vehement knives Submitted by Jack

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Grid-It and Pocket Dump: these are part of my EDC on an average work day. I also keep a small custom survival kit in my bag at all times and an M&P 9mm on occasion, but if I included that all, I figured it would be a bit overkill haha. Top Row (Grid-It): I keep the Grid-It in my laptop bag or backpack and it holds everything on the top row and keeps it accessible and organized. Couple highlights new to the group are the Boker Plus Urban Survival knife with imitation pen end (so I can carry it openly in more formal meetings) and the Breach Cruiser Pry Bar and Marlin Spike from Vehement knives, which I am honestly surprised at how often I have used since I started incorporating in the EDC. Middle: Can’t say enough about the ZT. It is on the edge as far as EDC knives go on size, but carries like something much smaller and performs like something much larger. Couple custom items on the keychain which really come in handy. Bottom Row: Custom black-washed SOG Snarl for my concealed backup. The Skinth is by far the best multitool holster I have ever used: high quality, low profile and it holds one of my bit cards, a Preon, Ti Charge, and Fisher Space Pen. Also, love the thin, leather Zeroz wallet.