you coming back for more :D  Hm, a little time travel? Yeah, I think we can do that ;)


The world is terribly askew, the edges bleeding into white.

Oh, he think idly, that’s what dying feels like.

Since he’d lost Kon and Bart and Steph and his fucking dad, it’s not like he hadn’t wondered.

Getting stabbed by a bad guy named The Widower was really not how he’d pictured himself going out. The name is literally a walking trope, lame.

And while he bleeds on the hot, hot sand, the dry air in his gasping chest, wondering where it had all gone so wrong when he was just trying to find Bruce, to save someone after he’d fucking lost it all, he doesn’t realize his eyes are wet under the cowl, or that his cape was a piss poor tourniquet at this stage of the game.


–might just be out of his brain pan.

“This is what he meant, Jay, oh my God!”

“Gimmie supplies outta yer suit. We gotta stop the bleedin’.”

“You know we can’t. We can’t do anything–!”

“But what the fuck if we’re the reason he lives?!”

“Jay, the timeline.”

“Ya wanna just leave ‘im like this?”

But he’s too far gone for any of it to register, to feel the arms under him, lifting and carrying. He’s too far gone to realize the vehical is running over rough terrain, that his glove is off and something sharp is in the back of his hand. 

But it’s like a blink when he sees Pru laying there with her throat seeping, and he fumbles, pulling himself over to make his fingers work well enough to get her scarf and tie it, try to put pressure on the wound. 

His legs are numb but he’s pressing the gas for the truck to lurch forward. An arm is pressed hard against his abdomen where his cape is still wrapped around him, and his brain isn’t working well enough to reason much farther than getting somewhere safe and taking care of their injuries.

…it’s not until years later that he’ll wonder how he’d found himself in the back of that truck miles away from where the fight had originally taken place.

It’s not until years later when Jay and Dick come in from a hard few days away from Gotham, running around with the Outlaws and some baddie with advanced tech, when the two of them sandwich him between them with wet eyes and desperately tight grips. 

The detective in him puts it together with a long-overdue ah-ha. But he lets them pull and tear at his clothing, lets them mouth and touch that sensitive patchwork of scars on his abdomen, clings tightly when they make urgent, passionate, overwhelming love to him.

When they’re piled around each other in the afterglow, stroking sweaty skin, and letting their hearts slow, he presses his mouth to the back of their hands reverently. He hold their palms over his heart, to feel their pulses on his chest, lets all three beat together.


1965 Shelby… Sold at the price $159,900 

Frame Off Built Daytona Coupe Supercharged 416 V8 820 HP T56 6 Speed PS A/C

  • Mast Motorsports 416 Black Label S/C V8 / Whipple supercharger / 820 dyno-proven horsepower
  • Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission / Built by Bowler Performance Transmissions
  • 8.8-inch rear axle / WaveTrac differential / 4.10 gears / Davis Technologies traction control
  • Factory Five Racing chassis / Factory Five Racing fully independent suspension
  • Unisteer power rack-and-pinion steering / Hydro-boosted Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes
  • 18-inch HRE 3-piece wheels
  • Custom leather interior / GPS navigation / Modern audio
  • Factory Five Racing composite body / Ferrari Red paint
  • Displayed at the 2014 SEMA Show.
  • . By rkmotors
The Gray Man Principle

What bumper stickers do you have on your car?  What do they say about you?  The Gray Man Principle should be a fundamental guiding principle to preppers. Stated simply, you want to appear as ordinary and mundane as possible, just part of the gray background of humanity. This is true at all times, but it is particularly important when you are engaged in an active evacuation, bugout, or in a deep survival emergency (after a catastrophe).  

Standing out attracts attention, and for preppers, any outside attention is likely unwanted attention. Being gray means that you are actively working to blend in as much as possible.  Nothing about you, your vehicle, your equipment, your home or anything else should differentiate you from those around you.  To the greatest extent possible you should try to look just like everyone else.  Even apparently small details can be huge “tells” that you are a prepper, and thus may warrant further scrutiny.  

What kinds of scrutiny are problems?  The danger comes from three primary groups, bureaucrats, unethical criminals and the unprepared, but ultimately it boils down to one thing.  You have something that other people want, either because they need it, or because they view you as a danger because you have it.  This can be anything that folks involved in preparedness are likely to have; food, water, clothing, equipment, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, virtually anything that has the ability to meet a survival need or satisfy a vice is at risk, including your own body, or the bodies of your family members.  The more you stand out, the more severe the hazard.

How do you avoid the hazard?

Get rid of your bumper stickers.  You can learn a lot about a person, what they value, and what they may have by their bumper stickers.  So much so that a common jury selection technique involves lengthy discussion with jurors about what bumper stickers they have on their vehicles.  That Glock logo on your back window, screams to the world that you have a valuable handgun in the glovebox.  That political sticker identifies you as one of “those” people to individuals of the opposite view, and increases the likelihood that you will be seen as an acceptable victim by those who sympathize with the other side. This is particularly true if whatever calamity has befallen humanity is viewed as being caused by members of the political party with whom your stickers show you affiliate.

De-Tacticalize your gear. I am not saying not to use military grade gear.  I use a lot of it, but I do everything I can to hide it.  If your get home bag is covered in MOLLE you can guarantee that you will have more folks following you home than the equally prepared person with a get home bag that looks like her briefcase or laptop backpack.

Don’t brag about being a prepper.  In America, everything is a competition, and everyone is perpetually engaged in a game of one-upmanship.    Don’t fall into this trap.  It is important to discuss preparedness, and your views on preparedness, but don’t brag about what you have.

If you open carry, STOP IT. In a without rule of law scenario, weapons will likely be viewed both as extremely valuable (by those who don’t have them) and as extremely dangerous (by bureaucratic authorities).  If you must carry a firearm and your state permits concealed carry, find out the requirements, and follow the law.  As the situation degrades, police will be on the lookout for folks who are “unlawfully armed.”  What constitutes unlawfully armed in a disaster is often a matter of officer discretion (see Hurricane Katrina where authorities violated 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment rights on a wholesale basis). Whether you’re legally right or not doesn’t matter one bit when you get detained (even illegally detained) and prevented from evacuating or aiding your family in evacuation.

Keep your bugout vehicle low profile.  It should blend in with all the other cars on the road.  It doesn’t hurt if it looks a bit like a junker (so long as it runs perfectly).  My bugout vehicle has a number of modifications, but they are not apparent to those who do not have the knowledge to look for them.  Keep plates, inspection stickers, and other “gotchas” up do date.  Obey the posted speed limits and other traffic laws….and remember Han Solo’s advice to Chewy…. Fly(drive) casual.

If you must keep food and water stored in a garage that is visible to a street, camouflage the materials, make them look as boring and uninteresting as possible.  One well known survival and preparedness writer keeps his bugout bag in a laundry basket covered with “dirty clothes.”  Bugout bags can contain thousands of dollars worth of gear, precious metals, and defensive arms….but they shouldn’t look all that valuable.   Keep things as low visibility and low key as possible.  If you are downtown Manhattan, make sure you look like everybody else around you.  The same is true if you are in the country, or anywhere else.  Don’t be afraid to make changes to your clothes or appearance if you have to engage in a long distance evacuation.

Being gray is about being part of the background, and what that means can change day to day, and hour to hour.  Keep constantly vigilant to what is going on around you, and make sure you blend in. If you are standing out like a sore thumb, you need to do something to change your situation, and minimize your “noticeability factor.”

The final rule of the Gray Man Principle is to project an air of belonging.  This is an attitude, that no matter where you are, no matter how out of place you look, carry yourself like you have been there your entire life.  Move from one place to another with an attitude of familiarity and assurance…. Don’t panic, don’t look panicked, don’t act lost.  If you are lost particularly in an urban setting, just keep moving/driving/doing what you are doing until you can get your bearings.  If you do attract attention, and you have to interact with people, be confident. Feign ignorance if you must, but do it convincingly.

One of the greatest survival skills out there is being able to act.  Playing the part of the Gray Man can save your life, and can keep you out of many uncomfortable situations.