Arrow Season 5 Finale: Five Theories On How the Cliffhanger Will Be Resolved
Arrow season 5 was both a welcome return to form for the series, and an epic rollercoaster ride, [...]

Arrow season 5 was both a welcome return to form for the series, and an epic rollercoaster ride, that was full of surprises (i.e., the Prometheus reveal). The Arrow season 5 finale ended things on one hell of a cliffhanger, with Prometheus/Adrian Chase blowing up Lian Yu, the remote island were Oliver Queen was once stranded - and where his former Team Arrow friends and foes may have just been destroyed.

Now that Arrow is done for the season, the show’s fans are understandably twsiting in the in, wondering what may have become of some their favorite (and not so favorite) supporting characters. We’re definitely caught up in our own speculative debates about where Arrow will/should go from here - including the theories we’re about to share.

Here are 5 Theories on How Arrow Should Resolve Its Season 5 Cliffhanger.

The Great Escape

The first and most popular theory is that Team Arrow escaped from Lian Yu unscathed.

In the final moments of Arrow season 5, Oliver ordered his team to get across the island to take possession of an ARGUS boat docked on shore. Given the nature of that order and the island, it’s conceivable that the team made it to safety.

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke was supposed to lead the team to the boat; Slade was stranded on Lian Yu along with Oliver, so he would naturally have knowledge of all shortcuts and “island hacks” for getting to the boat on time.

More to the point: we know from Arrow season 4 Lian Yu is an epicenter of mystical energies. In the time since he left and returned, Deathstroke may have also picked up a trick or two for using the mystical power on the island to escape death.

Whatever explanation there is, it wouldn’t be hard for the Arrow showrunners to sell the idea that the team escaped destruction intact.

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